B&B Monday Update 1/29/18

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 1/29/18


Written by Anthony

Bill doesn’t think that Steffy can stay tied up in this house feeling bad. It isn’t good for her or the baby. The time is approaching for the baby. Liam can fend for himself. The life she is carrying cannot. It needs its mommy. It needs its mommy strong emotionally and physically. She can count on him to be there for both of them to love her.

Ridge cannot even imagine the pain that Liam is dealing with. Ridge wants Liam to go to Steffy before it is to late.

Brooke knows that this is not what Hope was expecting to come home to. She is sorry. Hope asks why she is the one saying sorry. Steffy should be saying sorry to Liam. Brooke explains that she has repeatedly. Liam is devastated. Hope imagines that finding out that his wife and father… She cannot even say what they did. Hope assumes she said that they only did it once. Brooke guesses that is what the are saying. Brooke doesn’t know how their marriage will survive. Hope is only worried about Liam. To be betrayed by not just one but two people you love. Brooke is so furious with Bill. Hope is just glad she ended things with him when he did. Hope knew he was capable of playing a dirty trick, but for a father to do this to his own son. Brooke was shocked when she heard about Bill and Steffy. All this talk about love and how much he cares about his sons. Brooke thinks that this is wrong on every level. Brooke cannot stop thinking about Ridge and his enormous love for Steffy.

Ridge wants to know what is holding him back. He thinks that Liam will be able to look at Steffy the way he did. Ridge thinks the baby is so important. It was made out of love. He knows that Liam loves Steffy. He knows it sucks but he can get through it if he chooses to. Liam admits he loves Steffy so much. As much as he wants to forgive Steffy, he cannot do it.

Bill honestly believes the pain and guilt will be replaced with joy when she is holding the baby in her arms. He will be there for both of them. Steffy cannot accept that their marriage is over. Bill reminds her that there are annulment papers. Steffy is not going to give up on the man she loves.

Liam knows that this is not what he wants to hear but this is all he has. Liam asks Ridge what he thinks it is like to be him right now. He does want a life and a family with Steffy. Liam asks what he thinks he means when he says he cannot. He cannot forgive Steffy. Liam is not there yet. He might never be there. Ridge knows everything about Steffy. He knows that Steffy has never loved anyone as much as Liam. She made a mistake and that is on Bill. Ridge gets that he cannot find it in him to forgive. Ridge wants him to leave the door open just a little crack. He never knows when the light may come in.

Steffy doesn’t want Bill to rescue her. Bill doesn’t think it is about being rescued. It is about protecting her. The baby and her are his priority. Bill knows that this is not easy. Especially, with Ridge throwing around accusations. They made love that night. That is what makes this so difficult. Bill wants to do what is right by Liam and Steffy. Not at the baby’s expense. He loves them both too much to do that.

Hope is glad that Ridge has Brooke. Especially, now. Ridge walks in. He asks if everything is ok. Brooke says yes and has been trying to reach him. Brooke asks where Ridge was. Ridge says it was a complicated day. Hope will let them have their privacy. She just wants Ridge to know she is sorry about everything. Hope goes upstairs. Brooke explains that she was concerned about Liam and Steffy and had a lot of questions. Brooke went to go see Bill. She knows what he did. Ridge had to punch him after what he did to Steffy. Ridge explains that Bill says he loves her. Ridge explains that is his child. She is no one’s conquest. It is his little girl. He cannot let Bill do that. Ridge hugs Brooke. Ridge knows that Steffy is alone and pregnant. She is all alone in this world. Brooke asks about Liam. She thinks that he could find it in his heard to forgive her. Ridge wishes he could. Ridge was trying to make him see that what Bill did was criminal. He doesn’t want to see it that way. Ridge knows that Bill to advantage of her. He thinks Liam is broken. You can see how much he loves Steffy. He just cannot find it in his heart to forgive her. He wishes she could find it in his heart to forgive her. Ridge hugs Brooke.

Liam sits down on his bed in his hotel room. He thinks about Ridge trying to convince him to keep the concept of Steffy and their marriage in his mind. Liam lays down on the bed with tears in his eyes.

Steffy doesn’t want to do this. He is creating a fantasy of the two of them in his head. Bill does not think about fantasy. He is more of a realist than anyone she knows. He is asking Steffy to be completely honest with herself. Steffy cannot just go off with Bill. It was one night and she is not going to make the mistake even worst with Bill. Bill is sorry. The last thing he ever wants to do is cause her pain. Steffy doesn’t think he is the man for her. The man she will be with is Liam. She knows that Liam can change his mind as time changes. She needs him to respect what she is trying to do for all of their sakes. Bill will do everything he can to get Liam to come around. If that means staying away then so be it. Steffy just wants Liam back. She just wants her husband back.

Ridge has never felt this kind of anger towards anyone. Ridge wants to rip his head off. Ridge thinks she got out of her marriage to him just in time. He would have done something awful to her as well. Brooke is glad she is with Ridge now. She thanks him for everything wonderful that he has done for her over the years. Brooke guesses they will not talk about Bill. They will talk about them and their future. She wants to bring the family together. She knows Hope is back in town and RJ has wanted this together. Brooke thinks it is time to do this. Ridge asks Brooke Logan what she is saying. Brooke believes love concurs all. She feels that they can be an example for their children. They have been through so much through the years. They love each other more than they ever has. Brooke thinks it might help them with their issues. Brooke loves Ridge so much. She does. That’s it. She just wants to be married to him right now. Ridge guesses that she is asking him to marry her. Ridge admits he does want to marry her right now. He kisses Brooke. Brooke has tears in her eyes as she kisses Ridge.

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