B&B Thursday Update 12/28/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 12/28/17


Written by Anthony

Liam stands in his backyard looking out at the ocean. Steffy walks over to him. She thinks it is a perfect day. The two kiss one another. Liam asks where she ran off to. He thinks that they will both have to cut back on work a little bit. Liam was just day dreaming. He was imagining their little boy or girl playing on the sand.

Bill is in his office going over paperwork. He thinks about Steffy telling him that he is not the father. Justin walks in. He asks what he wants. Justin is worried about him. Bill doesn’t want him to be. Justin remembers when Bill had him order the jet a while back. He gave him the passengers boarding information. It was Steffy. His sons wife. Bill asks why he is going into his personal affairs. Justin asks if this was his revenge. Bill doesn’t think revenge had anything to do with it.

Katie asks if Thorne wants to move in. She has plenty of room. Thorne thinks that she might be worried about him finding out who her mystery man is. Katie thinks that they have found a way to sneak around pretty easily. They could always go to his place. Thorne doesn’t want to impose. He will move into the estate. He doesn’t think that her guy would be happy with him. Katie thinks that they are just having fun. Thorne likes this adventurous Katie Logan. Katie guesses she has changed a bit. Thorne feels she is happy. Katie never thought she would be a single mom but she is liking it. She is spending time with someone she knows well and that is enough. Thorne wishes they could all be so lucky.

Justin wants Ridge to tell him he is wrong. Bill is not talking about this. He wants him out of his office. Justin thinks he is retaliating. Justin wants to know why he would get caught up with Steffy.

Liam thinks that there is so much he cannot wait to do with the baby. He wants the baby to get healthy and strong though. Steffy is the happiest she has ever been knowing, that she is carrying his baby.

Katie admits that it is odd not being someone’s girlfriend or wife. She is liking it though. Thorne guesses she is finally doing what makes her happy. Katie admits a lot of her life with Bill was wonderful. Some things just don’t work out though. Since Bill she has been trying to settle into her new normal. She doesn’t want to just be who everyone thinks she should be. Katie doesn’t believe he has no one after him.

Justin assumes he was planning to go away with Steffy. He asks why he canceled it at the last minute. Bill admits that Liam and Steffy renewed their vows. Justin cannot believe that he was planning to make a life with Steffy. He knows everything about Steffy. Bill admits it was only one night that shouldn’t have happened. Steffy was upset that Liam and Sally had kissed. Bill explains that Steffy is pregnant. Justin asks if the baby is his.

Steffy wonders what Liam was thinking about when she walked up to him. Liam was just thinking about how fortunate she was to have this life. Steffy knows that he is going to be a father. He is overwhelmed with everything they have been through. Steffy thinks they are going to have an amazing future.

Thorne has never been good at dating. He will need tips. Katie thinks he is a ladies man. The modesty is charming but she is sure that he has a trail of woman in Paris. Thorne admits he has only had a few dates in the last year. Katie thinks that is pathetic. She assumes it was because he was busy working on the designs. Katie admits she never dated much when she was young and she is not sure what she is doing now is dating. She is trying to keep this relationship private. Thorne has a lot of respect for Katie.

Justin wants to know the truth. Bill had the same thought. So did Steffy. Bill would have embraced it. He would have loved Steffy and the baby. He kept thinking about Liam. He would have lost his son. Justin thinks that Bill is in love with her. Bill admits that Brooke had just walked out of their marriage. He and Steffy were both in pain. All the feelings just came to the surface. They wanted each other. Liam doesn’t know and never will know. Justin wants to know if he is the father.

Steffy thinks this is all happening because of him. He wanted to focus on their future. She isn’t sure she could back then but now she can. She knows he will be the best father. Compassionate and loving. She loves him. She cannot imagine her life without him. The two kiss one another.

Thorne thought it was fun to catch up. Katie doesn’t want him to be a stranger. Thorne still thinks he should get going. So when the mystery guy gets back. Thorne is glad she is happy. Katie thanks him. Katie thinks that this is nice to be with a guy who doesn’t have an eye for her sister. Thorne guesses that counts him out then. Katie guesses it does. Katie thinks she is safe if he wants to move in. It goes to show him that once bitten by the sexy Brooke Logan you are hooked for life.

Bill says the paternity test was conclusive. Justin feels everything is the way it should be. Bill thinks that Liam should be the father. He never would have forgiven him. He could have had a life with Steffy. Steffy is the only woman who understands him. The good and the bad. It will never be though. Liam can never know anything about this. Not any of it.

Steffy sits on her patio and touches her stomach. Liam walks over. He holds her hand. She watches as he walks over to the fountain. She thinks of him playing with a baby boy. She pictures herself holding the boy and playing with it. She sees her future self smiling back. She fantasizes about dancing in the sunlight. Steffy thinks about her second wedding to Liam. Liam walks over to Steffy’s purse and her phone gos off. He notices a piece of paper in her purse and reads it. He looks angry. He walks over to Steffy. He shows her the paper. The smile on her face drops. It is the paternity test.

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