B&B Friday Update 12/22/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 12/22/17


Written by Anthony

In the Forrester living room, Brooke thinks the Christmas tree is so beautiful. Ridge feels that everything has some full circle. Brooke guesses so. It all started in this room. Ridge asks what is wrong. Brooke says nothing. Ridge knows it is because they are talking about Christmas. Brooke does wish she could have all her sister’s here today. She dos have him and RJ though. Quinn and Eric walk in. Brooke thinks it looks great. Rick, Maya, and Nicole all walk downstairs. They wish them all a Merry Christmas. Brooke wonders where her lovely granddaughter is. Maya explains she is sleeping upstairs. Ridge gets a call in private. He has a car waiting for them. He thinks this will be great. Eric wonders if everything is alright. Ridge gets to spend the day with his family. He wants to know could possibly be better.

Katie wonders if all she is doing is stirring. Pam needs her to just keep doing that gently. Ivy wonders if Will is spending Christmas with Bill. Katie is going to see him later. Charlie wonders if someone put the Yule log in the fridge. Pam tells him that Katie did. She is the one Logan they can trust in the kitchen. Katie thanks her. Brooke walks in. She asks if there is anything she can do to help.

Eric shows Vivienne and Julius a decoration that Thorne made. Thorne guesses he knew he would design even from a young age. Steffy and Liam walk in. Ridge wishes them a Merry Christmas. Brooke sees that almost everyone is here. Ridge agrees almost. Wyatt walks in with presents. He says he found RJ and Coco under the mistletoe. Coco thanks Brooke for letting her spend Christmas with them. RJ is sorry that Bridget and Hope couldn’t make it. Brooke thinks that they were here. She does wish Donna could be here as well. Eric stands by the fire and thanks them all for being here. He thanks them all for being at the shelter this morning volunteering. He wishes them all a happy holidays. Thorne watches as Ridge and Brooke kiss.

Katie asks if Steffy and Liam want anything. They say they are fine. Wyatt gives Katie a look and he smiles back. Wyatt tells Katie nice earrings. Eric sees that Pam let Katie out of the kitchen. Katie wanted to say Merry Christmas to everyone. Steffy wonders if Zende made his flight. Nicole thinks he is still waiting. She knows she hasn’t gotten to talk to them. She wonders how they are doing. Liam is fine. Nicole goes to answer her phone. Liam is freaked out that next year they will have a baby. Steffy tells him not to tell anyone.

Katie and Wyatt are in the hallway. Wyatt got them mistletoe. Katie doesn’t see any. Wyatt doesn’t have any. He is glad they got to spend Christmas together.

Vivienne knows the family is so excited to have Thorne back home. Thorne does love Paris but it was time to come home. Everything he loves is here. Brooke walks over t Katie. She saw her and Wyatt. She doesn’t think anyone else did. They look happy. RJ walks over to Ridge and thinks that Brooke is really missing her family. Coco guesses it is too bad they couldn’t make it. Ridge thinks they never know what a little holiday magic could do. Donna walks in through the front door. Brooke is in shock. Everyone watches as the two sisters hug one another. Katie walks over and hugs her too. Katie cannot believe it. Brooke has been trying to call her. Donna says that Ridge didn’t want her to spoil the surprise. Brooke asks if Ridge did this. Ridge wishes her a Merry Christmas. Brooke kisses Ridge with tears down her eyes.

Ridge thinks that Eric’s suit looks nice. Thorne feels it is nice to see the Logan sisters back together again. Ridge had to do something when he heard that Bridget and Hope were not coming. Eric thinks it was a wonderful surprise.

Donna thinks that Pam missed her. Brooke tries to help but Donna says no. Brooke thinks they should pitch in. Donna forgot how much fun this could be. Pam realizes they are joking.

Julian tells Rick and Ivy that they used to go dancing all the time. Maya wishes that Lizzie would have been awake for presents. Vivienne wishes love for every child.

Ridge asks what the commotion in the kitchen was. Brooke thinks everyone was excited. Ridge thanks Eric for hosting. Eric looks forward to this all year long. This is a special day. Ridge thinks more special than they know. Ridge needs everyone’s attention. He is grateful to be here in this house which has so many memories for everyone. Ridge thinks that there is one person he loves and adores more and he is glad to be back with her. He thinks Christmas came early when he asked this beautiful person to marry her and she said yes. RJ wonders if he really did. RJ congratulate them. Pam toasts to Ridge and Brooke. Thorne says from al of them. Maya thinks that Brooke looks happy. Rick only wants that for her. Katie knew that Brooke would make the right choice for her. Donna is happy to be here for the announcement. Steffy is glad to be back here for the announcement. Ridge knows that hard times need a bit of appreciation for what they have for one another. Eric wants to say a speech that he is the happiest man in the world, but Ridge might disagree. Having his family in the room together after so many years. It fills his heart with joy. He loves seeing how much they all love one another. He sees it and he cherishes it. He is so glad they could all be here together today. Brooke thanks Eric for making them all feel so welcome. Brooke sees them all together again the Forrester mansion. The Forrester, Logan, Spencer, and Avant families all carrying on the same tradition and making new memories to add on to their history. Brooke sometimes wishes Christmas was every day. She thinks that is what makes Christmas so meaningful. They just go outside and look around how people treat one another. No smile goes unnoticed. Everyone, celebrates each unique tradition around the world. She thanks them all for celebrating. Brooke wishes them all a happy holidays. They all toast back. Ridge thought that was nice. Julius starts to sing Silent Night, Eric gets on piano. Maya starts to sing with him. Nicole joins in. Rick joins in. All of them join in together. Eric thought that was beautiful. They all start to sing Joy to the World.

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