B&B Tuesday Update 1/2/18

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 1/2/18


Written by Anthony

Liam demands to know if this is a paternity test. Liam asks why the doctor would order that. He needs to know why the doctor needed that. Steffy runs inside saying she needs water.

Bill doesn’t think that Liam can ever find out what happened. Justin reminds him that he slept with his wife. He wonders what will happen. Bill doesn’t think that Steffy will tell. He asks if Justin will. Justin thinks that he has his silence always.

Maya and Rick kiss one another passionately. She wonders if Rick is working late. Rick just has to get this report done for Ridge. Maya is glad that Rick held back on confronting Ridge at Christmas. Rick thinks what Ridge did with Quinn was disgusting. He thinks that Ridge will hear about it, but just not now. He has to go downstairs for a bit but he will be back. Rick leaves the room.

Rick is in the photo studio. Nicole asks if he needs any help. Rick is doing just fine. He is just about to wrap things up. He assumes she just came from the daycare. Nicole cannot help it. She had to check on Lizzie. Rick thanks Nicole for giving him and Maya a family.

Carter tells Maya to sign a piece of paper. Maya wonders how Carter’s holiday was. Carter thought it was good. Maya asks what is going on.

Justin thinks that Bill made a mistake. He is still a good dad. Bill thinks they have a baby on the way. He has no other options. Justin feels he could have Steffy if he wants. He isn’t though. Justin feels he is a good dad.

Liam demands that Steffy explain this. Steffy had a test. Liam doesn’t think this is normal. Liam doesn’t think that you order a paternity test unless you don’t know who the father is. Steffy reminds him it is him. There is no question. Liam assumes that there was. Steffy wanted a complete checkup. Liam asks if she didn’t know who the father was. Steffy asks why he was in her purse. Liam needs to know why she ordered the paternity test.

Rick wonders how long Nicole is in town. Nicole promised Katie she would stay in town until the new website launches. She will have to fly back again for the next showing. Nicole suggests he and Maya fly back with her for the next showing. Nicole needs him to promise that they will take time for one another.

Maya knows Carter and it looks like he has a lot on his mind. Carter thinks it is fine. It is no big deal. Maya thinks he can talk to her. She asks what is up. Carter guesses it might be the holidays or seeing her happy. He should have handled things better when he first found out. Maya has had worse reactions. Carter thinks that all that matters is who Maya is right now. He thinks she is a beautiful and strong woman. Carter misses them. Maya looks puzzled.

Bill thinks that Justin sounds like Liam. He hears his voice over and over about how supportive he is. He has no idea and he never will. Bill is going to be the father Liam thinks he is.

Steffy guesses it turns out she didn’t even need the test. She wants them to forget about this. Steffy says that the doctor goes through all sorts of tests. Liam thinks she had obvious doubts about him being the father. He asks why that would be. He knows she wouldn’t… He asks if it was the night they had a fight. It was one kiss and he told her everything right away. He thought they tell each other everything. Liam asks if she really ran off… Liam knows it was the guest house. She lied to him this whole time. Steffy doesn’t want to relive it. Liam assumes it is true then. They renewed their vows that night. He was so hesitant. Steffy thought they were going to start fresh. Liam asks what she did. He asks if she was with someone that night.

Rick guesses she might be right. He should surprise Maya with a trip. They have been exhausted with Lizzie and work. Nicole suggests he take her out to dinner or to a hotel. Nicole spends more time than she would like to away from her husband.

Maya is married and a mother. Carter doesn’t know how things are going with her and Rick. Maya thinks things are great. Carter knows marriages don’t always work out. Carter thought that they had some good times. They were engaged to one another. They had fun times. They were great together. If her situation changes and she thinks she is out of options she is not.

Justin assumes that part of Bill had to wonder what having a life with Steffy was like. Bill admits that is true. He did briefly. He has a second chance with his son and he is grateful for it. Bill owes everything to Steffy. Liam is going to be part of his child’s life from the start. He will bond with his baby from day one. Bill’s dreams and desires take a backseat this time.

Liam doesn’t think it even makes any sense. Steffy wasn’t even thinking. Liam wants her to make him understand. Steffy wants to take it all back. Steffy drove around and she went to Eric’s guest house. She wanted to be alone. Liam assumes that she invited someone over. Steffy didn’t invite him. He just showed up. It was innocent at first. He was just there. Liam thinks he has a name. He knows it was Wyatt. Steffy didn’t. It wasn’t his brother…

Carter thinks that he knows Maya and something is missing. Maya promises nothing is missing. She is sure. She thinks Carter is sweet but she cannot care about him like this anymore. She will not mention this to Rick but she needs to make sure it is clear that she is not the woman for him. Maya leaves.

Justin asks if his feelings for Steffy will just fade. Bill put them away before. Bill thinks there was a powerful connection. He thought there was an unknowing. They locked into eye contact and there was this understanding. He thinks that things would be different had he not ended things with Steffy when Katie had her health concerns. He knows there is a baby on the way and he wants to do everything he can to support that. Bill is going to celebrate along with Liam and Steffy. He toasts to them. His son has the best.

Steffy doesn’t even know how to explain what happened. She lost her mind. It doesn’t matter who it was. It was like a friendly ear. She tried to tell him but then Carter showed up and she thought their fresh start was possible. Steffy finally had a moment of peace. Liam needs to know who it was. Steffy doesn’t think he needs to worry about who she was with. She will be the best wife and they will have the best marriage. Liam needs to know who slept with his wife. Steffy cannot tell him. Steffy admits it was Bill. She says it was his father.

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