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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 12/14/17


Written by Anthony

Liam thinks there is something about him. Steffy feels it is easy to say when she is dressed in a bikini. Liam thinks there is a lightness about her. That thing in her where she is up for anything. Liam asks if she wants to catch waves. Steffy feels him to get his suit on. Liam runs to get changed.

Thorne walks into the Forrester living room through the deck entrance. Eric wonders how his swim was. Thorne feels it was exactly how he remembers it only now it is salt water. Thorne thanks him for letting him use it while Brooke’s is getting serviced. Eric is sure that Quinn and him would be glad to have him here. Thorne is fine but he thanks him. Eric understands. Thorne asks what they are going to do about Ridge.

Brooke informs Ridge that Thorne left a little while ago. Ridge is not here to put him back on the couch. Brooke thinks he is being very lunch. Ridge thinks that is just how the relate to one another. It is sibling rivalry. It is not a big deal. He has a big surprise for her.

Liam comes out in a swimsuit and hoodie. Liam is ready to do this. Steffy doesn’t think that is a bad idea. Liam wonders if they are surfing or doing something else. Steffy thinks it is up to him. Liam thinks if it was his choice he knows what he would pick every time. Steffy says lets hit it and runs outside.

Thorne didn’t come back to cause trouble. He wanted to design with him. Eric thinks he will. Thorne thinks what Ridge did was disrespectful to his marriage. Thorne feels they have enabled Ridge enough. Eric wants peace in the family. Thorne wonders if he is at peace with how he treated him.

Brooke and Ridge walk outside. Brooke wonders how Ridge did this as Brooke has lunch set up. She was home all day and didn’t even know. Ridge thinks that is why they call it a surprise. Brooke wonders when she will learn to expect the unexpected from him. Ridge hopes it takes the rest of her life.

Thorne wants to show Eric something. He asks if Eric has heard about this line. Eric has and wonders why he is showing him. He realizes the title Aly designs is in reference to Aly. Eric wonders if this is really him. Thorne confirms it is and it is selling. Thorne wanted to do this on his own. He wanted to prove he could do this. Eric wonders if Ridge knows. Thorne says that only Brooke and him know. His name is not attached to any of this. Eric guesses he is a designer. Thorne has been working in the background for so long. He really wants to work with him. Thorne is a designer. Eric thinks he is. Thorne loves Eric. Eric loves this family and company. He will not disrespect it the way Ridge has.

Brooke wants to know how Ridge knew exactly what she needed. Ridge knows that it is lunch time. Brooke guesses nothing gets past him. Brooke thinks that was one of the blessings living with him. He always knew what she needed. She was free to be herself. He really did spoil her. Brooke wants to know what Ridge got out of a life of indulging her. Ridge got a sense of pleasure. He got life out of it. Ridge wants to see her beautiful face for years to come.

Liam and Steffy walk back into the house. Steffy thinks Liam is jealous of her on a surfboard. She reminds him that he taught her. Liam thanks her for getting him out there. It was liberating to be out there. Steffy likes dancing around them. Steffy thinks this is her priority now. Nothing is more important than this and nothing will ever come close.

Eric hopes that Thorne is not under valuing Ridge’s contributions to the company. Thorne isn’t. He just thinks that it be great to have two real Forrester’s on a team together. The respect is missing with Ridge. Ridge doesn’t respect his him, his sisters, or Brooke. Eric wants to know why now. Thorne is coming into his own. He knows his talent and he knows his worth. Thorne feels like he knows what is his now. He is speaking out about it. Thorne knows about the mockery that Ridge has made of their lives.

Ridge asks how Brooke’s food is. Brooke thinks it is delicious. Ridge knows. Brooke wonders the last time they had lunch out here. Ridge thinks it was their anniversary. Ridge wants Brooke. All he has to do is surprise her. Brooke doesn’t think all he has to do is surprise her. Ridge thinks the surprises will keep on coming. This is just the beginning.

Steffy walks out fully dressed. She has a doctors appointment. It is just a check up. Liam could change and join her. He thinks they could wait together. Steffy thinks it be sweet but he would be so bored. It is just a routine doctors appointment. This has always been her before things got weird. She thinks that this is how things will go on for now. Liam guesses he can go back to the office. Sitting around here without her is not fun. Liam actually enjoys going to the office lately. It is all because of her. Liam would not have the relationship with Bill if it were not for Steffy. Steffy is so happy to be his wife. She will see him later. She says Cha-cha-cha. Liam thinks there it is.

Steffy shows up at at the doctors office and the nurse wonders if Steffy wants a magazine. Steffy thinks about Liam telling her they can look at magazines together. Steffy is fine. She thanks her.

Eric thinks that him and Brooke are becoming close. Thorne feels they always have been. Thorne thinks he needs protection. Thorne cannot watch as Ridge mistreats Brooke. Eric thinks that Ridge has gone through this before. Thorne thinks that Brooke is special and he is not going to let Brooke ruin her life again. Brooke is a remarkable woman. Ridge will never change. He doesn’t mean to talk bad about his brother but he does have to protect Brooke. Thorne has been digging deep these last few months. His time with Brooke has been some of the best he has had. Thorne has spoken to Brooke about this. He wants a future with her and he does.

Brooke thanks Ridge. Ridge thought they needed this. With Thorne back there has been stress and he doesn’t want that. All he wants is joy and happiness. That is all. Brooke doesn’t think that it has always been that way for them. Ridge wants her to know how much she means to him. Ridge thinks that is how much she means to him. Ridge saw a couple so in love that they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Ridge wants that. That is what they were. Then he realized he didn’t want that. He wants the future. What they can have is even better than what they cannot have. Ridge doesn’t want to wait. He knows a lot of that is because of things he did. Ridge is an idiot who keeps taking things. He has learned and doesn’t want that anymore. All he wants is to spend the rest of his days with her. He wants to do that now because time is precious. They don’t know how much time they have. He knows he wants to spend the time he has left with her. Ridge was hoping she would make him the happiest man in the world and marry him. He takes out the ring.

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