B&B Monday Update 1/8/18

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 1/8/18


Written by Anthony

Steffy walks out of her bedroom and starts to think about Liam finding out about her sleeping wit Bill. She looks at her first wedding photo with Liam. She tries to call Liam and the ends up sleeping on the couch. She tries to eat but cannot do so. She looks outside and cries. Steffy picks up her phone again. She is going to keep calling and calling. They need to face this. Steffy begs for him to call her back. Steffy touches her stomach. Someone makes noises in the front. Bill is there. He realizes she has not heard from him at all.

Katie stands in the design office. She thinks about finding out that Bill slept with Steffy. Wyatt walks in. Katie thinks it is good to see him. Wyatt asks if everything is alright. Katie saw Steffy earlier. Katie thought it be ok if she just stopped by. Katie feels that steffy has a lot going on right now.

Brooke cannot believe that Ridge has another surprise for her. Ridge explains she will love this one. Brooke reminds him that it is not Christmas. Ridge knows that Brooke’s heart desires this. He tells her t keep her eyes closed. Hope walks up to the door. Brooke cannot believe she is here. Brooke hugs her. Hope smiles at Ridge. Brooke asks what Hope is doing here. Hope thinks that Ridge has been trying to get her here for weeks. Hope had a lot to deal with in Milan. She missed her family though. She started thinking about being here again. She might want to bring back Hope for the Future. Hope learned so much in Europe but she is ready for a new challenge. Hope is home. Brooke is so happy.

Wyatt asks if Steffy found out that she knows she is pregnant. Katie guesses it came up organically. She promises that she doesn’t know how she found out. Katie thinks there is a lot going on right now.

Steffy doesn’t think that Liam can be here. If Liam comes home right now… Bill hopes that she at least got a text or something. He has to contact her. She is pregnant. Liam needs to act like a father. Steffy thinks she could have had a family with him but the two of them ruined everything.

Wyatt imagines that Steffy has been waiting to telling someone. He asks how long people usually wait to announce that sort of thing. Katie imagines Steffy’s time line might be different. Wyatt imagines this is a dream come true for them. Katie wants Bill to stay out of this. He needs to let Steffy and Liam deal with this on their own.

Brooke thinks that Ridge knows her so well. She has wanted Hope to be home for so long. Hope has been missing her too. She knows that they are getting married right now. Hope guesses they have plenty of time to plan it. Brooke knows she wants to bring back her line. Hope has been considering it. She couldn’t do it abroad, but she is home now. Hope is just excited to be back in the middle of things. Hope loved traveling the world. It really helped her gain a new perspective. She met new people and spread her wings. She wants to bring the new attitude home. Brooke asks if the reason she stayed away was because of Liam’s marriage to Steffy.

Steffy wants Bill to just leave. Her husband is gone. She told Katie. She knows. She came by to drop off some work and saw the same paternity test that Liam saw. It was an accident. She is not going to say anything. Bill needs her t make it Crystal clear to keep her mouth shut. Bill told Liam to come home. Steffy knows he is devastated and he has every right to be. Bill guesses if he needs to hate someone he can hate him. Bill needs him to be there for both her and the baby. Steffy keeps trying to call him. Steffy asks what happens if she lost Liam for good.

Wyatt asks if Katie worried about Bill. Katie doesn’t want to worry about Bill. Katie thinks the last thing that Steffy and Liam is Bill’s involvement right now. It should be an amazing experience for them right now. There is so much expectation and excitement. Wyatt doesn’t think that Bill will get in the way. Wyatt asks if something got in the way when she went to see Steffy. Katie knows that Steffy and Liam have been through so much. Steffy and Liam are having a baby.

Hope heard from Maya that Liam and Steffy renewed their vows. Ridge guesses before Thanksgiving. Hope knows it was after Liam almost died in that explosion. Brooke admits that Steffy was terrified. Ridge thinks it shook them pretty good. Hope, hopes they are ok. Brooke knows that Liam has had issues with Bill. Steffy got them to keep the family together. Hope guesses they have been good for one another. Ridge thinks almost losing the person you love makes you realize how precious certain things are. He doesn’t think anything can break Liam and Steffy up.

Bill wishes he could tell Steffy that Liam is coming back but he cannot. He is in a very dark place right now. Steffy knows they all are. It is a horrible situation. Bill told him to go home. He came to his office. Bill says that they didn’t get into a fight. It would have been better. He told him to hit him and get his anger out. Bill has never seen him like that before. He was squeezing his sword neckless in his hand and wiped blood in his face. He cut all ties with him. Steffy imagines he is angry right now. Bill will not let him be angry at her. He can blame him the rest of his life. He is not going to turn his back on this child. Steffy doesn’t even know how he will look at her. She cannot even look at herself. Steffy doesn’t think he wants to raise a child with her. She doesn’t think they can overcome this. This finally happened for them and nothing will ever be alright again.

Katie is glad that Steffy had someone to talk to. Wyatt imagines Liam was out getting baby furniture. He imagines that Steffy will be the most pampered mother to be. Katie imagines they conquer everything that gets in their way. Wyatt cannot imagine their lives will be the same. Katie thinks they will be the happy parents they will want to be.

Hope guesses that Liam’s life hasn’t gotten any less dramatic since she has been away. They spent so many years falling in and out of love. She thought things might have settled down. Hope cherishes her history with Liam but living so far away really helped her discover who she was. Liam is happily married. It took a while but they were able to make it work.

Steffy wants to fix this but she doesn’t know how. Liam walked out on her. She wants to know what she did. Steffy is focused on her child and what kind of future her baby is going to have. She thought they finally had a baby. Liam was so excited but now she can only see pain and disgust. They were so close. She was right there. They finally would have had the child they wanted but now she lost everything. Bill is going to figure for her and her family. Steffy knows she said she will never look at each other the same. She might lose Liam forever.

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