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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 1/15/18


Written by Anthony

Liam doesn’t think that Steffy knows what she is asking. Steffy knows it is the impossible. There is a baby that they made together. Liam knows. Steffy will always regret that night but the baby is his. This child is their child to raise and love. If he agrees and forgives.

Hope feels for Liam that this cannot be good. Sally didn’t mean to worry Hope. She realizes that she didn’t come back to LA to deal with her ex-husband’s marital problems. Hope will be there for him with whatever he needs. Sally asks if Hope expected this and that is why she is back. Hope didn’t even know that Liam moved out or they were having problems. Hope knows they will work through this. They always do.

Justin asks if Bill is with him. Justin guesses he will show himself out. Bill explains that Liam wants nothing to do with him. Wyatt is angry and so is Katie. He hurt Steffy and she didn’t deserve any of this.

Hope was just with Brooke and Ridge and they said nothing. Sally guesses they don’t know. Hope is glad that Liam thought out Sally. That is a good thing. Sally followed him to the hotel. She was really worried about him. She guesses it has to do with him waking away from his job. Hope realizes that Bill must be livid.

Justin could try speaking to Liam. Bill feels that Liam is to hurt and betrayed. He has to realize how lucky he is to have Steffy carrying his child. He cannot be that foolish.

Steffy knows it will not be easy but it will be worth it. Steffy thinks they both didn’t have the best childhood. When there was only one parent. They can give their child something better. Steffy doesn’t want to co-parent. She will not do that with their child. Steffy thinks they can do it. They have to. Steffy tries to touch his hand but Liam pulls away.

Hope thinks that ignorance was bliss. She has been away in Italy thinking everything was fine for Liam. Sally guesses that everything was great at first. She was happy, today though all Liam’s spirt was just gone. Hope should talk to him. She assumes that Sally wants Liam to have her support. Hope does. She just doesn’t want to get him anymore upset. She knows they were married and she cares but he wants to be alone. She could tell him and maybe he will reach out. Hope cannot believe she is not going to tell her where he is staying. Sally is not.

Bill guesses Wyatt stood up for his brother. He was proud of him. He never thought they would be protecting each other from him. He can save his family for is sake and the next generation. This is not the end of the Spencer’s.

Steffy asks if Liam will not even try. Liam only wanted a family with her. Steffy thinks that he can be the dad that Bill wasn’t. Liam assumes that it be easy to focus on their future but he cannot physically or emotionally. When he looks at Steffy all he sees is what he did. He sees his hands on her. Steffy thinks if he can give himself some time to forgive. Liam feels this is about perception. His perception has been changed permanently. What she did with Bill is part of him now. As much as she wants it to go away it isn’t and she doesn’t see it changing.

Hope doesn’t want to be rude… Sally doesn’t either. She is just trying to look out for Liam and look out for his needs. Hope wants to know what Sally is not telling her. She thinks they had an affair. Sally promises it was just a kiss and they were fine. Sally knows that Liam is upset but he is not having an affair. Sally admits if he were she would like to be that woman.

Justin thinks it is nice to see Bill motivated. Bill will not let his grandchild be raised without a father. Justin is sure that his son will be raised by Liam even if they are not married. Bill doesn’t think it is good enough. Bill thinks it be a big mistake if he doesn’t forgive her and stay with Steffy.

Steffy needs Liam to forgive her. Liam has been trying. It isn’t going to happen. He will still care for his child. He will be loving and thoughtful. It isn’t what they pictured but it is the way it has to be. Steffy thought he wanted to talk about his future. They have choices they need to make. Liam has decided. Liam takes his ring off. He has annulment papers. He is not taking advantage of her. He wants to come up with a parenting plan. Steffy says no. Liam thinks it has to be this way. Steffy begs Liam not to do this. She is begging him not to.

Hope thought maybe Sally would deny it. Sally thinks that Liam is a catch. If he becomes available then sure count her in. Hope wonders if Liam knows she feels this way. Sally thinks he knows that she respects him. Sally needed him to know that she appreciated him. Liam is the most honorable man she ever met. Hope can see she really does have feelings for him. Sally guesses if they split up she will be there for him. If the worst happens she will make sure that Liam is alright.

Justin suggests Bill have another drink. Bill asks if he is trying to get something out of him. Bill knows when he is sniffing around for something. Justin thinks he is very committed to reunite Steffy and Liam. He knows that he wanted to be with Steffy. He imagines there is a part of him that would love to be there for Liam and Steffy is Liam decides he cannot.

Liam didn’t want any of this. Here they are though. Steffy needs him to rip them up like in Aspen. Liam has been thinking how things would be had he allowed himself to move on back then. They wouldn’t have the child though. Liam feels pretty lost. There is one thing he thinks is clear. He knows she will be a wonderful mother. Their child will be blessed to be half of each of them. They will make things work. Steffy wants this to work. Liam will make parenting work. Not a marriage. Liam thinks it is true. He doesn’t think the feeling will go away. He can forgive a lot but not this. He doesn’t regret it though. He cherishes all of the time they spent together. He is grateful they tried for as long as they could. He will always remember the good times. Liam remembers so many good times. Liam walks out. Steffy looks at the papers and cries hysterically.

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