B&B Wednesday Update 1/17/18

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 1/17/18


Written By Anthony

Ridge kisses Brooke passionately in his office. He thinks her ring looks better on her finger than in the box. Ridge suggests they miss this meeting and jet to Vegas. Brooke doesn’t think that RJ would ever forgive them. Ridge want the whole family to be excited so he doesn’t want Thorne to be here. He was just hoping that Steffy would be here but she wasn’t at the office this morning. Brooke noticed that she hasn’t been coming in lately. Ridge doesn’t know what is wrong with her.

Steffy is on the couch under a blanket. Bill walks in. Bill texted her. He thought Liam might have come home. Steffy explains he did to say goodbye. Steffy guesses as far as he is concerned their marriage cannot be saved.

Hope says hi to Ivy who has gone blonde. Ivy guesses that blondes really do have more fun. RJ asks Hope how she feels about being back. Hope thinks it is like she never left. Nicole admits she was looking forward to being with Hope in Europe. Hope was as well but LA just felt like the right place right now. She doesn’t know what this meeting is about right now. Brooke tells them all sorry for the mystery. Brooke shows them all the ring. Ridge says that Brooke is no longer married. Bill signed the papers. Eric is happy for all of them. Brooke thinks the Forrester’s are always happy when they are united. Brooke knows that all the Forrester relations are doing great right now. Eric and Quinn, Maya and Rick, Nicole and Zende. Ridge adds in Steffy and Liam. Brooke agrees even after all they have been through they are going strong.

Bill knows Liam is hurt. Steffy says he is gone. Bill doesn’t think he has taken any of his things. He did at the office though. He tried to get Wyatt to leave with him. Bill is here because he cares. Steffy thinks he cares to much. They shouldn’t have gone to the guest house. She should have stayed here and worked things out with Liam. They did what they did though and now she is pregnant and Liam is gone. The father of her baby doesn’t want anything to do with her. Bill promises this will be alright. Bill will not let her be alone.

Rick tells Brooke he wants to celebrate with her but he wants to make sure this is what she really wants. Brooke promises it really is. Hope doesn’t think she would have said yes if it wasn’t. Rick knows but this annulment came out of the blue. Brooke is surprised that Bill agreed to it. Hope just wants Brooke to be happy. Brooke is. Ivy guesses that Steffy and Thorne didn’t get the memo. Pam explains that Thorne wasn’t on the list. Ridge wants the family to be brought together but Thorne isn’t being supportive. He needs everyone in the family to be positive. Maya asks Rick if everything is ok. Nicole asks Brooke if she has set a date. Brooke is just happy that Hope is back in town to help her with the plans. Brooke is just so happy that Hope is back home She hopes she doesn’t disappoint her with this. She wanted Steffy to be the maid of honor. Hope thinks that is a wonderful idea. Hope just wants Brooke to be happy. Brooke is so happy that she understands. Brooke just needs Steffy’s support to.

Steffy guesses she is kidding herself that Liam would be ok with what happened. Bill thinks that Liam’s principals are pointless if he is going to abandon his family. Liam should be showing her some generosity. Steffy doesn’t think Liam can even look at her. The thought of them being in the same house together and sharing the same bed. Bill doesn’t think that Liam will know how he feels when he sees her holding their child. Steffy explains that Liam got annulment papers for her Bill thinks if he wants to punish someone it should be him. Steffy doesn’t think this is about Bill. Bill reminds Steffy she is pregnant and this changes everything. Bill thinks this is the biggest mistake that Liam could make. Bill is not shocked that Ridge pulled the same nonsense that Liam did. She is not the only person to have annulment papers shoved in her face. Bill explains that the papers have been signed. His marriage is officially over with Brooke.

Hope suggests that Brooke and Ridge tell Steffy before Pam puts the word out. Eric wants to congratulate Ridge and Brooke for how they have gone about this. Ridge guesses that the passion has gotten stronger and stronger for them. He will never let her down again. Brooke needs to go talk to Steffy. He thanks them all for so much support. It will be a joy to have them all at the wedding. Rick thinks that Steffy will stand up with Brooke now that Bill has signed the annulment papers. Maya doesn’t think she is the only one who finds it odd that Bill signed the papers. She wonders if Bill has another woman in his life.

Bill doesn’t think it will always hurt. Steffy is going to be sitting across from Liam working on a custody deal. Knowing they could have been a family the rest of their lives. Bill thought that Brooke would be there the rest of his life. Brooke ran out the door though. He knows that Steffy is familiar with this. Bill guesses that Liam would rather turn his back on her. He will be there for the baby no matter what. Steffy tells Liam he needs to go. Bill is a phone call away. Bill will be there for Steffy. She doesn’t have to be alone.

Rick thought that Bill would fight for Brooke forever. Ridge suggests that Bill might have a new woman in his life. Maya asks if Ridge has any idea who. Ridge doesn’t care so long as it isn’t Brooke.

Someone knocks on the door. Steffy assumes it is Liam. Brooke is standing at the front door.

Ridge likes that they are moving forward as a family. Bill is only the father-in-law of Steffy. They don’t have to deal with him anymore.

Brooke asks if Steffy is ok. Brooke missed her at the office today. Steffy knows they had a family meeting. Brooke wished she was there. Brooke was hoping she would notice her ring but she seemed distracted. Steffy congratulated her. Brooke guesses that Ridge got Bill to sing annulment papers. Brooke doesn’t think she seems herself. Steffy is happy for her. Brooke has a favor to ask her. She knows her father loves her very much. They wants Steffy’s support. She is asking a little bit more of her. It would mean the world for her if she would be her maid of honor. Steffy doesn’t know if she can. Brooke says they can be flexible. Brooke asks if it is because of Taylor and their history. Steffy thinks that they will be happy. She just doesn’t want to be a part of it. Brooke wants her to talk to Liam about this when he gets him. Steffy explains he is not coming home. He walked out on her. Steffy guesses he doesn’t love her anymore. Steffy loves him more than anything. Brooke wishes she would talk to her. She could help. Brooke asks what happened.

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