B&B Wednesday Update 12/27/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 12/27/17


Written By Anthony

Steffy begs to know who the father is. Her marriage is on the line with this answer. She needs to know that this baby is Liam’s.

Liam explains that this is a baby stroller. It is for little Liam or Steffy. Wyatt thinks he has months to prepare. Wyatt thinks that the proud grandfather will be passing out cigars when the baby is born. He doesn’t know what Liam will pass out.

Bill is in his office nervous. He looks at Skye and starts to think about all the events that have happened with Steffy lately in terms of her pregnancy. He walks out.

Brooke is wearing red lingerie for Ridge in her bedroom. Ridge thinks he has good taste. Brooke asks if he means the lingerie or her. Ridge means both. He kisses her. Ridge suggests he lock the door. He doesn’t want his idiot brother in here. Brooke already asked him to leave. Ridge doesn’t think he always gets things the first time you tell him. Brooke thought he was very sweet and understanding. Ridge asks what they were talking about. The two kiss each other passionately.

Thorne assumes Katie was expecting someone else. He asks if he should go. Katie is fine. She claims to lounge around in lingerie all the time. Thorne thinks she should. Katie doesn’t think he stopped by to talk about her. She wonders what is going on. Thorne explains he was kicked out her sisters house.

Ridge touches Brooke’s arm and kisses her neck. Brooke cannot stop thinking about Thorne. She knows he shouldn’t be living here. She just doesn’t want things to escalate between them. Ridge promises nothing will happen. Brooke asks what if something does. She was married to someone who had a violent streak if he remembers. Ridge does. He is not Bill though. He loves Thorne but will love him a lot more not living with brooke.

Thorne thinks that being away was good for him. It made him look at his life. Katie asks if he thought that coming back to LA was a mistake. Thorne doesn’t think a mistake. He points out that she is the youngest Logan. He is Ridge’s little brother. He asks if she knows what he means. Katie thinks she is familiar with the feeling. Thorne is worried about Brooke. He has hurt and disappointed her far to many times. Katie thinks that Thorne has a thing for his sister.

Liam thinks it is fun to fantasize. Something still could happen. Wyatt asks if Steffy is concerned. Liam can tell he thinks.

Campbell knows they are being confidential. She needs to ask her something. The genetic makeup of these men is very similar. The lab would like to know if there is a blood relation. Steffy admits that there is. That is why this has to be her husband’s child. Liam has to be the father.

Ridge guesses that now that Thorne has been kicked out… Brooke doesn’t want him to call him his little brother. She wants him to be happy. Ridge wants him to be happy just not here with Brooke. He is sure that he will find what he is looking for. He knows he has.

Thorne assumes that Brooke told Katie. Katie knows he still cares for Brooke. She knows he asked her to marry him. Thorne meant it more in a way that if she has to marry someone to make it him. Thorne feels they both know Ridge’s track record. No woman can hold Ridge’s attention for very long including Brooke.

Wyatt feels that there are some things that they just cannot control. He has a good feeling this baby was totally meant to be. Liam agrees. He is always imagining doing all the things he never got to do as a little boy. If it is a girl he will spoil the hell out of her. Wyatt thinks he is acting like a dad in love with his kid. Liam thinks the feeling got stronger and stronger over time. They are pretty blessed.

Campbell understands how difficult it was to admit this. Whoever, the father is though… Steffy thinks that Liam has to be the father. Liam will never know because the child is Liam’s. Campbell asks what happens if it isn’t. Steffy only wants Liam. She knew that when he proposed. She knew it when they got married. Liam has been the most wonderful husband. She guesses things got complicated. He kissed another woman. They were in a life or death situation. She ran out. She wasn’t having an affair. It never should have happened. It was his father. Steffy knows what she is thinking. Campbell only cares about her and her baby. She will be right back with the results. Steffy asks if it will be conclusive. Campbell promises it will be.

Brooke thinks Ridge is always the charmer. Ridge will only charm her once they are married. Brooke thinks he will always appreciate a beautiful and sexy woman. Ridge thinks she is his beautiful and unforgettable love though. The two kiss one another.

Thorne admits he was hoping to rekindle things with Brooke. She is engaged to his brother for the hundredth time though. It is best for everyone if he heads back to Paris. Katie wonders why else he came to LA. Katie wonders how she wants to help in the company. Thorne thinks it is time for the younger kids to get involved. He knows he is not a kid anymore but he is sick of being treated like one. Especially, from someone who is not even his father’s biological son. The fact that Eric believes in him means a lot to him. Katie assumes he needs to find a place to stay. She suggests he move in here.

Campbell walks back in. Steffy needs to know if her husband is the father. Campbell confirms that it is Liam’s son or daughter. Steffy thanks her. Campbell needs her to let got of the stress. She needs to spend the time with her husband. Steffy promises she will let go now that she knows it is their child. Campbell leaves.

Ridge wonders if Brooke realizes how committed he is to her. He is hers forever. Brooke kisses Ridge.

Thorne assumes that she should run that by her… Katie asks what he means. Thorne just thought because of how he was greeted that she is in a relationship. Katie is not sure what to call it. She is seeing someone but it is not serious. It is mostly just a lot of fun. She only just realized this part of her existed. Katie asks if he is going to move in.

Liam looks at pictures of him and Steffy in their living room. Liam sits on the couch and smiles about having a child with Steffy.

Steffy looks at the paternity results. She puts them in her bag. Bill bumps into her. Bill had to come. He thinks she needs to know that if he is the father he will honor and love the baby. He will commit to her and their child. He asks if she knows. Steffy does. It is Liam’s. he is not the father. Bill guesses she is happy. Steffy cannot imagine how Liam would react to finding out that Liam is not the father. Bill never wanted to hurt Liam. Steffy guesses no one needs to know about the night. Just the two of the. Everything, is the way it is supposed to be. Bill agrees that it is. Bill is so happy for her and his son. He hugs her.

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