B&B Wednesday Update 1/3/18

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 1/3/18


Written By Anthony

Liam is in shock that Steffy slept with his father. Steffy reminds Liam that it is their baby and that is all that matters. They should just move on. Liam cannot believe she slept with his father. Steffy doesn’t remember. It was like an out of body experience. Liam knows he vowed revenge. He said that he would decimate him and he got his revenge. Liam asks if Steffy is ok. He wonders if Bill took advantage of her.

Wyatt asks if Bill is really giving it to him. Bill thinks that is what a gift is. Wyatt is just shocked by the whole thing. After, all that Liam has done to him. Bill doesn’t need to be reminded but he thanks him. Wyatt cannot believe he is giving Liam and Steffy the house. Bill loves all of them and wants the best for all of them. Wyatt thinks he can learn to read between the lines. Bill wants Liam and Steffy to have the house. It will be a great place to raise a family. Wyatt thinks Bill knows… Bill asks what he knows. Wyatt says nothing. Wyatt wants him to forget he said anything. Wyatt wonders if Liam knows that he is giving him the cliff house. Bill asks Wyatt if he has something he wants to say. Wyatt says that it is a secret but if he knows about it then they can talk about it, if he doesn’t then he is not at liberty to say. Bill does know. Steffy is pregnant. He is well aware. Bill thinks it is great. They are starting a new chapter in the best time of their lives. It is the way things should be.

Liam knows that Steffy said that Bill just showed up. He asks if he took advantage of him. He wonders if Bill drugged him. Liam calls her a poor baby. Liam doesn’t want Steffy to protect him. He needs to be held accountable. Liam needs to know that is what happened. He begs Steffy to tell him that.

Wyatt has been letting it sink in that he will be an uncle. He doesn’t even know how to be that. Bill just wants him to be himself. The goofy and fun guy. Bill knows that when you are the uncle or the granddad you just load the child full of sugar and hand them back to the parents. Wyatt knows that Liam and Steffy have been trying to have a child for a while. Bill agrees it is an exciting time. Wyatt is sorry he didn’t share it with him. He wanted to keep it quiet. Bill respects that. Wyatt understands wanting to keep quiet after losing the first child. Bill knows that is all behind them now. Steffy is having Liam’s baby. Wyatt asks how Bill feels about being a grandfather.

Liam doesn’t want Steffy to protect Bill. He needs to know that Bill targeted Steffy to get back at him. Steffy wanted to tell Liam the truth. She just regrets everything. She wishes she stayed here that night. Liam needs Steffy to tell him everything. Steffy admits that Bill came by the guest house. He knew that she was upset but she didn’t know he was going to show up. They started talking that she was shattered over Liam and Sally. She thought they were over. She wasn’t thinking clearly. Liam wonders if she means before or after. Liam asks if Bill offered her something or poured her a drink. Steffy wasn’t drugged or given a drink. Steffy doesn’t remember. It felt like she was in an altered state. She was never forced on Bill. It was horrible but she can only blame herself. She betrayed him in the first way and she is so sorry. Steffy is crying.

Bill can tell that everything is in order with the deed. Justin says he is deeding the property to Liam free and clear. He wishes that all the stuff that Justin does for Bill was this easy. Justin tells Bill to keep the paperwork and when Liam comes in they will be all set. Bill thanks Justin. Justin thinks that it is a nice gift. Wyatt hopes he is the next person to receive a nice gift. Bill guesses when he does something to warrant it. Wyatt will work on that. Bill asks if Wyatt knows how nothing gets by him. Wyatt is reminded of that every day. Bill knows Wyatt’s secret. Wyatt acts like he is confused. Bill knows he has been quiet about her and he knows she exists. He just hasn’t put a name to her yet. Wyatt wouldn’t waste resources. It is casual. Wyatt is going back to work. He is thinking way more about this than he is. Wyatt leaves. Justin thinks that it is great that Bill is giving Liam and Steffy the beach house. He cannot help but wonder though… Bill doesn’t think that coy is a good look on Justin. He wants him to spit it out. Justin asks if this is Bill’s way of getting rid of some of his guilt.

Liam cannot believe she would do this with his father. He knows she has been trying to create peace for weeks with him. Liam asks if Bill came on to him. Steffy says no. Liam asks if this was even the first time. Steffy claims it was just in the moment. Just like him and Sally. Liam cannot believe she is comparing a desperate kiss with having sex with his father. Steffy knows it is not the same thing. Liam is glad because that is ridicules. Liam thought she knew who Steffy was. He asks if she can imagine anything at all that could hurt him more than this. He assumes this is the point. To get back at him for Sally. Steffy doesn’t want him to be in this pain. She wants them to take a moment. Liam knows his feelings. Liam asks what she sees when she looks at him. Steffy sees the man she loves. Liam means she needs to really look at him. He is not a sucker. She cannot betray him in the most evil way possible. Liam asks if she thinks that his values make him weak and spineless. Liam asks why she didn’t have sex with his father. Liam thinks this entire time it has been a dirty little secret. Liam knows she has been walking around wondering if the baby she is carrying is his and not a word to her. Liam can forgive so much but Steffy has changed them. Steffy thinks that they have a family. She has their baby inside of her. They have everything they always wanted. Liam thinks that they had everything until she threw it away. Liam is coming up short… Liam loved Steffy so much. She was his world. He was just thinking about how lucky he is to have her and their family and child. Liam guesses somewhere his father is laughing at him. He is a fool. Steffy doesn’t think he is a fool. She is so lucky to share a life with him. She will do anything to make things up to him. Steffy begs him to forgive her. She needs him to tell her that they have a life together. Steffy is begging him to say they are still family.

Bill always intended to give Liam the cliff house when Liam and Steffy started a family. Bill admits that guilt might play a role. He knows he is guilty. He slept with his sons wife. He never intended to betray Liam that way. He thought they were done. Bill knows that is not ok either. Bill realizes Steffy is his sons wife. Bill only wanted the best for his children and now Liam has that. Bill will do everything he can to love and support Liam. Justin thinks that Liam is lucky to have him.

Steffy begs Liam to say that he forgives her. Liam wants to know how he forgives her for destroying their lives. Steffy thinks they can put it all back together. Liam wonders if he can just go sailing back to work now like everything is great. Liam asks if she understands. He is afraid he might kill Bill. He hates him and he hates Steffy. Steffy hates herself. If he wants her to leave she will leave. Liam is the one who is leaving. She cannot be in the house that Bill owns where they renewed their vows after she slept with him. Steffy begs Liam not to leave her. Liam tells her it is all over. Liam walks out the front door. Steffy begs him not to go. Liam loved her more than anyone in his whole life. He wanted to be a father and parent with her. Giving a child what he didn’t have growing up was the most important thing he could do. He tells her to shut up. There is nothing more important than giving stability and love to their child. She took that away from him. She took that away from their child. He asks how she could do that. He wants to know how she could possibly do that. Steffy is on the ground sobbing.

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