B&B Thursday Update 12/21/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 12/21/17


Written by Anthony

Bill thinks about Steffy in his office. He gets out his phone and texts Steffy about her DNA test. Liam walks in ready to go over a report. Bill thinks it is like he read his mind.

Steffy gets the text at the office and texts him back. Doctor Campbell walks in and is sorry for the wait. Steffy is sorry for demanding the appointment. She cannot live with the uncertainty. Steffy explains there was another man. She just needs to know based on the timing. Doctor Campbell hopes it was consensual. Steffy promises that it was. She asks if it was just once that maybe… Doctor Campbell thinks it only takes once.

Wyatt walks into Katie’s room and accuses her of being a peeping Tom. Katie is not a peeping Tom. She is a peeping Katie. Someone has to make sure the neighborhood decorations are tasteful. Wyatt hopes that she is ok with him walking in. Katie called him to come over. Katie admits that she told Brooke about them being together. Wyatt thinks he is going to die when Bill finds out that he is sleeping with his ex. Katie doubts Brooke will tell anyone anything. Wyatt wants Katie to have his trailer and outdoor grill. Katie will take the grill, it is amazing. Katie thinks that when Bill finds out it will go in one ear and out the other.

Liam tells Bill that Roberta has been with them since 2001. He is proposing 20,000 dollars. Bill says ok. He thinks that Liam looks different. He seems different from the last time he saw him. He knows he was going to a doctor’s appointment with Steffy. Bill wonders if Steffy had a clean bill of health. Liam thinks you could say that.

Doctor Campbell thinks all they have to do is take a sample of the blood and find something to match the father’s. Steffy wants to do it.

Katie thinks he should have been here an hour ago. Wyatt wonders if she is being demanding. Wyatt explains that Liam was hacking away. He is happy. Katie asks about what. Wyatt guesses everything. He hasn’t blackmailed anyone or written any checks. Katie thinks on another note she has a Christmas present for him. She reveals Christmas lingerie under her robe. Wyatt loves Christmas. Katie thinks it is the happiest time of year.

Liam wonders about Justin. Bill will give him a check. Liam guesses that leaves Wyatt and Jarret. Bill asks about Liam. Bill wants to get Liam a starter yacht. Liam thinks that he can tell him what he wants. He thinks happiness is a good thing. Liam thinks people don’t actually think about how happy they are. The best thing is knowledge. If he ever sees that slip away he can remind him that he is happy. He and Steffy are the reason and that is his Christmas bonus.

Doctor Campbell explains that they are doing this early. There are no fetal cells in her blood. They obviously couldn’t run the test. Steffy at least needs to try. Steffy gives her Liam’s toothbrush and hair from the second man. Doctor Campbell thanks her. She will confirm with the lab that the samples are viable. Steffy hopes she is ok.

Katie wonders if he ever wishes that they would go out on a real date. Katie never really had a relationship that takes place behind closed doors. Wyatt thinks the number one rule is they please themselves. He loves spending time with her. He doesn’t think there is another person on the planet who thinks this is a good idea. He doesn’t care though. He wants to find something else they want to do. He thinks people forget to have a present. Wyatt has found Katie’s wild side. Katie rips Wyatt’s shirt off. She has always wanted to do that. Wyatt points out his pants are still on. Katie has a solution for that as well.

Liam wants to know why Wyatt cannot have a yacht. Bill is going to get both of them something epic. Liam thinks that is sweet. He thinks it is to late though. Steffy gave him a surprise that even Bill cannot top. Liam needs to call Steffy.

Steffy gets a call from Liam. He is just wondering how she is doing. Steffy thinks she is fine. Liam wonders if Steffy took care of that thing. Steffy took her vitamins. Steffy is checking out a yoga class. Bill tells Liam time is money. Liam says he loves her and hangs up.

Bill needs to teach him how to end a phone call. Liam thinks things couldn’t be better with Steffy.

Doctor Campbell walks back in. The lab says the samples are adequate. Steffy guesses it is her turn. She wants it to not be very noticeable. Doctor Campbell will avoid brushing.

Wyatt did get Katie something too. He hangs her a jewelry box. It is a pair of earrings. Katie thinks they are beautiful. Wyatt thinks she hates them. Katie says that in her experience, men give woman jewelry when they did something wrong. Wyatt guesses like a payoff. Wyatt doesn’t feel guilt. He just knows he will see her at Eric’s for Christmas but it will not be the same. He wanted to give her something she can wear for when he cannot touch her. Katie kisses him and thanks him.

Bill texts Steffy to let him know what happened. Liam walks in and gives Bill a present. Bill doesn’t think he is allowed to give gifts. He hands Bill the gift. He takes it. Bill opens it to find a trophy for worlds best dad. Bill doesn’t think he is the worlds best dad. Liam thinks his whole life before he met him, and during Christmas he never had a family. Now he has one. He loves Bill. He hopes he is as good a father as Bill one day. He hugs Bill.

