B&B Tuesday Update 12/19/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 12/19/17


Written by Anthony

Steffy rubs her stomach in her office. She thinks about finding out she is pregnant the other day. She starts to cry as she thinks about Liam telling her that it is their baby. Nicole and Maya walk into the office talking about Lizzie. Maya is so sorry to go on and on with this mommy talk. She just cannot help it sometime.

Wyatt wants to know what is going on with Liam. He has had a goofy grin ever since he walked in. He is majorly distracted. Liam has news but they are not telling anyone. He doesn’t need him telling people. Wyatt says that if he doesn’t tell him then he is going to punch him. Wyatt explains they are welcoming a new Spencer into the world.

Bill wonders what displeasure he has from getting a visit from Ridge. Ridge has news for him. Ridge notices that Bill has Steffy’s CEO cover. He wants to know why he has that. Bill says she is his daughter-in-law and he owns the magazine. Ridge is going to get straight to the point. He proposed to Brooke and she accepted.

Brooke is sorry she missed Will. Katie doesn’t want her to be. She is sure she will see him a lot over the holidays. Katie wonders what this surprise visit is for. Brooke explains that Ridge proposed and she accepted. Katie is happy for her. Brooke explains once her divorce is final, she can wear Ridge’s ring. Brooke asks if she is shocked that she said yes. Katie isn’t, she always knew that her and Ridge would end up together. Brooke finds Wyatt’s shirt in Katie’s laundry. She thinks this is a bit big for her. Katie guesses since they are sharing things she can tell her something. Katie explains that Wyatt and her have become involved with each other.

Wyatt is shocked that Steffy is pregnant. Liam says that it is really early on plus they want to keep it on the DL. Liam hopes this doesn’t upset him. Wyatt thinks this is great. He is happy for him.

Maya wonders if she told them. Lizzie’s play group is coming over tomorrow and the treat is that Santa is going to make an appearance. Rick is going to dress as him. Nicole hopes that one day she will be able to have these moments with her child one day. Maya is sure that she will and thinks Steffy will agree. Steffy asks what she said. Maya knows she is being insensitive to be going on about her little girl. Steffy doesn’t think she is. Maya feels it is hard not to go on about what her and Rick have found during the holidays with raising a child.

Ridge thinks that Bill knew this would happen the moment he received the divorce papers. He asks if something else is going on. Bill doesn’t owe him an answer. The message has been received and he can go now. Ridge wants Bill to sign the papers. He thinks the two of them should move on already.

Katie needs Brooke to say something. Brooke is at a loss. She is shocked. Brooke asks how this happened. Katie guesses it all started with the fashion challenge. They got to know each other. They laughed a lot. After, the success of Monte Carlo it just sort of happened. Katie was hesitant to get involved. When she is with him, it just feels right.

Wyatt asks if Liam picked a name yet. Liam is still getting used to the idea of being a parent. He doesn’t even know if it is a boy or girl yet. Wyatt wonders how Steffy is. She is probably happy. Liam has never seen her so emotional. Liam thinks that they are cautiously optimistic. Wyatt thinks that the child is going to be happy to have them as parents and Bill as a grandpa. He cannot wait for him to find out Steffy is pregnant.

Bill wonders if Brooke knows he is doing this. He guesses that this is an indication that is insecurities are still there. Bill guesses he did quite a number on her. Bill guesses it makes sense with his dodgy idea of commitment. Ridge guesses that is funny coming from him when he is totally a committed man.

Nicole will touch base with Katie and she will collide with what they are doing in International. Steffy asks when Nicole is heading back to International. Not that they are anxious to see her go. Maya assumes Zende is anxious. Maya asks if Steffy is ok. Steffy just has a lot on her mind. Nicole assumes what she wants to get Liam for Christmas. Steffy has taken care of that or at least she hopes she has. Steffy thinks about giving birth and Liam demanding to know why it is Bill’s baby. Steffy claims she can explain. Steffy wakes up from the day dream and is in shock.

Katie has kept the secret for so long. It feels good to tell someone. He is this young hot guy. It is kind of scandalous. She guesses it is something Brooke would do. Brooke wonders who else knows. Katie explains Eric and Quinn. She is not super thrilled about it as they can imagine. She promised Wyatt she will not say anything. Brooke wonders about Bill. Katie doubts they can keep it form him forever. Katie doesn’t know where this is going. They are having fun together. Katie thinks right now being with him as been good for her. It isn’t all about the sex. Brooke wonders if she is sure there isn’t more to this than just a casual relationship.

Wyatt needs to know when he can spread the word so he can tell everyone. Liam expects nothing less. He needs him to stay positive. He just needs to be there for Steffy. Wyatt is happy for him and Bill will be as well. Liam is so happy that things are good for him and Bill now. Especially, because he is giving Bill a grandchild.

Bill is sure that Ridge’s travel sewing kit is burning a hole in his pocket so he should get back to the dress farm. Ridge has one more thing. He thinks it is time they get along a little better so Steffy can be happy. Bill tells him he can leave. Bill’s phone rings and it is Steffy. He answers. Steffy needs to speak with him. She needs to come to his house. Bill will see her soon. Bill thinks that Ridge has overstayed his welcome. Ridge demands he sign the papers.

Steffy continues to think about how Liam is so happy to be having their baby.

Katie is not sure where any of this is going. She is sure that she doesn’t want to give him up. They have so much fun together and he cannot keep his hands off him. She knows it is unusual to hear these words coming out of her mouth. She feels free. At least she does behind closed doors. It feels good to have someone to trust with this. Brooke thinks that things could get ugly. Brooke wants her to be careful. Katie will. She doesn’t hear much from Bill these days.

Liam calls Steffy to check in. He wants her to call when she gets a chance. Liam cannot help but smile. He cannot help but think of the moment he found out he was going to be a father. It was the greatest moment of his life.

Bill wonders why Steffy wanted to see him. Steffy hopes he is alone. Steffy wants him to know that Liam and her are happy. He told her that he wants to put everything behind them and they are. She was going to until… She had a doctors appointment. It was just a checkup and then the doctor came in and told her something she never expected. Bill asks what the doctor said. She is scaring him. Steffy is fine. Liam showed up at the appointment and said something she wanted to hear for years. She told her that she is pregnant. Bill thinks he is going to be a grandfather. He hopes that her and Liam have a happy and healthy baby. Steffy hopes so too.

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