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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 1/18/18


Written by Anthony

Brooke asks if Steffy and Liam had a fight. Steffy doesn’t think it is like that. She doesn’t think that Brooke can help in this situation. Brooke is not going to leave her like this. Steffy has never lost a love like this before. Brooke wonders what happened.

Bill is in his office and Ridge walks in. Bill thinks that Allison is horrible at the screening visitors part of her job. Ridge asks if he knows why he is here.

Rick tells Nicole that she should wait on telling Zende about the wedding. They don’t even have a date yet. Thorne walks in and wonders what the date is for. Rick explains Brooke’s wedding. Thorne doesn’t think that it will be happening anytime soon. It takes six months to divorce in this state. Maya explains an annulment is a little different. Rick guesses that Bill signed off on the annulment. Nicole explains that Ridge made an announcement at a meeting. Thorne guesses he wasn’t invited.

Ridge would love to shake Bill’s hand. Bill says no. Bill reminds him that this is a place of business. He acts what he is trying to tell him. Ridge is thanking him for signing papers. Bill doesn’t want to be with a woman who is sleeping with him. Bill wants to be done. Ridge wants to tell him that he wants to try harder to respect him. He is his daughter’s father-in-law. Bill admits he is guilty as charged with that.

Steffy doesn’t think that this is something she can share with her. Brooke swears this won’t go any further. Brooke wonders if she really believes her marriage to Liam is over. Steffy admits it is. Brooke doubts that Ridge has any idea. Steffy thinks everyone will know sooner than later. Brooke asks if Bill knows about this as well.

Ridge says that Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and the Four of July are the family get togethers. Ridge thinks he is usually much louder than this. He also finds it hard that Bill is being so easy about this. He asks if there is another woman in his life. Bill feels he is the last person he would ever share that with. Ridge guesses that is a yes then. Another trophy wife waiting in the wings. Bill feels that is Ridge’s MO. He doesn’t go after women like that. He tells Bill goodbye.

Brooke wonders if Steffy and Liam are just talking. Steffy says no. Brooke suggests that she talk to Bill about it. She asks if she can talk with Bill. Steffy doesn’t want her to. Brooke knows that her and Bill are in a good place. He didn’t question the annulment. She knows that Bill adores Steffy more than she knows. Steffy hasn’t always been kind to Brooke. She is sorry. She has a big heart. She can just keep loving her father. It is the only thing she can do for her.

Maya thanks Pam on the phone. She tells Rick that Ridge wants the year end numbers for International. Thorne can talk to Ridge. Maya asks if it is a good idea to let things settle first. Thorne may not like this but they are adults. Nicole thinks that Thorne is very sweet with Brooke. Thorne feels she would too if she knew what was in store for her and had seen it at least a dozen times.

Ridge asks if Brooke knows what he did today. He went and saw Bill. He thanked Bill about the annulment papers. He thought he seemed less obnoxious than usual. Ridge asks what Steffy said about being the maid of honor. Brooke says the conversation didn’t really go that way. Ridge asks why not. Brooke wonders if Bill mentioned anything about Steffy and Liam. Ridge doesn’t think he mentioned anything about anything. Brooke guesses there is trouble. Steffy is not in a good place right now.

Rick doesn’t get why Bill would sign the annulment. Maya suggests he wanted to be nice. Rick thinks that Bill is not a nice person. Nicole and Rick leave to go make copies. Maya assumes that Brooke really is the best. She didn’t really hit it off with Brooke when they first met. She sees how loving and loyal she is. Thorne thinks that Brooke had to fight for everything. Especially, with Stephanie. Maya hopes that Ridge can make her happy this time.

Justin asks why Ridge was here. He thinks that Bill should have called him. Bill guesses that all he wanted was to be friends. Bill doesn’t think it will ever happen. Justin thinks it is time for a reality check.

Ridge asks what Steffy said. Brooke explains that Steffy said Liam is not coming home. Ridge assumes that Steffy wants to be loyal for Taylor. Brooke doesn’t think it has anything to do with that. Ridge doesn’t think that Steffy gets overly emotional about anything. Brooke doesn’t know what is happening. Ridge suggests she is upset because Hope is back. Brooke doesn’t think she knows that Hope is back. Ridge guesses Liam was unfaithful. Brooke doesn’t think that is the kind of hurt she was feeling. Steffy didn’t have one bad word to say about Liam. She was heart broken and afraid. Ridge didn’t think she said anything about anything when they talked. Brooke knows they used to have misunderstandings and people wanted to help them and spare the heart break. Brooke suggests that Steffy talk with Ridge. Ridge agrees.

Rick and Nicole walk back into the design office. Rick wonders where Thorne is. Maya feels he is on auto-pilot. Maya thinks that Thorne is sweet. Rick figured things would turn out this way and assumes that Thorne knew too.

Brooke looks at her ring. Thorne walks in. Brooke says that Ridge stepped out. Thorne knows that is what he does best. Thorne hears on the grape vine that congratulations were in order. Brooke thought that Ridge would have told him. Thorne thinks that this is his way of telling her. Brooke was shocked that Bill agreed to the annulment. Brooke wishes Thorne could be happy for her. Brooke does as well. Brooke went to see Steffy this morning and she said that her and Liam are over. She wonders if someone came between them.

Justin thought that Ridge was on the building’s omit list. Bill turned it off with him being Steffy’s father. Justin asks what happens if Steffy and Bill make it official. Bill feels this conversation is over.

Ridge asks Steffy if Liam is home. Steffy thinks he knows he is not. Steffy doesn’t want to talk. Ridge thinks they should. He could go find Liam and beat him up. Steffy doesn’t want that. She doesn’t even know where he is. Ridge points out all his stuff is here. Steffy guesses he doesn’t want any of it. Ridge knows that they just renewed their vows. Steffy knows it doesn’t count when someone lies. Ridge loves Steffy. Steffy knows he says that now. Ridge will say that until the day he dies. Steffy is just afraid. She doesn’t want him to hate her. Ridge hates Steffy going through with something she cannot help her with. Steffy knows he needs to know the truth,.

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