B&B Friday Update 1/26/18

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 1/26/18


Written by Anthony

Steffy is in her kitchen and someone knocks on the door. It is Bill. He asks if she is alone. He can go if she wants him to. Steffy is so sorry. She had to tell Ridge. Bill doesn’t want her to say sorry. He would have done the same in his place. He asks if she has heard from Liam. Steffy saw him. She shows him the annulment papers. Bill asks what is with these people and being so annulment papers. Steffy doesn’t want this to come out in family court. Bill has expressed his regret in every way possible. He is not going to live his life ashamed. He wonders if Steffy is.

Liam thinks about finding out about Steffy sleeping with Bill. Someone knocks on the door. Liam looks through the peep hole. He opens it. It is Ridge. He knows what Bill did. Ridge has beer in his hand.

Hope walks downstairs at Brooke’s house. She wonders how work was. Brooke never got there. It wasn’t that kind of day. Hope saw Steffy. Brooke wonders how that goes. Hope found out that Steffy was pregnant. Hope guesses that when you come back people treat you like an outsider and suddenly no one wants her to be close. Brooke thinks it is a sensitive situation. Hope thinks that Brooke knows what happened. Brooke doesn’t feel right talking about it when Liam and Steffy are not. Hope was actually happy for Liam and Steffy and instead of treating this baby like a miracle everyone is treating it like a horrible secret. The only thing that is clear is that somehow Steffy broke Liam’s heart and her own as well. Brooke thinks that people think that Taylor could never do any wrong. When she fell she fell hard. Like mother like daughter. Hope asks if Steffy had an affair. Brooke wouldn’t call it that. She would definitely call it an indiscretion.

Liam doesn’t have a lot of time. Ridge thinks the concept of time will have a different meaning once his child gets here. Liam has nothing to do with any of this now. Ridge asks if Liam is going to let Bill get away with this.

Bill wonders what Liam said. Steffy doesn’t know. She just feels like a fool. Steffy just kept begging and begging. Bill always has said that Spencer’s don’t beg but he has done some himself lately. Steffy is going to beg for her family and baby. Liam said never though. He is not going to take her back.

Hope guesses that Sally really has no idea what she set in motion. Brooke doesn’t want Sally getting involved. She is a wild card in all this. Hope doesn’t think there is much information to be had. She knows this only happened once. Brooke hopes so. Liam wasn’t aware of the affair right away. Hope has to believe he will forgive her. With time it could happen. Brooke doesn’t think it will ever happen.

Liam doesn’t have to have this conversation. Ridge informs him that he is all lone and his child is going to grow up in a broken home. He needs to have this conversation more than he does. Liam is sorry. He just doesn’t see any good coming of this. Ridge thinks that Steffy was wounded too. He needs to remember that. Bill tracked her down looking for revenge. Liam thinks that Bill and Ridge want the same thing from him. They want him to suck it up and move on. Ridge knows Bill will always find an excuse for the horrible things he does. Ridge needs Liam to be the man he is. He knows that Bill wants to live his life. He cannot let Bill take it from him.

Steffy cannot seem to get warm. Bill thinks it is the ocean air. He needs her to be eating and sleeping. Steffy thinks it makes her sick to look at her. Bill thinks that looking at Steffy with his child will maybe help Liam. Bill needs her to make her mutual well beings a priority. Bill suggests she sign the annulment papers.

Brooke didn’t say that Liam shouldn’t let Steffy back into his life. She just doesn’t think he will. Hope thinks that the two of them are having a child. A family is at stake. Hope asks if Steffy slept with Wyatt. Brooke thinks that Liam and Wyatt have more integrity. She wants to change the subject. Hope says no. She asks if it was Bill.

Ridge suggests that Liam move into his loft. Liam thinks he should offer the place to Steffy. Ridge asks if he is going to destroy his life. Ridge is going to go to the police and tell them what Bill did. Liam thinks he is an angry father. They both know that Steffy knew what she did that night. Ridge thinks that Liam has known Bill to do bad things. Bill always finds a way to get Liam back where he needs him. He thinks that Bill did the same thing to Steffy. He thinks that Bill did something unspeakable. His wife needs him. Ridge needs him to be the husband and father he knows she can be.

Bill wants to know how long Steffy wants to drag this out. Bill admits before he even knew Liam existed there was them. He ended things with Steffy because he had to not because he wanted to. Bill locked away his feelings. He hurt her and he hates it. Bill will do whatever it takes to put her and Liam back together. If they cannot though he could be a loving step-father. Hope asks how Steffy could sleep with Bill. Brooke didn’t want Hope to find out this way. Hope guesses it all makes sense. Hope thinks that Liam doesn’t deserve this. She never should have…

Ridge asks if Liam is just going to sit here and feel sorry for himself. He needs to stand up to Bill and Steffy. Liam guesses he will think about it. He wins. Ridge doesn’t think that is good enough. Liam will not be bullied by Ridge. Ridge needs Liam to see how much Steffy loves him. Liam doesn’t think this is a question of love. Ridge guesses he will make what Bill did more important than what they have. Ridge knows what Liam wants. He has to go to her. She is exactly where he left her. He needs to go and fix it.

Steffy cannot hear this right now. Bill assumes she is worried what people will say. Steffy thinks he should go. Bill knows that Liam said never. She cannot wait for someone who is not coming. There could be an us again. Sometimes, the craziest things in life are the righest and the best. She is not alone. He is here. He is here to love her.

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