B&B Tuesday Update 1/30/18

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 1/30/18


Written by Anthony

Quinn asks Eric where everyone is if Ridge called a meeting. Eric guesses they are all late. Quinn suggests that she close the door and lock it. They will think the meeting has been canceled. Eric thinks it is a great idea. Pam walks in and says it is to late. Charlie walks in as well. Katie, Ivy, and Hope also walk in. Ivy wonders what the meeting is about. Eric guesses they will see what happens. Pam wonders where Steffy is. Ivy knows that she is Co-CEO maybe that is what this is about. Eric doubts Ridge is going to fire his own daughter. Thorne walks in. he wouldn’t put it past Ridge. Pam asks what the meeting is about then. Thorne suggests Ridge is going to become a monk and none of them will ever see him again.

Brooke and Ridge kiss passionately in the design office. Brooke reminds him that everyone is waiting. Ridge wants them to wait. Brooke asks if he really wants to do this. She points out that once they do this there is no turning back. She is going to be his wife. Brooke knows everyone is going to be so happy. Ridge guesses everyone but one or two people. Brooke doesn’t want to think about those two people. Brooke polished her ring last night. Ridge thinks it looks nice. Ridge got that ring because when people see her thy will know she is taken. RJ walks in. He heard they want to see him. Ridge explains they have a surprise for him. Brooke thinks it is one that he will be very excited about.

Thorne asks Eric is he really has no idea why they were summoned. Eric promises he has no idea. Pam is sure that it is nothing bad. Pam suggests they are all going to give a bonus. Thorne laughs. He asks when Ridge has ever passed out bonuses. Pam got one. Ivy did too. Katie thought it was a welcome surprise. Charlie got his own parking space as well. Eric is sure that Ridge will be here in a minute.

Ridge knows that RJ has always been their number one fan. RJ points out that they are his parents and wouldn’t be here without them. Brooke thinks they are so proud of RJ. The young man he has become. Ridge doesn’t think that he has ever given up on them. RJ never will. RJ is also glad that Brooke can finally wear the ring. Ridge asks if RJ is ok with them getting married right away. RJ is really happy for them. He hugs them both. Brooke loves her family. RJ asks if he has to wear a suit. Brooke thinks so.

Thorne is already late for a conference call for a potential new client. Quinn assumes he means the group from Rio. Thorne asks how she knew. Quinn believes Ridge met with them last week. Thorne guesses that he figures. Eric wants them to be patient. Whatever it is, he will let them know. Ridge, Brooke, and RJ walk in. Eric asks what this is about. Thorne asks if he is going to tell them what is going on or if they are playing a guessing game. Katie heard a rumor about a merger with one of their suppliers. She asks if that is happening. Ridge thinks that this is about a merger. About a union of sorts. This is good about the family and he will benefit more than anyone else. Him and Brooke are going to be married as soon as possible. Hope hugs both of them. Hope asks if RJ knew about this. RJ was literally just told. Katie is so happy for Brooke. Pam thinks this is better than a bonus. Hope feels this is incredible. She knows how much this means to RJ. Eric asks where they are getting married. Eric suggests they get married at the house. Quinn would love to host the wedding. Ivy loves the prospect of another Forrester wedding. Brooke walks over to Thorne in private. She knows he doesn’t approve and he is worried about how he will treat her. She believes in him and trusts him. She just wants him to be happy. Thorne is concerned about her. She said she wanted to wait and give herself some time. Brooke changed her mind. He asks if Ridge is pressuring her. Brooke has loved Ridge for as long as she remembers. Thorne thinks that Ridge is very lucky. He will always support Brooke. He hopes that Brooke can count on Ridge. Charlie thinks that that Pam can always be counted on for a lemon bar. Quinn looks at Brooke’s ring. She thinks it is beautiful. Brooke cannot believe this is finally happening. She tells Eric that she is so pleased at Brooke’s engagement. Quinn will take her portrait off the wall and put one of Ridge and Brooke up if they get married in the house. Brooke suggests that she might take them up on the offer. Quinn thinks that her, Hope, Ivy, Pam, and Charlie will figure everything out. Brooke thinks it sounds tempting. Brooke guesses she cannot think of a better place to get married. Quinn will make it such a special day for them. Eric asks if Thorne will show up. Eric is a bit worried. Brooke has to go speak with Katie about something. Quinn tells Ridge that they have both come full circle. Ridge thinks they are exactly where they have to be. Quinn hopes that they are happy.

Pam tells Charlie in the hallway that they have so much to plan. Ivy guesses it is time to get back to work. Hope suggests they go get food. Quinn asks if Ridge and Thorne will be ok alone. Eric hopes so. He wants his sons to get along.

Ridge asks why Thorne has such a problem. He is angry that Ridge is CEO and with Brooke because he is Massimo’s son. He asks if Thorne is a tough call all of a sudden. Ridge loves who Thorne has become. He loves a challenge. Thorne asks if he wants to challenge him now. Ridge wants to challenge him to get along. He wants them to work together. Ridge is going to show that he means what he said. He wants to ask him a question and hopes he says yes. They were raised by the same parents and he is a Forrester in every way that matters. He wants Thorne to be his best man.

Katie is a little confused. She thought that Brooke didn’t want to rush into anything. She thought she didn’t want to wait. Brooke just wants to bring the family together. Ridge and her love each other. They just want to get their life started. Brooke needs to talk to Katie about something. She is one of the most important people in her life. She is her sister and friend. They have had some ups and downs. Brooke has learned so much from Katie. She loves her so much. She is funny and witty. Brooke loves Katie and wants to ask her something. She knows she asks a lot of her in the past but needs one more thing. She really wants Katie as her maid of honor. Katie will be her maid of honor. She didn’t even have to say all those things. Brooke did ask Steffy first. Katie gets it. She wanted things to work out for her and Liam. Brooke knows it didn’t work out. Brooke knows that things will go smoothly this time. Katie hopes so. Brooke thinks that things are going to be good. Katie thinks it will be a magical day. She will make sure of it. If there is a worry, it is Thorne and Ridge having to work things out. It will all work out. Brooke thanks Katie. Katie loves her. They hug.

Thorne is shocked he wants him to be his best man. Ridge said it wouldn’t be easy. Ridge knows he doesn’t want to be his best man. They are family though and need to work past this. He asks him to say yes. Thorne knows for some reason Brooke is crazy about him. Ridge begs him. They are family. He wants him to make him proud. Thorne appreciates him asking. Thorne guesses he is serious. He decides he will do it. Ridge hugs him.

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