B&B Monday Update 1/22/18

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 1/22/18


Written by Anthony

Ridge touches Steffy’s face. He asks if she really slept with Bill. Steffy needs to explain. It was a mistake. Ridge doesn’t think she would do that. Steffy slept with Bill and now Liam hates her. Ridge thinks that Bill took advantage of her and he is going to kill him.

Bill wonders if Ridge really thinks that he will be able to open up to him. Brooke wonders why she wouldn’t. Bill can think of a few reasons. Brooke reminds him that Ridge is her father. Bill thinks that is one of the reasons. Brooke knows that they are closed. Bill has no control of what Steffy does or doesn’t do. Brooke knows that there is a lot bothering Steffy. When she opens up she will be better. Bill thinks this is between Liam and Steffy. Brooke doesn’t understand why Liam walked out.

Hope just wishes that there was something she could do. Liam thinks that it is nice of Hope to stop by. Hope doesn’t want to intrude but she knows him. Whatever, it is it must be a big deal. He is in so much pain. It breaks her heart to see him like this. Liam appreciates Hope for coming here and that she is concerned. Hope understands if he doesn’t want to get into this. Liam just cannot talk about what this is. Hope just wants him to know that he has a friend in her. In other news she is in town for food. She has lots of free time on her hand. They could play cards or watch a bad move on pay per view. She would be totally game. Liam missed her. Hope missed him too.

Brooke knows that Liam and Steffy just renewed their vows and now their marriage is ending. Bill doesn’t think it will come to that. Liam needs time to cool off. Brooke assumes that Liam must have confided in Bill somehow. She wonders if he told him what happened.

Ridge is so sorry that this happened to her. She is a sweet girl. He asks if she is ok. Steffy claims she is fine. Bill didn’t… Ridge always knew that he was dangerous. Now this with her. He assaulted her. Steffy cries hysterically.

Hope asks if she can get him something. She could get him food and bring it back. Liam could keep talking about her. Her time in Europe and what has been happening. Hope kind of shifted away from Fashion. She was working with a human rights organization. Liam assumes that was hard work. Hope wanted to make a difference. She wanted to get family’s schools and food. There is an overwhelming need for more. She needed a sense of joy in her life.

Brooke knows it is not Hope. She only just got back in town. Something, or someone just got between Steffy and Liam. Brooke asks if Bill thinks it is an affair. Bill is sure that it is more complicated than that. Justin walks in. He says it is a pleasure. He didn’t think he would ever see her again. Bill reminds him that Brooke only got an annulment. Brooke knows that she had wonderful times with Bill but it was time for her and Bill to move on. Justin wishes Brooke well. Brooke thanks Bill for letting her move on. Brooke has a feeling that there is a special lady in Bill’s life.

Steffy doesn’t think that Bill tried to hurt her. He asks if she called the police. Steffy doesn’t think that this is a crime. She just wants to explain. Ridge wonders if this is why Liam is not here. Steffy was not forced on. Ridge thinks that she was used and Bill moved in on him. Ridge is going to make sure that Bill rots in jail.

Liam wants to know why Hope decided to come back to LA now. Hope has been bouncing around Europe and enjoying every minute of it. She missed her home. Brooke and her brothers. Even Liam. Ridge convinced her to come home as a surprise. Hope wants to be here right now. She might reboot Hope For the Future. Liam thinks that she should. Hope is going to go Apartment hunting and restock her kitchen. Liam thinks she is more into going out to eat. Hope learned how to cook. She knows how to cook real Italian food. She uses only the freshest ingredients and even makes her own tomatoes. She will have to make him a plate of pasta one day. Liam would like that. Hope asks if he just smiled. Liam is just proud of Hope. Hope thought it kept her out of the social scene. Liam asks if she dated. Hope admits that Italian men love blondes. Liam doesn’t think that her hair color has anything to do with it.

Bill assumes Ridge is finding out about what he did to his daughter. Justin is going to have to put him back on the ban list. Bill doesn’t think that is necessary. Justin wants him to walk his back. Ridge will be gunning for him.

Ridge is going to the police. Steffy explains she is not a little girl. She was devastated about Liam kissing Sally. Steffy explains that she wasn’t attacked. She takes responsibility. Ridge thinks she was victimized. Steffy needs him to listen to what she is saying. This was consensual. Ridge doesn’t think that Steffy would do this with him or to Ridge. Steffy regrets this. She regrets going there. Bill didn’t assault her. Steffy tells him that Bill has feelings for her. That is why Brooke and him have not heard from him. Ridge asks if Bill really said he loves her. Ridge hopes she doesn’t have feelings for him. Steffy wants Liam to come home. Ridge wants to work on that then. Ridge knows this is confusing for her. Steffy doesn’t think that Ridge can say anything. If Bill victimized her then she would have gone to the police. Ridge doesn’t think she would have had sex with him willingly. Steffy did though. She needs him to accept that. Ridge feels she was helpless and wanted to be alone. He used her. Steffy wants to know why he is not listening. Ridge is her father and is supposed to protect her. He wasn’t there. He is here now and will make this right. Ridge is calling Brooke and she will come over. She is going to open up to her because the stress is not for the baby. Ridge promises that Steffy will always be his little girl. Ridge walks out. Steffy continues to cry.

Hope needed time to find herself after everything she went through. Liam can relate to that. Sometimes, you have to go and see what happens. Brooke doesn’t think being alone is always the best situation. She needed a growing experience. She is not as hard on herself anymore and she likes what she sees. Liam is glad she is back. Hope is as well.

Bill looks out his window. Justin says that Ridge just blew past security. Bill has it. Justin explains if he needs him to call. Justin walks out. Ridge walks in. He asks what he did. He wants to know what he did to Steffy.

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