B&B Tuesday Update 1/16/18

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 1/16/18


Written by Anthony

Ridge walks into Brooke’s room carrying breakfast. Brooke is in the bathroom. She walks out dressed up. She likes his style and starts to kiss him passionately.

Bill looks outside his office window. He turns around and rubs his head. Justin thinks he had a rough night. Bill thinks that he hasn’t been sleeping well lately. Justin asks if he has heard from Liam. Bill hasn’t. Justin asks about Steffy. Bill doesn’t know but he assumes she would have said something if Liam came home. Justin assumes that Liam and Steffy might not make it through this. Bill thinks that Liam and Steffy will work through this. Justin informs him that Carter is coming in. Bill wants to know he wants. Justin assumes it involves ending his marriage to Brooke.

Carter explains he is heading to Spencer to deal with Bill. He asks if Maya heard him. Maya says she did. She is focused on something. Carter asks if this is about them. Maya explains that there is no them. Carter wonders if she told Rick.

Rick tells Eric that Thorne’s replacement is doing great at International. Rick knows that Thorne takes his commitment seriously unlike certain people. Eric wonders if there is more on his mind than just business. Rick hasn’t mentioned anything, but he does feel bad about Brooke and Eric. Eric asks why. Thorne informed Rick about what Ridge did with Quinn. Rick cannot believe Ridge and Quinn were together. Thorne knows that Brooke is supposed to marry him.

Carter wonders if she told Rick how he feels about him. Maya thinks it is how he felt, and she kept her word and didn’t. Carter is glad. Maya still doesn’t get it. She doesn’t understand why he would bring it up after all this time. Carter knows it was just losing her was one of his biggest regrets. It would have been a bigger regret to not inform her. Maya thinks as inappropriate as it was, she was flattered. Carter should get going to Spencer. Maya thinks that Carter is a sweet guy and she knows he will find that special someone like she found Rick.

Rick doesn’t think he can wrap his head around Ridge and Quinn. Eric doesn’t think he should have to. It is all behind them now. Thorne doesn’t think it should have happened in the first place. Rick knows nothing is sacred with Ridge. He knows Quinn is at fault, but Ridge is to blame. He knows that now that Ridge is marrying Brooke, it is clear that he is not trustworthy. Thorne feels he has every right to be concerned.

Brooke thinks the best surprise of all was for Ridge to have Hope come home. Ridge was able to get Carter to draw up annulment papers for her and Brooke.

Justin suggests Bill check in on Steffy. Bill doesn’t have to do that. She is all about Liam as she should be. Justin wonders about his feelings for her. Bill only cares about pulling his family out of this. Justin asks what would happen if he and Brooke were not falling apart.

Eric is a very happy man. Rick feels that Ridge betrayed him and Brooke. Eric think this has all been taken care of. He doesn’t want to think about it. Rick has to pick Brooke off the floor every time that Ridge does something to her. Eric informs him that Brooke doesn’t think that Ridge will hurt her again. Rick knows that Brooke might not believe that but Eric shouldn’t. They need to be straight about this, this isn’t the first time that Ridge has gone after Eric’s wife. Ridge loves to destroy relationships. Thorne points out that Ridge sees something he likes and takes it, and then discards it. Rick feels that Brooke is back in harms way. She forgave Ridge and now will get her heart broken again. Thorne feels they can count on it.

Brooke didn’t think that Ridge would act on it so quickly. Ridge wants a future with her now. They will start one now. It will be the two of the and RJ. When he isn’t here then it will be the two of them day and night doing whatever. He thanks her for giving him another chance. She will not forget it. Ridge explains that Carter is on his way to see Bill right now.

Bill knows that Brooke left and that is what happened. He moved on. Carter shows up. Allison said that it was ok if he came in. Carter assumes they all know why he is here. Brooke is ready to move on with his life. He asks if Bill is as well.

Eric doesn’t like the direction that this conversation has taken. Rick thinks that Ridge hurts Brooke time and time again. Eric wants them to support her choice. Thorne suggests they don’t support this. Rick thinks it is time that Eric stop co-signing everything that Ridge does. Thorne wonders about his real sons. Rick knows that Steffy hasn’t bothered even showing up to work lately. Eric is concerned about that. Thorne thinks that Rick deserves another chance as CEO. Eric feels that is to early to think about. Rick would like another chance. Thorne wants Eric to see Ridge for who he is not who he wants him to be. Eric doesn’t think that Thorne is being objective. Thorne thinks he is the better man for her. He intends to make Brooke see that.

Ridge gets that Brooke must feel some sadness. No one goes into a marriage wanting it to fail. Brooke honestly thought that her and Bill would be together forever. Ridge knows he let her down but he will not. He will prove to her every day that she made the right choice. Brooke thinks that Ridge put a claim on her heart a long time ago. Ridge feels humbled by Brooke. He is aware that he didn’t always honor her or them. He was always chasing something he always had. She humbles him for allowing him back into her heart. He loves her. Brooke loves him.

Carter shows Bill that Brooke is not asking for anything. Bill doesn’t think that is true. She is asking for the end of their marriage. Carter didn’t think that was an issue. Bill never thought it would end like this. He thought Brooke and him would be together the rest of their lives. Then there was a path shift. He guesses they tried. He signs the papers. Carter leaves. Justin thinks that Bill just signed papers knowing that Ridge was involved. It shows where his head is at with Steffy.

Rick wonders what Thorne’s take is on this. Thorne assumes they got through to Eric a little bit. Rick’s mind is always blown how eager he is to give Ridge the benefit of the doubt. He is glad to finally have another voice of reason. Rick knows that Thorne wants another chance with Brooke. Thorne would love another chance.

Justin knows that Bill doesn’t give up easy. He signed away the marriage though. Bill guesses you have to walk away sometimes. Justin thinks that Bill has a lot to come back from with Steffy. Justin feels that if Liam and Steffy break up then the Forrester’s will find out and Ridge will lose his mind.

Ridge cannot believe that Bill hasn’t gotten into contact with Brooke. Brooke suggests another man is in Bill’s life. Ridge doesn’t even care. So long as he gets to have Brooke. Carter calls saying that the papers were signed. Brooke is so shocked. She didn’t expect this. They know how stubborn Bill can be. Brooke cannot believe this is happening. Ridge says this is not happening yet until it is official. Ridge gets down on one knee. He asks if she will make him the happiest man in the world and marry him. Brooke says yes. She puts the ring on. Ridge thinks this will stay on her ring forever. Brooke loves him so much. The two kiss one another with tears in their eyes.

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