B&B Tuesday Update 12/26/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 12/26/17


Written by Anthony

Steffy puts away Christmas decorations in her house. She gets on her phone and makes a call. She calls Doctor Campbell. She says good morning. Steffy hopes so. Doctor Campbell doesn’t have the results right now. She does expect them today. She wonders how her holiday was. Steffy is sure she can imagine. Campbell thinks she should know the paternity of her child by the end of the day.

Bill is in his office thinking about Steffy being pregnant. He told her there was a possibility that the child is his. Justin walks in asking if he needs to talk.

Liam walks back inside and says hi to Steffy. Steffy says hi back and wonders how his run was. Liam thought it was good. The weather and waves were perfect. He asks how it couldn’t be. His beautiful wife is carrying his child. The two hug one another.

Brooke sits down in her living room. She tells Thorne it was another memorable holiday. Thorne agrees minus a certain announcement. Brooke is engaged to his brother so he should get used to it. Thorne thinks that is impossible. Brooke has given it a lot of thought. It is best he move out.

Someone knocks on Katie’s door and asks who it is. Wyatt says she called about her water. She opens the door and he is dressed as a repairman. Katie is wearing lingerie. Wyatt has a meeting at the office. He is sorry. He will get back here and make sure her water heater is hot. Katie wouldn’t leave. She has needs. If he leaves then she might have to call another plumber. Wyatt asks who is going to fulfill her needs the way he can. Katie doesn’t know but it be fun to find out. Katie is just saying that they are both free agents. She is just waiting for the offers to come rolling in. He won’t find out if he leaves her here alone. Wyatt thinks she is killing him right now. Katie feels that is the point.

Thorne guesses he wore off his welcome. Brooke doesn’t think that is possible and he knows it. Thorne assumes she is tempted then. Brooke doesn’t think that is possible either and he knows it. Thorne guesses that Ridge is wrapped around her finger enough. He thinks he can provide her with a better option though he might add. Brooke thinks it is time. Thorne knows.

Justin wonders how Christmas was. Bill guesses it is was quiet. He had Will most of the day. Justin asks if Liam and Steffy were good. Bill thinks so. It has to.

Liam thinks he feels movement. Steffy believes it is way to early. Liam thinks that the child will be doing yoga one day. Steffy wants the baby to be just like him. That is all she hoping and praying for. They hug. Liam gets dressed for work. He is actually happy t go to work. It wasn’t to long ago that he was being vowed not to be around Bill. Steffy loves Liam. Liam loves her too. He is a phone call away. Steffy understands. Liam leaves. Steffy remembers that Bill said he would get revenge against Liam. She thinks about something.

Justin believes something is obviously going on with Bill. Bill gets a text message. Bill has to go. Justin asks about the meeting. Bill thinks it can happen later.

Katie wonders if he really prefers a boring meeting to this. Wyatt doesn’t feel it is a choice. Katie is responding right now. Wyatt cannot call it off. He set the agenda. It is the year end report. Wyatt thinks she is making this really hard. Katie is feeling free for the first time in his life. Katie thinks he better go to his meeting.

Steffy is sorry she insisted they meet here but this has to be private. Bill wonders if the doctor gave her the results of the paternity test. Steffy says not yet but today. Bill wonders if she is ok. Steffy points out her future is in a medical lab. There is a possibility the baby could be his. She has to ask him something and he needs to be honest. She knows he cannot lie to her. Bill’s only concern is her and the baby. Steffy asks about her marriage. Steffy asks if Bill used her to get revenge.

Thorne grabs his luggage. Brooke is going to miss him. Thorne is not leaving town. Brooke just thinks this is best for both of them. She assumes it is a problem for him seeing her with Ridge. Thorne feels what bothers him is how she feels given all that Ridge has done to her. Brooke feels they have both grown. Thorne would like to believe that for her sake. Thorne will never say he told her so. He kisses her and then leaves.

Wyatt is shocked that Bill couldn’t make it. Liam says that Justin told him that he got a text and ran out. Wyatt was in the middle of a very important meeting. Liam asks what her name was. Wyatt thought that during Christmas Liam and Steffy seemed happy about the baby. Liam is not telling anyone else for a while. Liam thinks it will be fun telling everyone. Bill will flip. Wyatt thinks it is hard to imagine Bill as a grandpa.

Bill didn’t do anything out of revenge. Steffy knows he said that more than once. It was before him and Liam made peace. He would never have done that. That night was about them and nothing else. Steffy thinks he can tell how she would think that way. Bill understands his history but not their own. Liam thinks he disrespected his marriage and wife. He hated seeing her suffering like that. Bill thinks that they were there for one another out of love not lust. He was never doing anything out of revenge. Steffy believes him. She is sorry. He never wants her to say sorry. He put her in this situation. Steffy guesses that they put themselves in the situation. Steffy is going to the doctors. This is her journey. She is going to make sure the baby she is carrying is her husbands.

Katie opens her door. She had a feeling he would be back. It is Thorne. Katie says hi. She is sorry. She wasn’t expecting him. Thorne assumes he was interrupting someone. Thorne assumes she was expecting someone. Katie tells him to come on in.

Liam jokes about calling Bill grandpa. Wyatt thinks that Steffy and Bill get along very well. It comes in handy when he gets out of line. Wyatt thinks Liam is lucky to have her. Liam cannot even begin to count the ways. Liam thinks it will be fun to watch the child grow up.

Bill stands in his living room. He looks at a photo of Liam.

Steffy is in the doctors office She thinks about all the moments that led to this situation. Campbell walks in. Campbell needs her to get ahold of herself. Steffy is just so stressed. The only way to relieve this stress is if she knows the paternity. She needs to know.

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