B&B Wednesday Update 2/7/18

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 2/7/18


Written By Anthony

Ridge and Brooke walk into the Forrester living room. He thinks that they will be in here saying their vows with their picture above the mantle. Brooke actually has an idea about that picture. She doesn’t want him to go anywhere. Brooke goes into the closet. She takes out the picture of Stephanie. Brooke thought it be nice to have Stephanie above the fire place where she belongs. Ridge thinks that Brooke never stops amazing her. After, all the things that Stephanie did to Brooke. Brooke thinks that they are going to show Liam and Steffy that love conquers all. They are going to celebrate the children that came after them and the people who came before them who impacted their lives. Stephanie really impacted her life. Brooke would be honored to have Stephanie above the fire place watching them exchange their vows.

Steffy looks at her wedding photo of Liam. She thinks about asking Liam to come to the wedding.

Pam and Charlie walk into the living room and Charlie doesn’t have time for this. Pam just wants him to try the food she made. Charlie thinks it is great just like her. Pam notices Stephanie’s portrait and asks what it is doing here. Ridge says that Brooke wants her here. Pam is so touched that Brooke would think of her mother. Ridge is marrying a remarkable woman. Pam agrees he is.

Brooke and Katie thank a wedding planner. The wedding planner congratulates them.

Katie asks if everyone is clear on their duties for the wedding. Hope and Maya both nod in agreement. Brooke thanks Hope for suggesting Katie as her maid of honor. Hope thinks that Brooke looks radiant.

Pam gives Ridge and Charlie suggestions on how the picture should be displayed. Eric and Quinn walk in. He thought that there was going to be a picture of him and Brooke put up. Pam guesses that Brooke wanted the picture up. Quinn likes the idea. Ridge thinks that he is marrying Brooke for the last time today.

Hope wonders if brides even wear guarders anymore. Donna walks in twirling one around. She thinks that they definitely do. She is sorry for the delay. She was picking it up for her. Brooke thanks her she thinks. Hope thinks it will be non-stop hugs and smiles. Donna thinks that this is something more. Their romance is legendary. She is so happy for them. She loves them so much. Donna and Katie hug Brooke.

Vivienne wishes that she had the privilege of knowing Stephanie. Rick feels that they would have gotten along. Family was everything to Stephanie. Julius thinks that is definitely something they have in common. Carter is glad to be able to be part of the ceremony in a small way. Julius reminds him he is the one officiating the ceremony. Vivienne thinks it is just like he did with Nicole and Zende in this very room. Carter thinks it is to bad that the couldn’t be here. Julius knows they are both busy with work. Vivienne will take tons of pictures.

RJ thinks he better go check on Ridge before the wedding. Ivy wonders where Steffy is. She thought she would be here by now.

Steffy tries to call Liam. Liam looks at his phone and presses decline. Steffy leaves a message. She wants him to let Brooke and Ridge’s wedding to be an example for him. She will be waiting for him.

Brooke thinks that the earrings she is wearing are perfect. Katie thinks that their mother would wan her to have them. Katie knows the next piece of jewelry will be her wedding ring to Ridge.

Outside, Ridge asks Eric where he ran off too. Eric has a wedding gift from Quinn and him. They are cufflinks that Quinn designed. Ridge thinks they are great. RJ walks out. Ridge wonders how it is going inside. RJ guesses that they are all just waiting for him to marry Brooke. He asks if he is really going to finally marry Brooke. He misses RJ on the head. The two hug one another.

Katie stops Thorne. She asks if that is his chore list. Thorne shows her. Katie is impressed because everything is checked off. Katie will be kind of glad to have this all over with. Thorne is holding her to their deal at the reception. Katie knows it wasn’t to long ago that he wasn’t so sure about Ridge and Brooke. Thorne thinks that they are in a better place. Thorne wonders how Brooke is doing. Katie thinks she is as happy as she can be.

Eric would like a moment alone with Brooke. Everyone decides to give them a moment. Hope will see Brooke out there. Eric thinks that Hope is right. She is a vision. Brooke has never been happier in her life thanks to his son. Eric thanks Brooke for putting Stephanie’s portrait up. He is glad that Brooke and Ridge are finally getting what they want.

Maya tells Rick that she hopes that things go smoothly. Rick thinks like their own wedding. Thankfully, Julius has turned around. Maya guesses mostly. She thinks even if he hadn’t it wouldn’t matter. She has everything she could ever want.

Steffy walks into the mansion. She says hi to everyone. Ivy is glad that she is here. Hope needs to borrow Steffy for a moment. Steffy doesn’t want to go to the guest house right now. Hope asks if she is ok. Steffy wonders if everyone is here. Hope has not seen Liam yet.

RJ feels that Brooke deserves this so much. Brooke loves RJ so much as well. The two hug one another.

Thorne fixes Brooke’s tie. Carter walks over. Ridge thanks him for doing this for him and Brooke. Ridge has been ready for this for a long time. Thorne thinks they are about to get started so they can take their seats. Katie will get the bride. Steffy asks Hope if she will sit next to her so she is not alone. Hope says of course.

Brooke thanks Bridget for calling. She loves her too. Katie assumes that was Bridget. Brooke knows she is sorry for not being able to be here today. Katie tells Brooke she needs to get in her dress. Brooke thanks Katie for helping out. Brooke wonders how things are going with Thorne and Ridge as well as Steffy and Liam. Katie has something to say. She is her big sister. She has beauty and intelligence. It inspires her and she is so proud to be her maid of honor. Katie tells her that she needs to get ready so they can put Ridge out of his misery.

Steffy gets a call from Liam. Liam is sorry. He cannot do it. He cannot be there. He wishes her family all the best. Steffy understands. She is glad he called. She misses him. Liam hangs up. Steffy starts to cry. Hope sits down next to Steffy. Katie walks down stairs and takes her place. The music starts and they all stand and look as Brooke transcends from down the staircase. Brooke and Ridge look at one another and smile. Brooke looks at Stephanie and continues to smile.

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