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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 1/12/18


Written by Anthony

Steffy asks what Liam means by choices. Liam thinks they have to talk about what happens next. Steffy is just glad he is home. She was worried about him. Steffy understands he needed time. She gets that. She asks what he is thinking. Liam is thinking that it isn’t just the two of them anymore. Now that there is a baby on the way they have to find out how to move forward as a family. Steffy nods in agreement.

Wyatt and Katie kiss in bed. Katie thinks she knows what they should do. She thinks that maybe they should invite Steffy and Liam to dinner and talk it out. Wyatt doesn’t think that is a good idea. They technically are not a thing. Katie could invite all three of them over. Wyatt feels that he would be undressing her with his eyes. Wyatt still cannot believe that Steffy and Bill slept together.

Hope is at Pam’s desk and is shocked there are no lemon bars. This is not the grand entrance she was expecting. Pam thinks she should have told her that she was coming back. She would have had a whole tray of lemon bars for her. Pam hopes she is not just here on a short visit. Hope promises that she is here to stay. Sally shows up and needs to speak with Steffy. Pam explains she is out of the building. Sally turns and sees Hope. Hope wonders if she knows her. Sally introduces herself. She is pleased to meet her. She is sorry for being star struck. She was such a fan of Hope for the Future. Pam could get Steffy a message. Sally will talk to her later. Pam gets on the phone. Sally asks if Hope has a minute. Hope guesses. Sally wonders if there is somewhere they can talk. Hope goes into the CEO office. She admits that she has not been keeping up with LA gossip lately, but she did hear about Spectra starting up again. Sally imagines she has heard that they have had a few setbacks. They probably shouldn’t be around anymore, but they are. It is thanks to Liam.

Katie guesses that Wyatt says no to dinner. Wyatt doesn’t think they can solve Liam and Steffy’s problems over pasta. He just doesn’t think that they will ever get past the betrayal.

Steffy hasn’t thought about anything but Liam and the baby since he left. Liam couldn’t even look at her or even talk. Steffy understands he had every reason to leave. Steffy wonders if Liam is here to come home.

Hope assumes that Sally cares about him. Sally does as a friend and she assumes that Hope does as well. Hope knows how wonderful he is as a friend. He is wonderfully married. Sally knows. Sally asks if she thinks that… Hope feels that she is practically gushing. Sally might have kissed him but she thought they were trapped and dying. She guesses if you are about to die then you should kiss a beautiful man. Hope guesses she got the best of both worlds. She got to kiss Liam live to tell about it. Sally thinks that is the problem though. Liam did tell and he probably shouldn’t have. Hope knows Liam doesn’t lie. Hope assumes that Steffy went off on her. Sally expected her too but instead she just forgave him or so she said. Sally is starting to think she didn’t forgive him. Liam moved out and is staying in a hotel. Something is very wrong between them.

Katie thinks Liam is known to forgive. Wyatt feels this is asking a hell of a lot from Liam. Wyatt knows a family is in jeopardy, but he is not sure that is enough for him to stay.

Liam admits he always tried to downplay for Steffy. He wanted him to be a dad. He wanted it with Steffy. He wanted the whole experience with Steffy. He could close his eyes and see the whole nine months. Liam could see them having a child. He kept his mouth shut because he didn’t want to pressure her. Steffy wanted it just as much as he did. The way he reacted was just as she imagined it. Steffy never meant for anything to happen. Steffy would go back and erase the night. She wants him to know how sorry she is. Liam believes her regret. It doesn’t mean he can forgive it though. He cannot play the role of husband and father. Steffy assumes he wants to be there for the child. Steffy wants him to reach deep down inside of him and think what is right for the child. Liam is trying to do that exactly.

Hope is shocked that Liam left Steffy. Sally says that Liam is a mess. He is also leaving Spencer. Sally is concerned for Liam to leave Steffy and his family business. Hope wonders what Steffy did. Sally has been trying to figure that out.

Katie knows that Bill seems remorseful. Wyatt doesn’t know what to think. Katie wonders if Wyatt will be ok. Wyatt wants Liam to be ok. It is the only way the family will heal.

Liam has only been thinking about what kind of father he would be. He is nothing like his own. He is thinking about his mother too. He remembers how Quinn kept Wyatt from Bill. He imagines that Katie wonders if Will would be better off without Bill. He asks what kind of a father he would be. He used to imagine how proud his mom would be to see him hold his baby for the first time. To see him loved by a beautiful and strong woman. That is not what happened. For the first time in his life he feels relieved that she is dead. It means she doesn’t have to see this. She doesn’t have to see him betrayed by the man that she tried to keep him away from. He wonders if she would have warned him away from her. Liam doesn’t think that Steffy truly understands what it feels like to go from such a high to such a low to have the two people who mean the most in his life from him. Steffy thinks this family is his if he still wants it. He can be there from the moment the child is born. Steffy knows she broke his heart. She wants him to forgive her so he can be the father he always wanted. She wishes he wouldn’t give up on his family.

Sally is not here to gossip. She just realized that Hope cares about Liam as much as she does. Hope will certainly be there for him. Hope asks if she really doesn’t know what happened. Sally doesn’t know. She didn’t want to dig deeper. Hope knows that Steffy has wanted Liam for so long. She wouldn’t do something to hurt it. Sally doesn’t know what happened. Sally thought that it was because the kiss but apparently it had nothing to do with her. Hope knows that Liam and Steffy can get through anything.

Steffy knows that Liam has not given up. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be here. Steffy wants Liam to take his time to forgive her here. He can come to doctor’s appointments and prep the nursery. Steffy thinks the baby can grow up loved and have the life they always dreamed of. Liam doesn’t see how it happens. Steffy doesn’t think there is a choice. He should just do it. Liam thinks there is always a choice. Steffy wants him to remember who they are. He would have no reason to question her. Steffy is begging him. She needs him to do this for their baby. Steffy wants him to come home and forgive her.

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