B&B Wednesday Update 1/31/18

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 1/31/18


Written By Anthony

Katie is so happy for Brooke. Brooke is so happy she agreed to be her maid of honor. Katie asks why this feels different. Brooke thinks her, and Ridge have discovered and awareness. Katie always thought that her and Ridge would end up together. They just need to make sure that Thorne is on board.

Ridge asks if Thorne is really going to be his best man. Ridge thinks this means he doesn’t have to go looking for a best man. Thorne reminds him that he better not screw, this up. He has one hell of a woman. He is his best man.

RJ cannot believe that Brooke and Katie are still talking. Eric is worried about Ridge and Thorne. Pam is sure that things will be fine. Rick and Maya walk over. Rick is sorry they are late. Maya tells them they dropped Nicole off at the airport. He asks what they missed. Rick knocks on the design office door and walks in. Rick is sorry they missed the meeting. He asks what is going on. Brooke explains that she and Ridge are going to get married right away. Katie agreed to be maid of honor. Rick guesses that a lot has happened since the last announcement. Maya thinks congratulations are in order. Brooke needs Rick’s support.

Ridge is glad that Thorne accepted the challenge. Thorne needs to talk about the little brother thing. It is condescending. Ridge will try not to say it anymore. If he doesn’t like it then he will not do it. Ridge suggests they try to get along. Thorne doesn’t want to fight with him. He wants to try to be close. Eric walks in.

Pam guesses a family is reunited. It is always good thing. RJ has been waiting along time. Hope is shocked that this is finally happening. RJ cannot remember a time when they were all under the same roof. Hope just wants Brooke to be happy. She deserves that. Quinn knows that Brooke has three generations under the same roof. Hope thinks it is all very poetic.

Rick wonders if Brooke is happy. Brooke claims she is. Katie can attest to that. There is something different about her. Even since she heard the news this morning. Rick has only ever wanted her happiness. Rick will always be there for Brooke. Brooke doesn’t doubt that. Rick knows when she is happy and when she is not. Brooke is happy because of him and the whole family. Especially, her soon to be husband. It has always been that way.

Eric asks if Ridge and Thorne were hugging or fighting. Ridge claims that they have agreed he is the better looking brother. Thorne thinks he is more intelligent. Eric thinks this makes him very happy. Thorne thinks this is a trial period. Ridge tells Eric that Thorne is going to be his best man. In return he will not stop calling him little brother. Eric shakes both their hands. He loves them. He always wanted them to put their differences aside. He is more proud than he has ever been in his life. He knows that Ridge has always loved sappy occasions.

Katie knows that Brooke and Ridge want a life together. Family and support with no drama. Rick wants that too. He doesn’t want to fight Brooke on this. He does hope this marriage is everything she ever wanted. He wants to believe he will give Brooke the commitment that she deserves. Thorne walks in. He wants a moment alone with the bride to be. Brooke wants today to be as positive and joyful as possible. She doesn’t know what he could have to say. Thorne is choosing to agree with being Ridge’s best man. She needs everyone’s support. Thorne thinks that this will be a beautiful wedding day. Thorne is going to make sure that Brooke has everything she wants. Brooke thanks him. She thinks he is a wonderful guy. She thinks that there will be a great woman for Thorne one day.

In the CEO office, everyone is toasting with champagne. Ridge toasts to another wedding. Maya knows this is a Ridge and Brooke wedding. They are so happy to her. Ivy tried to grow up with their story over the years. She guesses it was a little hard at times but she is so grateful to be here. RJ is so proud to call Brooke and Ridge his parents. They have shown him what true love and persistence is. He dreamed of coming home and seeing them together again. Hope wants them to tell her that this is forever. Rick always wondered if the house with all those rooms was big enough for the two of them. He guesses it is time they mend fences. He wants this to work for all of them. Ridge wants that too. Thorne thinks this is a new beginning for all of them. Katie remembers the night Brooke came home from the catering gig at the Forrester’s. She doesn’t think that Brooke has been the same since. Katie has been hearing about the Ridge and Brooke destiny for most of her life. She always believed it. She wishes them all the best. Brooke thanks Katie. Eric couldn’t be more proud of them then right now. They will celebrate their love once again. They should raise their glasses to the next chapter of their destiny.

Katie tells Thorne they have a lot to do very quickly. Thorne asks like flowers and catering. Katie wonders who else has to do it. Thorne just thought he had to get Ridge to the church on time. Thorne suggests they let Pam do everything. Katie likes the way he thinks. Katie feels he is being amazing about this. Katie knows they are not the closest of siblings. Thorne is just very protective of Brooke. They had some great times together. He doesn’t think that they ever really stopped loving one another. Thorne wants them to be happy. Katie thinks that there is a good girl out there for Thorne. She will be really lucky.

Ridge is glad they finally got rid of all of them. He thought they were great. Brooke knows they were sweet and supportive. Ridge knows people are not sweet for him. Brooke is shocked that Thorne and Rick were being so nice to Ridge. She never thought she would get that. Ridge does think that there is goodness in him. It just comes out. He knows that people want to be around Brooke and love her. He asks if she remembers the first time they met. Brooke knows he thought she was Caroline. She said she was sorry. Ridge said he was sorry too. Something about her just grabbed him. Even after all these years he never let go. Brooke knows he always knew the right words. Ridge sometimes thinks he didn’t deserve her at all. Brooke feels they both made mistakes. They had a long journey, but they keep ending up here together. They are both worthy. She cannot wait to say yes to him one last time. To commit to him one last time. To be his wife. Mrs. Brooke Forrester. She kisses him. Brooke smiles.

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