B&B Thursday Update 1/25/18

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 1/25/18


Written by Anthony

Steffy cannot handle this. She has to make things right. He is to important to her. If there is any hope at all. She needs him to say that he forgives her.

Bill touches the part of his face that Ridge punched. Brooke walks in. Bill already heard it from Ridge and his fist.

Ridge walks around in his office. He looks at a sketch. He cannot stop thinking about Steffy admitting to sleeping with Bill. Hope walks in. She thought he might have a moment to talk. She saw Steffy. She is worried about her. She doesn’t know if it did much good but she might be able to open up to Ridge. She is not trying to come between Liam and Steffy. If anything she is trying to help them through this. She knows what happened. Liam walked out on Steffy. She just doesn’t know why.

Brooke cannot believe he slept with his daughter. Bill thinks that Steffy is a grown woman. Brooke asks if he realizes what he has done. She cannot believe he would do this.

Steffy has no right to ask for his forgiveness but she is not just asking for herself. She is asking for the sake of their family. For their child. She knows she is the guilty one. She knows his heart and goodness. He knows how much she loves him. She needs him to forgive her. Liam hugs Steffy. He has tears coming from his eyes.

Ridge is glad that Hope is home. Whatever, is going on with Steffy and Liam has nothing to do with Hope. Hope knows that. Liam still loves Steffy. They are both heart broken. Ridge wants them to support them. Hope wants to do whatever she can to support them. She believes they can get through whatever this is. Ridge thinks that her and Steffy have always been rivals so she should stay out of this one. Hope knows they are both devastated. She thinks they should get everything out in the open for the two of them. Ridge agrees it needs to happen but Hope will not be the one to do it. Hope thinks they need someone who cares about both of them. Especially, since Steffy is pregnant.

Brooke never thought in a million years that Bill could do something like this. Steffy says it was ok. Bill wonders if she doesn’t believe her. Brooke doesn’t know. She doesn’t know what to believe anymore. She remembers him threatening to get back at Liam. Bill thought their marriage was over. He knows it shouldn’t have happened. He will not let her or anyone else turn this into something sick. He doesn’t think it was like what Brooke is saying. Brooke asks if he has feelings for Steffy.

Liam breaks the hug. Liam needs Steffy to listen. Despite what she did, he doesn’t like seeing her like this. She needs to stay healthy for the baby. Steffy is trying. She needs him to try to find a way to forgive her for the sake of their family. Liam would love to be able to say that.

Hope knows how badly. Liam and Steffy wanted a child. She doesn’t think it makes sense. Liam didn’t even talk about this. Steffy did. Hope doesn’t think that either one of them are getting enough sleep. Liam needs to make sure that Steffy is ok. Hope thinks that Steffy was clearly feeling guilty about something. Ridge doesn’t think that Steffy should feel guilty about anything. She didn’t do anything wrong. Hope doesn’t want to make assumptions. She has to ask what Steffy did though.

Brooke guesses that he has feelings for Steffy. Bill thinks that Steffy was there for him. Brooke thinks he somehow has turned this into a romantic connection. Brooke has been there before. She has dealt with the drama before. It could destroy Steffy and Liam. He cannot pursue it. Bill is not trying to but it is not that simple. Brooke wonders if he thinks he loves her.

Steffy needs Liam to find a place of forgiveness in himself. Liam holds Steffy’s hand. She is not giving up. She wants to know what the alternative is even. Liam suggests she could have a life with his father. They are more a like than the two of them are.

Ridge would prefer that Hope not worry about any of this. Steffy and Liam have to be ok. There is family involved. Ridge asks Hope to leave. She does.

Brooke doesn’t even know what to say right now. Bill knows what actually happened and so does Steffy. He is a big boy. He can deal with the fallout. He doesn’t need a parade of people with their own damage walking in here. It wasn’t a scam or a means to an end. He cares about Steffy. He would never do anything to hurt her. Brooke thinks that Steffy is devastated she lost Liam. Brooke asks if he just got carried away with his feelings. Steffy is not going to go for this. Bill doesn’t want to see his sons marriage destroyed or marriage compromised. Brooke tells him to leave them all alone. He better pray that Liam forgives his wife.

Liam suggests that Steffy was meant to be with Bill. Steffy thinks that is crazy. Steffy thinks they made a terrible mistake. She wants her life with Liam. She is begging Liam to tell her what to do. Liam cannot get the image out of his head. He cannot forgive or forget. The world needs more forgiveness but he can never forgive Steffy. Ever.

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