B&B Thursday Update 1/4/18

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 1/4/18


Written by Anthony

Steffy doesn’t think that this is the end for them. Liam tells her to go back inside. She has a child to think about. Steffy reminds him that it is their baby. Liam doesn’t want to hear that. That is over now. Steffy says no. Liam loved this place. He loved their life here. He loved her. Steffy grabs his arm. She doesn’t want him to leave her. He walks away from her. Steffy holds her stomach and cries on the ground outside.

Bill sits at his desk. He thinks about telling Bill that he hopes to be as good a father as he has been to him. Bill smiles thinking about that.

Wyatt and Katie are in bed. He asks if she is away. Katie says she is. Wyatt is glad because they have to up security. Wyatt only does this to keep Quinn from breaking in. Katie suggests a moat filled with alligators. Wyatt suggests that they get on that because Bill is trying to figure out who he has in his life. Katie thinks that he is just grieving and taking it out on the nearest person. Wyatt wouldn’t call it grieving because it doesn’t sound like Bill. He is giving Liam multi-million dollar gifts. Katie is shocked he is getting the Clift house. Katie remembers Bill making it such a point in making sure that the houses stayed in his name only. Wyatt guesses he likes to keep his nearest and dearest dependent of him. He says that someday he will get to own the beach house. Wyatt had Quinn growing up. Liam had no one. He needed Bill growing up. Liam is giving Bill something after all. Katie asks what he is giving him. Wyatt claims to be babbling. Katie asks if Liam and Steffy are pregnant.

Steffy continues to lay on the ground. She gets up and looks around at the house. She touches her stomach.

Liam walks into Bill’s office. Bill was looking for him. Liam was here earlier but then he went home to check on his wife. Bill asks if something is wrong with Steffy. Liam thinks she can take care of herself. She always does. Bill tells him to come on in. Bill has something for him. Liam thought everything is his. Bill has the house for him. It is his. Liam doesn’t think that seems like a fair trade.

Wyatt wants the record to show that he is just lying here. Katie thinks it is written all over his face. She wants to hear about the baby. Katie asks if his father knows he is about to be a grandfather. Katie wonders how he found out about it. Wyatt hasn’t told anyone but Katie. Wyatt thinks it is a good time to be a Spencer.

Steffy walks among the path in her backyard. She thinks about her second wedding to Liam. She thinks about being back with him on the beach after Quinn kidnapped him. She then thinks about Liam saying he cannot forgive her for destroying their lives.

Bill asks if something happened at home. Liam was just thinking about his mother a lot lately. Liam wants Bill to tell him about her. He wonders if she was beautiful. Bill agrees she was beautiful. Liam thinks like Steffy. Bill guesses in a way. Liam knows they have the same type. Bill asks what is bothering Liam. Liam always wondered why his mom wanted to keep him from him. He had to know what he had done that was so horrible. Then he found him and he was flawed but a good man. He thought his mom was wrong. He is fiercely dedicated to family. He hit him, manipulated his relationships, and blew up a building with him inside it. Liam believes that everyone has good in them Liam guesses he was wrong.

Katie has to go to Steffy’s today. They have a meeting and Pam says that she is working from home. Katie wishes that she had an excuse to get off of work. She might be able to get her to spill the beans on her pregnancy. Wyatt needs her to not say anything because she cannot know he told her. Katie reminds him that they don’t hang out. Wyatt asks if Katie even likes Steffy that much. Katie admits that Steffy is not her best friend but she is family. She spends a lot of time with men. She assumes that Steffy and Bill do each other’s hair.

Steffy sits on the beach. She looks out on to the ocean.

Bill asks what Liam is worked up about. Liam thinks that there were times in their relationship where he loved and hated him. Liam is about to become just like him. He just wanted what his son and daughter to have what he didn’t when he was growing up. Bill asks if Steffy is pregnant. Liam thinks that he must be wondering if Liam knows Bill assumes he is taking about the tower. Liam thinks that money and power is intoxicating. Liam met his father even if his mother never wanted her to meet him. Liam could have been happy being an IT guy. He loves the life of privilege. He still never wanted to be like him. Now this unlucky child… he is not going to be raising a family under one roof. His wife is pregnant and she says the baby is not Bill’s.

Katie walks into Steffy’s house. She says it is her and she has the storyboards for the promos. She asks if she is home. Katie gets out her phone. She hopes she didn’t drive out here for nothing. Steffy’s phone rings on the table. She finds the paternity test. Steffy walks inside. Steffy asks what she is doing. Katie said that they have a meeting. She called for Steffy and she was worried. She sees she is pregnant. Steffy doesn’t think it is her business. She asks if she is in trouble. Steffy thinks they can reschedule. Katie asks if Liam knows about the paternity test. Steffy starts crying. Steffy doesn’t know what to do.

Bill thinks that Lima needs to let him explain. Liam asks how he can explain sleeping with his wife. Wyatt asks if there is anything he doesn’t think is his. Bill thinks this was all him. Liam asks if he really thinks he owns the world. He is never going to see Liam again. Bill thinks the child comes first. Liam will not hear about the Spencer blood speech. Bill thinks it is his blood. He cannot walk out on his daughter or son. Liam knows he did. Bill thinks what he did was the greatest regret of his life. Liam pushes Bill out of his way. Bill thinks that Liam is the best of them. Liam doesn’t think that Bill deserves him. Bill tries to hold on to Liam. Bill thinks that he has a baby on the way. He is sorry. He is so sorry.

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