Doctor Campbell is shocked to find Steffy still here. Steffy needs to know that Liam is the father. She is just scattered. Doctor Campbell says that the results will take a few days. Steffy is not sure how much more of this she can take. Doctor Campbell wants her to remember how much of a miracle this child is. Steffy knows she is right. She thanks the doctor. Steffy looks panicked over what might happen.

Franco lights the tree in Elizabeth’s house and takes out light savors. Franco says “Dark Mal, prepare to meet your match.” Elizabeth watches from the staircase in amusement.

Joss tells Jason that she is sorry she is late. Avery wanted all things Frozen. Jason wonders if she did. Joss explains that it is a movie. Joss promises that Avery loves it. He will see when he comes to the house. She also got him the perfect present for Jake. Jason thanks her for shopping for Jake. Joss says it is a professional sketch pad and pencils. She explains that Jake loves to Draw. Jason didn’t know that.

Sam tells Drew that she finally got Scout to sleep. Drew says they told Monica they would be at the house at three. Sam doesn’t want to wake Scout up. Drew guesses they don’t have to go. Sam thinks that he has to go and Danny wants to play with Annabelle. She can bring Scout when the wakes up. Drew hopes she will be ok. Drew doesn’t think he should leave until the gifts are exchanged. Drew gets down on one knee and takes out a ring. Sam is in shock.

Monica asks Leo if he can help her. She needs him to press the button on Santa. Olivia thinks that this is so great for the children. Olivia thinks that Monica rocks. Monica has her moments. Michael offers Monica eggnog. Ned thinks that Olivia is getting along with Monica. Olivia feels he says that like it is a bad thing. Ned feels that there is a lot of craziness over this Drew/ Jason situation. He needs her to have his back when it all comes to light. Someone rings the doorbell. Monica will get it. Michael asks if they are expecting anyone else. Monica invited a few more guests this year. Monica opens the door and Kim is there.

At the chapel, Laura tells Kevin that he was right. Christmas is a wonderful day for a wedding. Lulu points out in an hour; all their friends and family will be here to celebrate. Maxie walks in with Nathan. She doesn’t think that they can go through with this wedding tonight. Laura wonders what she is talking about. Maxie doesn’t think the bride and groom are not supposed t see each other before the wedding. Kevin thought that involved the dress. Nathan did as well. Maxie wants them to close their eyes. Kevin feels they are a little to experienced to fall for a superstition like that. Laura feels it is a perfect day for a wedding. Maxie did warn them.

Kim thanks Monica for inviting her. The family walks in. Monica knows she has met Michael. Michael thinks it is good to see her. Monica introduces Ned and Olivia. Olivia thinks it is nice to finally meet her. Kim gives her coat and purse to dinner. Monica asks where Oscar is. Kim explains he is at home with a friend. He wasn’t sure he wanted to meet everyone yet. Monica hopes he knows he is always welcome here. Olivia thinks the living room awaits. Ned thinks it is a little early to be inviting Oscar and Kim to the house. They should be getting a DNA test. Monica is not going to turn away anyone who is family.

Joss gives Jason his change. It is kind of a lot. She could get him something for Danny. Jason actually got Danny stuff for the dog. Joss thinks that he loves that dog. She thinks he is a better gift giver than he though. Jason wonders if people tell Joss she is a lot like her mom. Joss thinks all the time. Jason feels they are right. He thanks her again for her help. He will see her later. Oscar walks in and Jason wonders if he is doing ok. Oscar guesses ok. He leaves. Oscar sits down across from Joss. He asks if that was his uncle. Joss confirms he is. He had her shop for his son. He didn’t know what to get him. He is her mother’s best friend in the whole world. She loves figuring out a gift for a person. So, she wants to see how she did with him. Oscar thinks it is just a book. Joss tells him to open it. He sees that it says Edward Quartermaine. Joss explains he was his great-grandfather.

Franco is on the floor fighting with himself with virtual reality glasses on. Franco takes them off and Elizabeth laughs. Franco thinks this is the most awesome gift ever. He wants her to use it. Elizabeth thinks this guy is to good and she will not beat him. He wants her to keep her guard out.

Drew feels like he should have gotten champagne and taken her on a walk in the woods. Sam thinks they can save the walk for later. He can put the ring on now. She wants him to get up. She has never been more sure of anything in her entire life. Drew wants them to start their new life. Sam loves him. She will wear this ring as a symbol of their love and their life. The promises they made to each other as Mister and Misses Drew Cain.

