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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 2/5/18


Written by Anthony

Steffy tells Liam he just has to come to the wedding not the reception. Brooke and Ridge clearly want him here. Liam wants them to know he appreciates it, but it is to soon. Liam has hardly left the hotel room. Steffy thinks that there will be a time when they have to be in public together. They have to do this. There is no choice. She wonders why not now.

Hope knows that Brooke always gets in a match making mood when there is a wedding involved. Brooke is not trying to match make. Brooke admits that not at the moment she is. Brooke knows when she left she still had feelings for Liam. Rooke just wonders if she has feelings now. Hope thinks that Liam was a huge part of her life and he always will. She wishes that Brooke would not continue to ask questions she knows the answer to.

Katie tells Thorne the seating chart is not going to work. She asks if Eric actually owns all the chairs they always use in here. Thorne doesnít know. He hasnít lived here in years. He just assumed that he just rented. Katie thinks they should ask about that. Thorne assumes she has done the maid of honor thing before. Katie reminds him that her sister is Brooke Logan. She assumes he has done the best man thing. Thorne guesses in his case it would be second best man. Katie thought that Thorne was handling Ridge and Brooke well. Thorne just thinks that clearly nothing will come between Brooke and Ridge. He thinks the NSA thing will work out well. Katie wonders what that means. Thorne means No Strings Attached like Katie. Thorne asks where she found her man. Katie thinks all he has to do is count the heads down the street. Thorne reminds her that this is Beverly Hills. No one walks anymore. Katie guesses he could be on a dating app. Thorne guesses perhaps, but they wouldnít be as beautiful as the maid of honor she knows.

Brooke has to be honest that she didnít try to stay in contact with Liam while she was in Milan. Brooke tried to send cards. He and Steffy were happy. She thought they were though. She didnít want to be the ex that couldnít let go. If Steffy could hurt him this way, then she cannot not care.

Liam imagines that it will be a beautiful day. Liam thinks they know how bad things can get and they keep signing up for it anyway. Steffy begs Liam to do this for them and their baby. Liam wishes they could just go to the wedding. He wishes but he cannot get over this. Liam wants her to go and wish them all the happiness.

Katie thinks the most important question is what Thorne will be wearing tomorrow. Thorne guesses a tux. Katie doesnít think that Ridge would appreciate him being rebellious tomorrow. Thorne guesses she doesnít think a clown outfit would work then. Katie doesnít think so. Thorne thinks she assumes that he will have a date. Katie just assumes he will have an exotic French woman. Thorneís dates usually go with him saying that he is widowed, and he had a daughter. Then people look at him like he was damaged. He knows he would ace the second and third date if he ever got that far. Katie will be flying solo as well. She suggests they work on his small talk. Katie suggests they can tag along.

Hope knows that Ridge is very loyal to his daughter. Brooke knows he has strong opinions. Hope wonders what Liam said Brooke doesnít think very much. Hope assumes that Ridge was telling him to man up and that honor had nothing to do with Steffy. Hope does think that Ridge is trying to be there for Steffy. Hope thinks that it is hard to get past sleeping with your husbandís father. Brooke knows that Steffy was vulnerable and alone. Brooke thinks that Bill has done a lot of horrible things this year. Hope knows that Bill almost killed his son. Brooke adds the Spectra fire and what he almost did to Sally. The obvious thing would be what he did to Steffy and their marriage. Hope feels that Liam is the victim though.

Steffy realizes that Liam wants her to go. Steffy wants him to realize that Brooke and Ridge know that he is not going to just forgive her. He is family at this point and will always be family because of their baby. Liam asks how she is feeling. Steffy doesnít know how to answer that. Steffy just doesnít know how they will be parents if he cannot even be in the same room as her. She suggests tomorrow can be the first step.

Brooke has to be respectful because Ridge is Steffyís father and has to do that role in the way he thinks best. Hope thinks that Liam and Steffy are mismatched. Brooke points out that people say that about her and Ridge. Hope has to admit that it worries her saying that they are having a baby together. Brooke asks if she wishes she was the one having a baby with Liam. Hope doesnít think that is what she meant. Brooke knows. She just understands that Liam will always be the love of her life.

Liam feels that co-parenting means a lot of conversations they donít want to have. She will not even sign the annulment papers. Steffy cannot sign the papers when it means that everything she always wanted never happened. She cannot do that to their child. Steffy knows she hurt him. She committed the worst crime against her husband. She needs Liam. She needs someone to love and come home to. Steffy cannot give up on everything she ever dreamed of. Liam doesnít have answers for Steffy. He is trying to find his way through in a place he never thought he would be. Steffy admits she disgusts herself. She deserves it though. She refuses to say that this is over though. Steffy still sees it when she sees him.

Thorne asks what they did with the list of things they decided. Katie thinks that it was all on her. Thorne told her that he was not good at this. He would just want to get this over with. Katie thinks that their brother and sister could just over rule them. Thorne asks if Katieís mystery man lives in LA. Katie says yes. Thorne asks if he will mind him dancing with her tomorrow. Katie doesnít think so.

Steffy walks inside her living room. She looks miserable.

Someone knocks on Liamís door. He goes to see who it is. He reluctantly opens it. Hope asks if he is hungry. She made him a sandwich. She thinks he managed to make a decent pesto tomato panini. She figured it was hard being a vegetarian away from home. Hope understands what has happened. She managed to drag things out of Brooke. She is so sorry. She is angry and shocked. She cannot believe that this happened to him. She wonders if he knows what he will do. Liam thinks that depends on Steffy. She needs to sign the annulment papers he gave to her. Hope wonders if she is refusing to sign. Hope knows history would show that it is not easy for her to let go of him. Liam doesnít want this. He didnít want any of this. Liam loves Steffy. He really does. He just cannot deal with this. Hope knows she hurt him too. Liam thought she was very young. Hope likes to think they still are. Liam has agonized every time someone knocked on the door until it was her. It is just easier to talk to her. Hope promises she is always here to talk to him. It kills her to see him deal with this. She promises that she is here for him if he needs a friend. Hope hugs Liam.

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