B&B Friday Update 1/5/18

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 1/5/18


Written by Anthony

Bill tries to hold on to Liam on the ground. Liam demands he get off him. Bill needs Liam to hear him out. Liam has heard it. He wants his fiftieth chance. Bill knows he said all those things. He thought he meant them when he said them. He knows he meant nothing. He will never learn anything. Liam is not responsible for him anymore. Not after he slept with his wife.

Steffy begs katie to go. Katie cannot leave her like this. Steffy doesn’t want to be around anyone. Katie is going to call Liam. Steffy begs her not to. Katie will wait until he gets back then. Steffy explains that he will not be back. Katie wants her to have a little faith. Steffy asks what they were meeting about. Katie says the storyboards. Steffy wants to see them. Katie knows about DNA testing. Katie is not jumping to conclusions. Steffy asks how she thinks she knows Liam is not coming back.

Bill regrets how things have gone. He needs him to believe him. Terrible things happen in life. Awful things happen. Steffy is carrying his child though. He cannot let this tear things apart.

Katie wonders if Steffy is sure that there is nothing more she can do for her. Steffy will be fine. Katie doesn’t think she is fine. Katie is going to go. She does want to say one thing. She had the paternity test done because she was trying to figure out who the father was. Katie assumes it was an on going affair. Steffy explains it was only once. Steffy doesn’t think she understands. Katie assumes she made a mistake. She broke her marriage vows and that is bad but everyone makes mistakes. They watched Liam wonder for years back and forth from her and to Hope breaking both their hearts in the process. She has forgiven him for a lot. It might be time to forgive one another. It is not impossible. He loves her so much. It won’t be easy for him to to accept things. He is so stubborn like Bill. She has gone to Bill countless times to help Liam. Katie thinks she has such a long history with both of them. She has known them for such a long time. Especially, Bill. She asks if the other man is Bill.

Bill knows not that long ago, Liam asked him to remind him that he had everything in life to make him happy. Bill thinks he still does. He has a great job and future. Only two things have changed. Betrayal by him and a child on the way. For the sake of his child he has to forgive Steffy. He is begging him not to give up on Steffy. Liam tells him to stop saying her name. Bill tells him to get his anger out. He can hit hi as many times as he wants. He needs to let out the anger.

Steffy tells Katie she cannot tell anyone else this. Steffy thought her marriage was over. Liam and Sally kissed. He told her though. Steffy has always been able to trust Liam. Steffy doesn’t know why it is so hard for her to tell the truth with Bill. She doesn’t know why she woke up with him.

Liam doesn’t even want to look at Bill. He took the most precious thing in his life and crushed it. Bill didn’t know his children until they were grown. He wanted Liam to make a home and defend it. Liam cannot be his savior. Bill wants Liam to save himself and his child. He made promises. Liam asks if he means the vows he made. Liam cannot run away from Bill fast enough. Bill doesn’t want him to suffer with Steffy than she ever has. Bill doesn’t believe there is a grand plan in life but this child is Liam’s. Steffy was broken when she thought the child could be Bill’s. She was overjoyed to find out that it was Liam’s son. The baby and his obligation to make the Spencer’s function for once can make them better. Liam certainly couldn’t fix things. It is up to Liam. Liam cannot believe he has the gall to talk to him about children. He will not be told how to be a parent.

Katie doesn’t think she should be alone tonight. Steffy will be alone tonight. Katie thanks Steffy for not judging her as harshly as she is. Steffy should have told Bill to leave. Katie thinks that Bill tries controlling people so much that they expect him to leave. Katie asks if she thinks Liam will be back. Steffy is ashamed. Katie thinks she was taken advantage of. Steffy wasn’t though. Katie promises to not say anything. They hug.

Liam will never see Steffy the same way again. Never hold her in his arms or look her in the eye. He took it all from him. He took the most people part of his life and destroyed it. Now there is a child. He is passing the Spencer family legacy. He won’t be there to raise his child. They all try to leave the world a better place. He feels Bill is more obsessed with leaving his mark. He even left it on him and Wyatt. Liam guesses he made his mark on his child as well. Liam rips his sword of and holds it so tight his hand is bleeding. Bill thought he had the worse father in the world. He swore he would never be anything like him but he is worse. He could never forgive him. He cannot go on without Liam’s forgiveness. He knows that Liam has more than anyone he knows. They all need Liam. He can bring the darkness to light. He can do that by staying with his wife and family. Bill wants him to hate him if he has to. He is begging him to love his wife and baby. It is his fault. The whole thing was his fault and just his. Liam puts his blood hand on Bills face and walks out. Bill calls after him. Bill asks what he has done. He screams asking this.

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