B&B Tuesday Update 2/6/18

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 2/6/18


Written by Anthony

Liam missed this with Hope. Hope assumes her hugs. Liam means her point of view. He thanks her. Hope knows that Liam will rise above what Bill and Steffy did to him.

Steffy told Ridge that he didn’t have to check on her. Ridge said he was going to. Steffy reminds him that it is the night before his wedding. She doesn’t want him worrying. Ridge is her father. She always comes first. She will know that soon enough. He asks if she got through to Liam. Steffy guesses that they will find out tomorrow.

Thorne assumes he should have called first to see if Ridge was here. Brooke thinks that he is always welcome at her house. Thorne just has some best man questions. Brooke finds it wonderful that he is going to be the best man. Brooke knows that he wanted to be with her. Thorne plans to be bow out gracefully from that notion.

Wyatt know that Brooke and Ridge’s big day is tomorrow. He assumes it is exciting. Katie guesses so. Wyatt explains he ran into Hope earlier. He said that it is good she could come back for Brooke’s wedding. Katie guesses he saw her then. Wyatt hopes that she is not jealous. They aren’t in that kind of relationship. Wyatt asks if Katie needs a date to the wedding.

Brooke wonders if bowing out graciously has anything to do with him and Katie. Thorne asks what she means. Brooke knows the two of them have been spending a lot of time together. Thorne assumes she means that they were together. Brooke thought they would make a great couple. Brooke could always toss the bouquet in Katie’s direction if he gave her the right signal.

Wyatt thought that they could make Ridge and Brooke’s wedding their coming out party. Katie reminds him that Bill will find out. Wyatt doesn’t think he is going to be at Brooke’s wedding. Katie knows but he would find out about them. Wyatt guesses it wouldn’t be the best idea unless there is another reason she doesn’t want him to go.

Katie asked Liam to think of Ridge as an example. Take in his vows and listen to what the mean. Steffy just doesn’t know where Liam is emotionally. She just doesn’t know if he will ever be.

Hope is trying to piece this together. She tried asking Steffy and she said it wasn’t her business. Then she asked Ridge and he says that she was taken advantage of. Liam doesn’t think that is the case. She made that clear. He wishes that there was an excuse for what she did but there is no excuse at all.

Thorne knows that Katie has some mystery guy. Brooke knows that he is not right for her. It wouldn’t be a mystery otherwise. Thorne better leave before she goes into match making mode. Brooke thinks that him and Katie are both attractive and available. They can let loose. Thorne will keep that in mind. She deserves her happily ever after.

Wyatt is not worried about Katie brushing him off. This secret relationship scenario is actually kind of fun. They can keep going as long as Katie wants to. He can only play solitary for so long. He could call Liam to hang out. Katie thinks that he is going to the wedding. Ridge and Brooke are trying to convince him to go.

Liam does think it is hard not to wonder if Steffy wanted him all along. It was so easy for Steffy to just go to Bill. Hope knows that it hurts. Liam thinks that the worst part is that he is not going to get past this. Not entirely. There is a baby. An actual person that he and Steffy have to raise together. He feels like he loves the child already, but he is tied to her for life. That feeling will always be there. Hope will be there as well. He will always have a friend. Liam appreciates that she knows how to listen instead of pressure him. Ridge and Brooke want him to go to the wedding. Liam doesn’t want to do that with Steffy. Hope thinks it would show unity. He needs to put aside what everyone else wants and do what is right for him.

Ridge hates seeing Steffy like this. She cannot give up. Steffy cannot blame him for how he feels. Giving up is not an option. She is fighting for her baby now. Ridge thinks when two people are meant to be together you find a way to make it happen. The two hug one another.

Wyatt really doubts that Liam is going to go to the wedding. Sitting there with Steffy listening to someone’s wedding vows. Katie doesn’t disagree. It is to soon. Wyatt cannot even imagine. Wyatt thinks that there is so many things they could be doing right now instead of talking about his brother.

Liam suggests he put on a fake smile and pretend that Steffy didn’t. Hope suggests that he could pretend it didn’t happen. Hope is not saying he should, but he should consider all his options. If he wants to go then he should go. It doesn’t have to mean anything to him. Hope does think it is his choice to make. Liam thanks Hope for coming home.

Brooke knows that Steffy didn’t have any luck either. Brooke suggests that there is a chance that Liam will come. Ridge knows that Liam is hurt and it might not be possible. Brooke thinks that forgiveness is always possible. Ridge thinks that I Liam doesn’t want this for Steffy that is fine. Tomorrow, is only about them. It is their day. He is going to make her his wife. Brooke knows forever. The two kiss one another again. Brooke says forever and ever.

Katie and Wyatt kiss in bed naked. Katie assumes he is disappointed. Wyatt thought that was the opposite of disappointed. Katie means the fact that he is not going as her date. Wyatt is fine. He thinks they could be more eventually. They just need to see what happens though for now. There is no reason to complicate things. Wyatt is just cool with the way things are. Katie guesses it is their secret little romance. They could write an essay on no strings attached. The two kiss one another again.

Steffy texts Liam. He picks up his phone. Steffy is trying to get him to come to the wedding one last time. She starts thinking about their wedding in Australia.

Brooke and Ridge kiss each other on her couch. Ridge asks where his notebook is. He was writing ideas for vows for tomorrow. Brooke wants to take a peak. Ridge will let her hear about it tomorrow. Brooke is doing the same thing and she is trying to come up with all these incredible things that she could say. Ridge thinks all the drama will be behind them tomorrow. Brooke almost believes him. Ridge thinks having the wedding at the place they met even more special. Ridge will put a ring on her finger. The finger that belongs to the most beautiful woman in the world. He saw right into Brooke’s eyes and wanted to be the man she deserved. He thinks that he is finally there. Brooke cannot believe it is going to be their wedding day.

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