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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 1/24/18


Written By Anthony

Steffy eats a cracker n the couch. Someone knocks on the door and she goes to open it. It is Hope. Steffy is shocked to see her. She wonders what she is doing here. Steffy tells her to come in. Hope is sorry she didn’t call first. Steffy thinks it is fine. She wonders how Hope is. Hope is good. Europe was life changing but she missed everyone, including Steffy. She saw Liam and he said he moved out. She is concerned for both her and Liam.

Wyatt thanks Liam for responding to his text. He knows that he isn’t doing much of that lately. Liam hasn’t been very sociable. Wyatt assumes he doesn’t want to talk about the state of his marriage. Wyatt is worried about Liam. Wyatt thinks understandably so. He cannot believe that Bill did that to him. Liam doesn’t think that Bill is a good person. He hopes he doesn’t find that out someday. Wyatt thinks that is a conversation for another day. Wyatt does wonder if Liam can try to work things out with Steffy. Liam already gave Steffy annulment papers.

Sally thanks Darlita for stopping by. She misses seeing them everyday. Darlita does as well. She wonders what the plan is. Sally is still working on it. She is not holding her breath on Bill holding his word to his promise. She knows Spectra will rise again, she just isn’t sure how. Darlita knows she will find it. Darlita asks about her plan to convince herself to not think she is in love with Liam. She doesn’t think those feelings just go away. Darlita assumes that it must be hard with Liam and Steffy being married. Sally is not so sure how long that marriage will last. Darlita asks if Liam and Steffy are having problems. Sally only knows that Liam was upset enough to move out. Darlita is shocked that Liam left Steffy. Sally is not sure if it is permanent. Sally doesn’t know but if Liam and Steffy are over. Darlita assumes she would want a chance with him.

Wyatt thinks that annulment papers are permanent. Liam cannot stay married to someone he cannot trust. Wyatt doesn’t want him to act out of impulse. If he could just look past what has happened. Liam asks if Wyatt could handle looking at his wife and seeing Bill’s hands all over her. Wyatt guesses he couldn’t. Liam wishes he could forgive Steffy. This is Bill though. He doesn’t want to keep talking about it. Wyatt wants to know what he does want to talk about. Liam explains that Hope is back.

Steffy asks if Hope has seen Liam. Hope thinks he is very upset right now. He looks a lot like Steffy. Steffy assumes she bumped into him. Hope texted him and he responded. She wanted to know how he had been. She can tell that Liam still love Steffy. Steffy never meant to hurt him. Hope wants to help if she can. Steffy doesn’t see how. Hope wants to know what happened and they can go from there.

Darlita doesn’t want Sally to feel guilty about her feelings for Liam. If Liam breaks up with Steffy, she knows Sally wants a chance with him. She deserves it after all the stuff she has been through with Liam. Sally has thought about a future with Liam, but she feels like things keep getting in the way. Darlita assumes that if there is a divorce, then Steffy is out of the picture. Sally explains that Hope Logan just showed up. She is Liam’s ex-wife. She is back in LA. Darlita asks why. Sally guesses that is the question.

Wyatt would like to know how long Hope is staying in town. Liam guesses a while. She said that Italy was great but she missed him. She is working and volunteering. Wyatt is not shocked. Liam thinks that she still has that light. Wyatt remembers it well. Liam was listening to her and all he could think was that Hope would never do what Steffy did. Wyatt asks if he said anything about Steffy and Bill. Liam thinks that it is physically painful to even think about it.

Hope doesn’t mean to be in her business but she could see Liam physically hurting. If there is anything she can do to help them during the separation. Steffy doesn’t look at this as a separation. She wants to give Liam his space. Hope can deal with this. She has thick skin. Being away changed her. Steffy asks how. Hope is more grounded and less naïve. She is here to make sure that Steffy knows she is here for her. Steffy needs Hope to know she is pregnant.

Sally and Darlita look on a tablet. They look at info on Hope. Darlita sees that she created Hope for the Future. She thinks she is dynamic and successful. Darlita remembers that Hope got married to Liam in Italy. It was straight out of a fairytale. They had a very romantic relationship.

Liam thinks for a brief moment the sun came out with Hope. She actually succeeded in making him laugh. Wyatt knows she has that affect on people. Wyatt knows she is a special woman. She is not his wife Liam doesn’t want to think about this further. Wyatt is not trying to minimize what he is going through. Wyatt would tell him to walk away but there is a child on the way who deserves to have two loving parents. This kid was conceived in love. Liam does love Steffy and wishes that this just went away over night. Wyatt thinks that Steffy will be the mother of his child. He wants him to open up his heart and try to move on.

Hope thinks it is wonderful that Steffy is pregnant. She knows Steffy and Liam have wanted a family for so long. Steffy guesses who would have thought. Hope asks why Liam wouldn’t be here if he knows she is pregnant. She assumes that they would want to work through this. Hope knows she is here all alone and he is living in a hotel. Hope asks what she did. Steffy appreciates her concern but she doesn’t have to worry. Her and Liam have gotten through the hard times and this isn’t any different. Steffy knows she said she wanted to help. Steffy asks what hotel Liam is staying at. Hope admits he is staying at the Dakota. It isn’t exactly a place she would expect Liam to be. Steffy thanks her. It was good to see Hope. Hope isn’t sure that this will be the last time they see one another. She is sticking around. Steffy thinks that is great.

Wyatt thinks that Liam finally has a family. Prayers are answered. Wyatt wants him to turn off the ego and damage pride. He knows he loves Steffy. He can build on that and make it the foundation of his family. He needs to do it for that innocent kid.

Sally asks what they are doing. Darlita guesses cyber stalking Hope Logan. Sally thinks it is pathetic. Darlita reminds her it was her idea. Sally thinks it was her job to stop her. Sally is not going to obsess over Hope. She is out of the running. Sally guesses that if Liam does move on she would like to be the one he moves on with.

Someone knocks on the door of Liam’s hotel room. It is Steffy. She begs him not to close the door. Liam asks how she found him. Steffy doesn’t think it matters. Steffy has something she wants to say. She knows he is devastated right now and hates her. She hates herself. She hates she hurt them. They should be living this miracle. She knows she robbed that joy and will regret it the rest of their life. It kills her that their child will suffer because of a mistake she made. She wants their child to grow up with two loving parents. Steffy cannot sign the annulment papers. Steffy is going to hold on to what they have. Steffy is consumed with guilt. She cannot eat or sleep. She wants to hear him say that he forgives her.

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