B&B Friday Update 2/2/18

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 2/2/18


Written by Anthony

Ridge is not asking Liam to ignore what he is going through. He just wants him to go through this situation with his wife. Brooke admits that there was a time that she never thought her and Ridge could commit to one another but here they are. Ridge knows what Bill did was horrible but he is not the only victim here.

Hope is not judging Steffy. Steffy thinks it feels like Hope is. Hope has to imagine that Steffy knew how Liam would react to this. Steffy didn’t think that anyone would find out. Steffy asks if she is the only person he can blame for this. Steffy agrees with that.

Katie tells everyone at the Forrester mansion that they have an awfully lot to do if they want the wedding to go through quickly enough. Charlie was thinking of a traditional cake. Thorne tries to walk away. He doesn’t think he knows much about planning a wedding. Katie reminds him he has been married once or twice himself. Ivy thinks they need a male perspective. Thorne thinks less is definitely more. They all disagree and think that more is more.

Ivy asks if they want a ceremony inside or outside. Thorne was thinking outside. He asks who doesn’t like journey. Katie thinks that they have a playlist put together. Pam and Charlie have food covered. Thorne doesn’t think they should do anything or they will miss the wedding. Katie suggests not having a sit down dinner. Maya explains that Carter will officiate. Thorne wonders how Rick got out of this. Maya thinks supporting the wedding was as far as he could go. Ivy thought Steffy would be here. Katie thinks she has a lot going on.

Steffy can barely look in the mirror right now. Hope does want things to work out for her and Liam. Katie believes her. She needs to take responsibility for the mess she made with Liam. Steffy is going to keep going after Liam for the sake of their baby.

Ridge knows that a little child is going to have to fight for his future. Brooke thinks that their wedding is the perfect opportunity. He and Brooke made it through. Liam and Steffy can as well.

Steffy sees the way Hope looks at her judging. She thinks she is a horrible person. Hope never said that. She wants her and Liam to work through this. Steffy is sorry. She has just been such a wreck these last few days. Hope understands. They are family above all else. Steffy knows everything will be back to normal soon. Liam just needs time.

Liam gets that they mean well. He just cannot deal with this right now. Liam wanted to believe this could be different. Steffy made it clear that she was not taken advantage of. She was a willing participant. Ridge wants him to witness their wedding.

Ivy was thinking roses everywhere. Thorne thinks that is cliché. They should do something unexpected. He suggests birds of paradise. He is just coming up with ideas. Katie thinks that is more of a plant. Pam asks about the wedding party. Pam thinks that Steffy should be included somehow.

Steffy tells Ridge that Hope came over. She was just being honest. She hates when Hope is right. Ridge admits he saw Liam. He is just standing there wondering what happened. Ridge knows they are having a child together. They need to figure things out. Steffy just wants a chance to figure things out. She wonders if Ridge got through to him. Ridge wants to make her tea. Steffy doesn’t think he knows how to make tea. She is just angry about what she did. Ridge thinks this is Bill’s fault. Steffy should have stopped him. Ridge is not making excuses. Bill should have been there for her. Ridge wants to rip Bill’s head off. He just wants Steffy and Liam to come to the wedding. Steffy wants that too. She asks if Liam is coming to the wedding. Ridge says he didn’t say no. Steffy is hoping he can forgive her. Steffy loves Ridge. Ridge loves him.

Katie thinks they have their marching orders. Pam tells them that they need to have food prep taken care of. Thorne thinks that he is best man and that is all he needs to handle. Maya thinks Katie has been in a surprisingly good mood. Katie wonders if she needs to have a good man in her life to be in a good mood. Katie tells them to go get to work.

Hope doesn’t think it is right that Liam is living alone in a hotel while Steffy is at the beach house. Hope knows that this is the one thing that Liam could never forgive. Hope does want them to work through it. She does think that if she loses Liam she has no one to blame but herself.

Steffy shows up at Liam’s. She wonders if he has a minute. She knows that Bill and Brooke were here. Steffy admits she doesn’t want to go to a wedding. She thinks it is so wrong being away from Liam. She doesn’t know why she is so careless. Liam doesn’t either. Steffy was thinking that Brooke and Ridge were on to something. She thinks they should go to the wedding. She knows she has no right to ask anything of them. Ridge and Brooke are going through a lot. They could learn from them.

Katie thinks she could go into party planning. Thorne thinks that Katie’s mystery man is making her more free. It is very attractive. Katie has never had a relationship with no strings attached. It seems fun. Katie suggests that they make sure that they have all their basis covered.

Brooke tells Hope that Steffy and Liam might need a reminder. Hope thinks that Ridge and Steffy are a good reminder. Steffy seems more willing than Liam. Ridge might be able to edge Liam closer day to day. Liam might be able to accept. Hope wonders if Liam doesn’t though. He should be able to decide for himself without the outside pressure. Brooke wonders if Hope is still interested in Liam.

Steffy thinks that they could be put back on track. Liam doesn’t think it is possible. Steffy wants him to think about all Brooke and Ridge have gone through. Liam doesn’t think it has anything to do with them. Steffy feels their baby growing inside of her. She feels the baby growing every day. Steffy has to set an alarm to do everything for the baby. Steffy thinks it be nice if Liam were there to remind her. The baby is going to be there before he realizes. She wants him to just come to the wedding. She needs him to watch Ridge and Brooke say their vows. Liam doesn’t know. Steffy wants them to find a new place for them to begin. She begs him to come.

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