B&B Wednesday Update 1/10/18

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 1/10/18


Written By Anthony

Bill knows Liam is hurting but he cannot walk out on his marriage. Liam thinks if he cared about his marriage he wouldn’t have slept with his wife. Liam asks Wyatt if he is hearing the hypocrisy coming out of Bill’s mouth right now. He cannot do this anymore. Liam is so done being the son of dollar Bill Spencer. His mother kept him from him. Quinn kept Wyatt from him. It is not a mystery why. It is abundantly clear. It is to late for him. He has already ruined Steffy and him. He thinks Wyatt has a chance to finally get out though. Bill wants Liam to listen to him. Bill knows he hates his guts and he understands it. He shouldn’t put Wyatt in the middle though. Steffy needs Liam. He needs Steffy. Despite everything, he cannot do this.

Steffy thinks that Liam’s phone is off. He is not answering any of her calls and texts. Not that she blames him. Katie is sure he is in stock. She cannot expect too much too soon. Steffy wonders if Katie thinks she lost him. Katie doesn’t think so. She knows that the two of them love each very much. That kind of love can overcome all kind of things. Steffy asks if that is true after sleeping with her husband’s father. Katie has to assume they will get through this because a baby is involved. Steffy wants to know what she has done. Steffy admits Bill was here earlier. He is trying to fix things. Katie thinks he destroyed a marriage and family. He cannot treat this like a bad business deal that he can fix. He better not come back here. Steffy promises he won’t. She ripped Liam’s world a part. She is not sure that Liam will ever let her back into his world again.

Bill reminds Liam that he is going to be a father again. Liam doesn’t think that anything Bill says will make a difference. Bill doesn’t think he knows that if he doesn’t try. Liam asks if he is going to turn this around on him. Everything he thought was true isn’t. Bill doesn’t want this one night to define him. Liam will only ever see that one night when he thinks of him and Steffy. Liam wishes he could be a better man, but he cannot. The one who is going to suffer most because of all of this is his child.

Katie asks when the last time she ate something. Steffy thinks she is fine. Katie tells Steffy that she cannot ignore her vitamins. Steffy decides she has to go and find Liam. Katie thinks she is going to stay here and wait. She knows this is ripping her apart. She made a mistake and Bill sure as hell has as well. She doesn’t know how their relationship will survive but hers and Liam’s might. She knows they love one another. She does believe they love one another. She needs Steffy to believe that as well.

Liam walks out of the elevator. He bumps into Sally. She wonders if he is heading out. Liam is. Sally wonders if he knows when he will be back because she really needs to talk to him. Liam has to go. Sally asks if he minds if she walks with him to his car. Liam cannot talk right now. He walks away.

Bill should go after him. Wyatt wants him to leave him alone. Bill doesn’t think that Liam understands. Wyatt thinks he understands everything. Bill suggests that Liam gets whatever is on his chest off it already. Bill assumes that he is disillusioned as hell with him. Wyatt cannot believe he could even do this. He wishes that this child wasn’t going through what he and Liam went through. Bill asks why he is thinking the worst. Liam asks if he hasn’t seen how devastated right now. Wyatt wants to know how a man who claims loyalty with his children could take his eldest sons wife to bed. Bill wasn’t sneaking around with her. Wyatt thinks that Steffy was the love of his life. He wants to know how Bill could do this to him. This is ridicules.

Steffy takes her vitamins. She looks at her third wedding photo to Liam. She sits down. Steffy thinks it is hard to believe this was less than a year ago. Katie feels that one day she will have to go back there and take her son or daughter with her. Steffy suggests she might have to just move there to forget all of this. Katie doesn’t want Steffy to hold it all in. She knows she is a superwoman but she doesn’t have to be with her about this. She is scared for her marriage. She is scared to lose Liam at a time they should be happier than they have ever been. Katie is sure this will test things. She has always wanted a family with her though. These feelings don’t just disappear. Even if she doesn’t think she has any reason to be because she does.

Liam is sitting in a hotel room. He takes off the bandage on his hand and someone knocks on the door. He gets up and goes to answer it. Sally is standing there. He looks confused. Sally followed him here. She wonders if she can come in. Liam says yes. Sally wants to know why he is here. Liam doesn’t feel like talking. Sally asks if he would rather she go. Sally will leave. It is clear he is not himself and she is concerned something terrible has happened. He can tell her. They are friends.

Bill is disgusted by what he did. There is more to it. He thought their marriage was over. When Liam blackmailed him for his company. Steffy and him spent a lot of time together. He and Steffy have a lot of history. Before Wyatt came along he and Steffy had something very intense. He ended it because of Katie’s health. Steffy and Liam ended up getting married. Then divorced and it opened the door for Wyatt. He knows that both his son’s loved her but he loved her first. Wyatt asks what he is saying right now. He asks if he is saying he is in love with Steffy.

Steffy starts to think about Liam finding out about her pregnancy and then Liam finding out about Bill and her. She cries. She touches her stomach.

Liam guesses Sally is right. She should probably go. Sally has never seen him like this. It scares her. Liam is fine. Sally thinks that someone has clearly hurt him. Liam wishes she would let it go. Sally wants to help him. She asks if this is him and Steffy. She assumes it has to be. She wants Liam to talk to her.

Wyatt wants to know what the hell is wrong with Bill. Bill wishes that Wyatt would shut up ad listen. He is not some depraved monster trying to get back at his wife. He thought their marriage was over. Wyatt wants him to give him a break. He needs to get control of himself after all he did. Wyatt thinks through everything that happened, he said he would never hurt his family. Then he did this. He took Liam’s wife. He is not going to condone this. Wyatt is not going to understand Bill. He crossed a line that should never be crossed. He is leaving. Bill made a terrible mistake. If he leaves this room it will be a double tragedy. Bill needs him to have some understanding of a situation. Bill needs Wyatt to help him keep his family together. Wyatt thinks this is all because of him. Bill owns that. There is nothing he cares more about than his boys and family. It is the truth. He loves Wyatt. He loves Liam and Will. He will not let this destroy their family. He will not let it happen.

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