B&B Friday Update 1/19/18

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 1/19/18


Written by Anthony

Ridge wants to help Steffy. Steffy knows but this is something she regrets. She never wanted Liam to find out. Ridge assumes that he did find out though. Ridge doesn’t think it matters. She can tell him anything. He will never love her less. Steffy knows. He might never be able to look at her the same.

Bill sits in his office and thinks about having sex with Steffy. Brooke walks in. She thinks he looks distracted. Brooke wonders who the girl is and how long he has been seeing her. Brooke thanks him for the annulment papers. She is grateful. Bill guesses she is shocked that he didn’t put up a fight. Brooke suggests she has been replaced. Bill thinks that is impossible. Brooke thinks there is a woman he loves.

Liam hugs a pillow in his hotel room. He gets a text and walks over to his phone. It’s from Hope. She is back in LA. She asks if he can drop her a pin. Liam starts to think about leaving Steffy. Liam sends Hope his location. Hope says she is on her way.

Bill assumes the annulment was Ridge’s idea. He was pushing her for it. Brooke thinks they both wanted it. Bill looks at Brooke’s ring. Brooke didn’t want to wear it until she was sure. Bill thinks that sure is a slippery slope for Ridge and commitments. Brooke will always care about Bill. Bill knows she has moved on. Brooke assumes he has as well. She wonders who this new woman is in his life.

Steffy thinks there is something she should tell him first. It is good news. She thinks he knows how much she has wanted a child. She is pregnant. Ridge hugs Steffy. That is wonderful news.

Liam tries to clean up a little bit when someone knocks on the door. He reluctantly opens it and it is Hope. She hugs him. Liam thinks it has been a long time. He asks her to come in. He thinks that Europe agrees with her. She looks good. Hope thinks he does too. Liam knows this is not the Ritz but still. Hope thinks he is still a vegetarian. She could get him some food. Liam says he is ok. Hope knows he is not. She ran into Sally and she said that he was going through a hard time. She is so sorry.

Bill tells Justin to handle something on the phone. Bill need Brooke to let this other woman thing go. Brooke actually is concerned about something else. She is concerned about Steffy and Liam. She asked Steffy if she could be maid of honor but she wasn’t herself. She tried asking her about it, but she eventually admitted that Liam walked out on her. Bill knew that something was going on. He knows that Liam and Steffy have been tested before. They always find their way back together. Brooke is glad that Ridge will be there. Brooke knows that Ridge will be there for his daughter incase she needs him.

Ridge wants to know why Liam is not here if she is pregnant. He knows she is healthy and everything is fine. Steffy thinks that things are good. Ridge feels that things are good. Ridge knows the baby is the most important thing right now. Steffy wishes Liam was right. She did do something she deeply regrets. She isn’t sure that Liam will ever forgive her.

Bill assumes that Ridge is with Steffy right now. He thinks that everyone should stay out of this. Brooke thinks it be natural for Ridge to want to be involved because it seems so serious. Brooke hates to ask this but she wonders if it could be an affair. She knows it is ridicules to ask when they are so in love. Bill doesn’t want to speculate. Bill wants to believe that Liam and Steffy can get through this.

Liam asks if Hope wants to sit. He wonders how much she knows. Hope knows about the wedding in Sydney. She has to give Steffy credit for making a dramatic entrance. She knows how much Steffy means to him. She has to believe whatever happened he will get through it. She doesn’t want him to give up.

Ridge hates to even say this but she said something happened. She assumes Liam is the dad. Steffy confirms he is and will make a wonderful father. Ridge is sorry for asking that then. He wants to know what this is about. He is having a baby. Steffy doesn’t know when Liam will come back. Ridge thinks that Liam is a good guy. Steffy says that Liam gave her annulment papers. He doesn’t want to be married to her anymore. It is her fault.

Hope knows that Liam has a lot of people who care about Liam. Including, Sally. She is very concerned about him. Liam knows. Hope asks if he knows it goes beyond caring. She is not subtle. Hope hates that Liam is hurting. He deserves happiness. She thinks that if he wants to talk about it, she is here. He has a friend.

Brooke wonders if Bill knows where Liam is staying. Bill doesn’t know where he is staying. Brooke hopes he and Liam are not having issues. Bill thinks their focus needs to be on Liam and Steffy with a baby on the way. Brooke hopes that Steffy will be able to talk with Ridge about this and support her through this.

Ridge doesn’t understand any of this. He took off his wedding ring. Steffy begged him not to give up on them. Ridge asks what he could possibly have done. Steffy doesn’t think this is about Liam and Sally. She didn’t handle it right. He was honest with her about Sally. She shouldn’t have gone to the guest house. She should have stayed here and worked things out with Liam. Ridge asks if Liam came there and showed him there. Steffy thinks that Liam listened and held her. Something happened that shouldn’t have happened. Ridge thinks it is ok. She was distraught. They will fix it. It will be alright. Ridge wonders if it was a guy. Steffy admits it was Bill. Ridge utters his name in disbelief. He asks if Bill Spencer did this to her.

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