B&B Tuesday Update 1/9/18

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 1/9/18


Written by Anthony

Steffy needs her husband. This child is going to need its father. Steffy is not sure that Liam is ever going to come back. Bill thinks he has to.

Liam puts a box down. He thinks about confronting Bill about sleeping with Steffy. He starts to pack his things up when Wyatt walks in. He asks what is going on. Liam is packing. Wyatt wonders if he has any time to go over these numbers. Wyatt asks what is going on. Liam cannot do this right now. He doesn’t have time for this.

Hope asks Ridge what made him so sure. Ridge knew how much Hope missed Brooke and how much she missed her. Hope guesses he was right. She missed them both. Rick and Maya walk in. Rick asks what he is seeing here. Hope guesses his sister has returned. Rick asks what she is doing here. Rick guesses Hope was missing her brother. Rick asks how long she is here. Brooke guesses Hope is here to stay.

Steffy doesn’t think that Bill can be here. Bill doesn’t want Steffy to be alone. Steffy begs Liam to go. Bill doesn’t think that Liam is foolish enough to abandon his child. Especially, a woman like Steffy.

Wyatt wants to know if he did something to upset Liam. Liam promises he didn’t. Wyatt guesses they can talk about this. Liam has to leave before Bill gets in. Wyatt asks if the bandage on his hand has something to do with this and why isn’t he wearing his neckless. Wyatt wants to know what Bill did. Liam guesses something he will never forgive him for.

Maya knows the look on Rick’s face. Rick reminds her that he cheated on his mom with Quinn. Maya knows but now is not the time. Hope looks at pictures of Lizzie. She wants to know when she gets to see her niece. Rick wants to know what her plan is now that she is home. Hope is going back to work. Rick assumes Hope for the Future is coming back. Ridge is not apposed to the idea but they need to take a breath for a minute. Hope asks why. Ridge thinks that it did well a few years ago but things do change. Rick suggests that Hope talk to Steffy about this.

Steffy understands that Liam wants nothing to do with her but they are having a baby. She needs him to call her. Steffy hangs up. Someone knocks on the door. It’s Katie. She wonders if Liam is here. Steffy says no. She has been calling and texting. His phone is off. Katie knows she is having his baby. That is not how he is. Steffy honestly doesn’t know what Liam is going to do anymore.

Wyatt wants to know what Bill did this time. Liam doesn’t think he wants to know. Liam wants to be done with what he did. It was that bad. He needs to let it go. He doesn’t want to be involved. Wyatt thinks they are family. Liam admits he slept with Steffy. Wyatt doesn’t think that makes sense. He doesn’t understand. Liam points out he and Steffy had problems with Sally. She said she spent the night in her car. That wasn’t true though. She went to Eric’s house. Wyatt wants to know what the hell happened. Liam guesses Bill showed up at the guest house and they slept together.

Rick only gave Hope three to six months when she left. Hope did to, but then she realized she needed more time. Brooke knows she was dealing with a lot. Hope thought that Milan was great. Rick asks if Hope stayed away because of Liam and Steffy. Brooke explains they already talked about that. Hope admits that Liam and Steffy are married and she is good with that.

Katie wishes she hadn’t seen he paternity test. Katie doesn’t even want to think about her and Bill. Steffy feels the entire night was crazy. Liam and Sally seems trivial. She never questioned Liam’s love. She was just so upset so she left. It doesn’t excuse what she did. She hates herself right now. Katie doesn’t think she should have been put in this situation by Liam or Bill.

Justin found Liam. He is in the building.

Wyatt doesn’t think that Steffy or Bill would do that to Liam. Wyatt thinks he has to have misinformation. Liam heard this from Steffy. Steffy is the one who told him all this. Wyatt cannot believe this. Liam thinks it is a long story. She had gotten home from work. They were looking at the ocean and talking about the baby. Then at some point her phone went off. This piece of paper was sticking out of her purse. It was a piece of paper. He had the exact look Wyatt has on his face. Then it all came out. Liam is the father. Liam thinks the thought of being a father where the child is loved is all he ever wanted. When Steffy said she was pregnant… It doesn’t matter now. His wife and his father ruined this. Wyatt hugs him and Liam sobs into his shoulder.

Hope is actually looking forward to seeing Steffy. Ridge reminds her that they are step-sisters and they have to work together. Maya knows that they had a great working relationship. Hope would say most of the time. That is not what she is talking about. Steffy and her had differences but she is Liam’s wife. She would like them to have a fresh start. Ridge thinks Steffy could use a friend right now.

Steffy wants to know how this could happen. She wasn’t even thinking about Liam. Steffy guesses Bill wanted to make everything ok. Katie knows that Bill did more than that.

Bill needs to see his son. Justin suggests letting him have space. Bill is going to fix this.

Wyatt is here for him. Liam doesn’t think there is anything he can do. Wyatt asks if Steffy was taken advantage of. Liam guesses they were two consenting adults. He was consoling her. They are both responsible. Wyatt asks what she said. Steffy begged him for forgiveness. He cannot forgive something like that. That is not going to change. What she and Bill did is the most disgusting thing they could do to him. Liam has a hotel room. Liam is not going to deal with Bill and Steffy camped outside Wyatt’s house. He has to pick up the pieces of his life. He thanks Wyatt for listening to him. Bill walks in. he wants to talk. Liam has nothing to say to him. Bill is not asking for his forgiveness. He doesn’t deserve it. He needs to forgive Steffy though. She doesn’t deserve his hate. He does. He cannot turn his back on his wife and the family he has coming. Bill doesn’t think there is anyone better to talk about family with than him. He cannot make the same mistake he did. He needs to have a stable loving him for his son or daughter. He cannot walk out. Bill thinks if he walks out on Steffy it will be the biggest mistake of his life.

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