Maxie informs Lulu and Laura that she is still nervous. She wishes that Kevin had not seen the bride. Laura needs Maxie to calm down. Everything, will be ok. Maxie guesses that she deserves to have things the way she wanted. Bobbie shows up. She knows rain is not supposed to be ok on your wedding day but she asks about snow. Laura wonders if the roads are bad. Bobbie doesn’t think yet. Bobbie explains that Lucas left early enough to pick up Lucky and Spencer at the airport. Maxie is going to go and check on the guys. Bobbie wonders how she is doing. Laura is great and it means a lot to her to have her here. Bobbie says they are family. They sure have come a long way. Laura agrees. Lulu remembers they were fighting over Scott of all people. Bobbie is glad that Kevin is a great guy. Plus, this will drive Lucy bonkers which is always a good thing.

Elizabeth agrees the game is the most fun ever. Elizabeth wants to play it again. Someone knocks on the door. Elizabeth asks if it is Scott. Franco doesn’t think he is expected until dinner. Elizabeth opens the door. It is Jason. Elizabeth tells him to come in. Franco says Merry Christmas. Jason says nothing. Jason has something for Jake. Jake walks down the stairs and asks what he is doing here. Elizabeth says that he is his father and wants to say something to him. Jake tells him he already has a dad and doesn’t want him here. He runs back upstairs. Franco will check on him. Elizabeth admits that it has been really hard on him. His whole world has been turned upside down again. Jason wonders if he is afraid of him because he saw him in the park. Elizabeth says that Jake felt safe with him. He just is overwhelmed right now. He loves Drew. He doesn’t want t lose him. Jason has no intention of pushing Drew out of his life. Elizabeth knows. They just need to give time to adjust. Jason thanks Elizabeth. Elizabeth needs Jason to accept something. Franco and her are getting married. He is a different person than the one he knew. Jason feels he did what he did and no one can change how he hurt Sam and Michael. Elizabeth knows, but if she thought for one second that she thought those horrible acts were not caused by the tumor… If it was somehow how Franco was then she never would have let Franco into her heart. Jason tells her let Jake know that he is here when he is ready to see her.

Monica hugs Drew. She is so glad he is here. Monica promises that he is always going to be her son. Nothing will change that. Monica wants Drew’s coat and will get Drew something to drink. She will be back. Michael wishes him a Merry Christmas. He wonders where Sam is. Drew guesses they wanted to let Scout sleep for a little longer. Ned walks in and wants to talk about Edward’s will. Drew points out he just walked through the door. He goes into the other room. Michael wonders what is going on with him. Michael sees he is going after Drew’s shares and the Charles Street stuff. He wonders if he made a mistake bringing him on board

Olivia wishes Drew a Merry Christmas. Drew says hi to Kim. He heard that Monica said she might be stopping by. Kim says that it is just her right now. She hopes that Oscar changes his mind and comes by but she thinks that right now he is nervous by meeting his whole family.

Oscar guesses now he can learn about his new family. He hopes she likes what he got her. Joss doesn’t think he had to get her anything. Oscar did though. Joss opens a mix CD. He thought she deserved one of her own. It is all songs that make him think of her. He realizes that it isn’t that fancy. Joss loves it. She is going to have to kick Sonny out of his study to listen to it. Oscar gives Joss a Walkman. Joss cannot believe he did this. She thinks it is the best Christmas present ever.

Sam looks at the lug bolt that was once her engagement ring. Someone knocks on the door. It is Jason.

Elizabeth wonders if Jake is ok. Franco thinks he is dueling Darth Vader so yeah. Franco wonders if Elizabeth is ok. Elizabeth knew that this was not going to be easy. Jason has every reason not to trust him. Franco is going to go the rest of his life without antagonizing another person. Elizabeth does hope one day that he and Jason can be civil with one another. He was able to do it with Drew. It isn’t like he has any reason to hate her.

Kim got Monica and Drew something. It is photos of Oscar growing up. One for each year. Monica thinks he has Alan’s smile. Monica would love to show this to Michael. Kim wonders if it is to much. Drew is just getting used to the idea he has a son. It is clear he missed a lot.

Jason asks if Danny is here. He wanted to give him his present. Sam explains that Drew took him to the Quartermaine’s. Jason guesses he can see Danny another time. Sam suggests he could keep the present under the tree or give it to him in person. Jason thinks that is great. Jason feels it is a nice tree. It is a far cry from the one they brought home that one year. Sam remembers. Jason wonders if Sam is wearing a new ring. Sam admits her and Drew are getting married.

Laura feels that Kevin is a wonderful human being. He loves her the way she is with all her quirks. She loves him the same way. Lulu doesn’t want to sound smug but she did tell her so. Laura doesn’t want to make her cry. Lulu wants her to relax and enjoy this. Laura is sort of bugged by Maxie’s superstition. Lulu wants her to forget about that. Nothing will go wrong. Bobbie walks in. They have a problem.

