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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 12/20/17


Written By Anthony

Bill asks if Steffy is sure she is pregnant. Steffy thinks that this is happy news. Her and Liam have been trying for so long. They are having a baby. Bill thinks that there is a possibility the child is his.

Liam knows it is super early in the pregnancy. Liam was not even sure it was possible given her fertility issues after losing their first. This is why they need to make sure it sticks. Wyatt feels in a few months he will be an uncle. Wyatt asks when he will tell Bill.

Katie doesn’t want Brooke to look at her like that. Brooke still cannot believe it. Her and Wyatt… Katie guesses she didn’t have it in her. Brooke is shocked. She is not one who can judge. Katie thinks that there is more than just sex. She doesn’t care where it is going. She doesn’t need Bill finding out. Brooke promises not to tell anyone. Katie asks if she is telling RJ that she is marrying Ridge again. Brooke hasn’t had a chance. Katie wonders if Bill is going to react badly. Brooke doesn’t think he cares. She hasn’t heard from Bill. Not one word. Katie guesses that she is ending her marriage to Bill, marrying Ridge, and living with Thorne. It is just another normal day for Brooke Logan. She wonders how things are going with Thorne. Brooke thinks it has been nice to have him at the house. Katie asks how Ridge is doing with this. She imagines that Ridge is not happy. Brooke guesses it is a competition thing. Thorne found out about Ridge and Quinn. He is worried that something could happen again. Thorne wants them to get together again.

Steffy loves this child and is excited to be a mother. She cannot even go there with what he just said. Bill understands that. It could be their child though. Steffy reminds him that they only were together once. Bill feels that it only takes once. Bill needs Steffy to consider this. Steffy has been trying to have a child with Liam for years. This secret is killing her and she should have told Liam from the beginning. If this child is not Liam’s she will lose him. Steffy cries.

Katie asks if when Thorne wanted her back it wasn’t just for a one time fling. Brooke says no. Thorne is not the fling type. Katie thinks this is unbelievable. Brooke reminds her that her and Thorne were close once upon a time. Katie thinks she has gone back to Ridge like ten thousand times. Brooke doesn’t think that Thorne was serious about them getting back together. Ridge doesn’t like anything that Thorne does these days. Brooke told Thorne the marriage is happening. Katie doesn’t want her to put herself in-between the brothers. She needs to be clear that she is not going to rekindle anything with him. Brooke knows she is right. She will tell him as many times as she needs to. Katie is just watching out. Brooke is too. She is happy she is ok with Wyatt. Brooke wants Katie to enjoy her life. She just needs to be careful. Bill always finds out about these things.

Wyatt guesses that Liam is finally starting his well deserved family. Liam doesn’t think this is real. This wasn’t even expected. Steffy just went to the doctor for a checkup. Wyatt is all for it. The family could use a little joy after all they went through. Liam guesses that Steffy gave him his own father back. He is having a baby.

Steffy doesn’t think that Bill knows what this is doing to her. She cannot eat or sleep. She cannot even form a coherent thought. Bill is sorry. He knows she has been through a lot of pressure. This is not just about her. The well being of the baby has to come first. Steffy wishes she could go back. Then maybe things would make sense. Bill feels they both need to know the truth. Steffy doesn’t think this can be his child. Bill needs to find out so they can start making plans. Bill wants her raising the child with the biological father. Steffy cannot let him think that. This is Liam’s baby. This has to be his child. Steffy sobs. She knows he is right. This is not healthy for her or the baby. She needs to know. She needs to be certain that Liam is the father. She touches her stomach.

Brooke is in her house and Thorne walks in saying the pool is back and running. Brooke sees that. She was over at Katie’s. Thorne wonders if she is ok. Brooke guesses she is doing well. She is happy about that. Thorne imagines she is excited to spend Christmas with the family. Brooke is as well. Thorne wonders if he violated the house guest code. Brooke is happy she is here. Brooke needs him to understand she is going to marry Ridge. She needs him to accept that.

Wyatt cannot believe he is actually going to be someone’s father. Liam wonders what happens if he makes all the same mistakes he accused Bill of making. Wyatt thinks he is nothing like Bill. He will make a phenomenal new addition to the human race. Liam is worried that they could lose the baby again. He almost didn’t make it as a couple thanks to Steffy. Liam thinks that this is finally happening. Liam feels that Steffy and Liam as parents is right.

Bill points out the holidays are coming up. Steffy doesn’t think she can handle that right now. Steffy doesn’t know how long it takes a paternity test to happen. Bill thinks there is only one way to find out. Steffy gets on her phone. She calls Doctor Campbell. She tells her this is in strictest confidence. She needs to schedule a paternity test. Doctor Campbell needs to do so after the holidays. Steffy thinks the stress is eating her up inside. Doctor Campbell can squeeze her in today. The doctor wants her to focus on carrying the baby to term. Steffy wants that. She thanks her so much. Bill thinks she is doing the right thing. They both need to know. Steffy already knows. They need to get on with their lives.

Thorne has accepted that she has accepted Ridge’s proposal. Brooke is glad. She has not forgotten what he said. Thorne asks what he said. Brooke reminds him that during the next few months he is going to try to win her back. Brooke knows he is concerned but she knows what she is doing. He needs to accept her choice. Thorne thinks that this friendship is important to him. Brooke thinks he is very sweet.

Wyatt wants to take a moment to think about all the things this child could be for the world. Liam can only imagine what could happen. Liam asks if it bothers him that he is having a child before Wyatt. Wyatt will just take notes from him. Liam thinks this is the most exciting yet terrifying thing to ever happen to him. Liam guesses at least it is Steffy he gets to take the journey with. There is a baby that is half Steffy and half him growing.

Steffy will not have Bill come with her. Bill has a stake in this. Steffy thinks a stake no one can know about. Bill wants to be there for her. Bill wants her to be ok. Steffy will not justify what happened that night. She was out of her mind. Steffy cannot take lying to Liam. Steffy wants to tell Liam but she cannot and it might make her a worse person. Bill doesn’t think that they need to hurt him. Steffy wants a family with the man she loves. No one needs to know about this because the baby is Liam’s. She will never think about the night she had with Bill ever again after this.

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