Sam explains that Drew and her are getting married again because they love each other. So, many things technically belong to Jason. Such as the penthouse. As soon as they are able to catch her breath she will get out of here. Jason feels this is her home and he has no intention of taking it back. Sam thanks him. Sam explains that she will figure out a way to get the money for Aurora. Jason is going to let her keep it. Sam thinks it is a lot to ask from him. Jason guesses it is a Christmas gift. Sam thanks him. He wishes her a Merry Christmas. Sam wishes one back. He leaves.

Franco asks what Elizabeth got in the mail. Elizabeth says it looks to be for him. Someone, must have mailed their Christmas gift just in time. Franco opens it up. It is from Betsy.

Bobbie just spoke to Lucas. The flights have been sent away from PC. Lucky and Spencer will land in Boston. Lucky will rent a car but they will not make it here in time to the ceremony. Laura guesses they got the bad luck anyway.

The reverend gets a call and says he will be right there. He informs them that his wife’s water just broke. He has to leave.

Sam walks into the Quartermaine house with Scout. Oscar walks in behind them. She wishes him a Merry Christmas. Sam thinks the Quartermaine’s are an unusual bunch but they will not bite she promises. Oscar asks if that is… Sam confirms it is Scout. It is his little sister. Scout says hi. Sam thinks she likes him. Oscar is not sure what to do. If he walks into the door then he is accepting his old life is gone. Sam thinks change is scary but it can be exciting. Sam is grateful for her life. She had a past and it will always be apart of her. Oscar guesses so. Sam wants him to stay a while. They can walk into this new life together. Drew sees that Oscar came. Oscar wishes him a Merry Christmas. Drew tells Oscar his mom is in there.

Elizabeth wonders how this ended up in their mailbox. Elizabet reads the card. She wishes that this season brings him peace he deserves. She hopes that he can forgive her one day. Elizabeth feels it was Drew’s life that was most effected. Franco wonders if she really thinks that this is about Drew. Elizabeth asks what else she could mean.

Kim is glad that Oscar made it. He has this. Monica thinks it is good to see Oscar. He is just in time for dinner. Michael says hi. Olivia walks over and thinks it is so nice to meet him. She introduces Ned. Olivia in private, asks what is the matter with Ned. Kim is good people and doesn’t want anything. Ned feels that Oscar was raised apart from the Quartermaine’s. He is not one of them. Olivia would hope that the man who was able to invite her son into his heart and family could do the same for Oscar.

Joss is ready to leave when Jason shows back up. He didn’t see Danny or Jake open their presents. Joss say that she is on her way back home if he wants to join her. Jason will be there in a little bit. Joss hugs Jason. She will see him soon.

Monica thinks that Oscar is Alan’s child. He would be so proud to know he has another grandchild. Drew tells Monica that Cook needs help in the kitchen. Monica thought Olivia said she would stay out of the kitchen today. Drew guesses he knows by now that being thrown into a family like this can be a lot. He knows he feels. He promises him that their hearts are in the right place. Drew gets it with Oscar. If this is overwhelming then they can split. Drew was going to say this is what family is for. He doesn’t want to be presumptuous. Drew is here and is going to be here. Drew promises he is not going anywhere. Oscar thinks it means a lot.

Laura asks if she and Kevin can talk for a moment. Maxie informs Laura that this is good news. In which all the bad news has already happened. They hit rock bottom and the only way to go is up. Laura doesn’t think there will be a wedding tonight. Kevin is not going to give up. There is still time to have the wedding today. Laura guesses they are victims of bad weather. Barring a Christmas miracle she doesn’t think they will get married tonight. Lulu wonders if she ordered a Christmas miracle.

Franco assumes she feels guilty for being silent all these years. Elizabeth knows she put all this in motion but he has nothing to feel guilty about. Jake runs downstairs and says Cam just beat the game. Elizabeth wonders if Franco is ok. Franco is right behind her.

Oscar sees Ned’s guitar. Oscar think it is nice. He loves music. Ned knows the feeling. He asks if he sings. Oscar does when he writes his own stuff. Ned guesses it runs in the family. Ned says his great grandfather insisted they sing on all the holidays. Carols had to be sung before Christmas and Thanksgiving. It wouldn’t be right to eat dinner before they sing. Monica says dinner is served. Ned informs them all that they know that fist they sing. They all say then they eat. Ned start to play and sing silent night. They all join in. Oscar joins in.

Sam looks in from the other room and thinks about her celebrating Christmas with Jason. They had a small tree and she thought it be beautiful.

Jason stands outside Kelly’s.

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