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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 12/12/17


Written by Anthony

Brooke thinks that Thorne is full of surprises. Thorne has wanted to kiss her for a long time. Brooke is not offended or anything. Brooke has loved their time together both past and present. He is everything a woman would want in a partner. She thinks he is a good guy. Brooke thinks he is a catch. Thorne suggests they give it another try.

RJ wonders what Ridge thinks. Ridge thinks he has talent and potential. RJ thanks him. His opinion means everything to him. Ridge would like to guide him. It is going to take some time. RJ thinks it be awesome. RJ knows that Thorne has put his pen in the race. Ridge thinks that Thorne should keep his day job in Paris. RJ guesses he is not happy he is back. Ridge feels he is trying to start trouble between Brooke and him.

Ivy loves the emerald. It is classic and timeless. Quinn does love the emerald cut. Simon walks in and says that he has a delivery for Ivy. Ivy introduces Simon to Quinn. Quinn hopes he is learning a lot from the internship. Quinn thinks it is wonderful. She has a task for him.

Nicole looks at Maya in South Africa. Maya thought it was life changing. Nicole wonders if she can believe their lives right now. She is traveling the world while she lives in Paris. She wants to see more. Maya cannot wait to go back and spend some time in another culture. Nicole has a larger sense of the world since moving. Maya thinks that it looks good on her. Nicole is in a good place in her life. Zende is too. His designs are getting better and better. She didn’t know Thorne was coming back. Maya says that he is staying here. Brooke insisted.

Simon wonders what he can do for Quinn. Quinn knows he is from England. She wants his humble opinion on which one he prefers. Simon can recognize the jewels. Simon thinks that Ivy is the most unique woman he has ever met. He wants her to marry him. He likes the one he put in his hand. He will do his best and leaves. Quinn wins. Ivy knows.

RJ wants to know how Thorne could possibly get between Brooke and Ridge. Ridge doesn’t think anything will come between them. He has a surprise for Brooke that she will like.

Brooke knows he just kissed her. She is very flattered of course. She has a son with Ridge. Thorne knows. He will be out on his own in a few years. Plus, Ridge hurts her. He is sure that RJ doesn’t want to see that. Thorne knows what his brother does. Nicole sees them from upstairs. Thorne feels they had a great life together. There is no reason they couldn’t have that again.

Ivy wonders if Quinn really thinks that Brooke will just remarry Ridge. Quinn assumes that is the plan. This is about a connection that cannot be changed. Ivy doesn’t think anything is a given until something happens.

Nicole walks back into Maya’s room. She just saw Brooke and Thorne. They looked close like intimate close. Which was why she came back because it didn’t look like a good time to interrupt.

Quinn has brought Ridge options. She followed his instructions. She has two different cuts and she prefers the Emerald cut. Ridge agrees with her.

Brooke is really touched by Thorne and what she said. Brooke is focused on her relationship with Ridge. Thorne wanted Ridge to accept him as a designer. He is a good designer. Ridge needed to put him in his place. All that nonsense. Brooke knows Ridge is difficult. They cannot fight like this. Thorne thinks it is fine with him. Thorne wants Brooke to stop caring for him so much and see a better future. Thorne has been thinking about what he has done right and wrong. Not fighting for her is one of the biggest mistakes he ever made. He didn’t plan on bringing up his feelings for her so long as Ridge was treating her right. Yet, Ridge is incapable of commitment. He has really loved spending this time with Brooke. If he can save her for another go around with Ridge then he doesn’t have to be so quick to consider another round with him. She needs to consider other options.

Maya knows they were married for a while. Maya knows that Brooke and Ridge are going to get back together. Nicole doesn’t know if that is a sure thing. Nicole knows that Thorne has the time to go after Brooke. Maya wonders if Ridge knows.

Ridge asks Quinn not to tell Brooke about this. Quinn understands it. She needs him to stop thinking about it though. Ridge doesn’t think about the kisses. Quinn thinks he is a liar. Ridge feels they have come a long way. Ridge knows that they will all figure this out. Quinn has no doubt.

Thorne asks what could possibly go through Ridge’s life that he would kiss Quinn he day before his wedding to her. He clearly thinks so little of Brooke. Brooke thinks it is a fair question. Brooke doesn’t like talking about what happened. Brooke says they were in Australia for Steffy’s wedding. She was feeling great, and she went to find Ridge and there he was with Quinn. She just reached out and gently touched his arm. She knew what was going to happen. That was when they kissed. Brooke was shocked and devastated for both Eric and her. They said it was a goodbye kiss. Thorne thinks she is making excuses for a man who is supposed to be a hundred percent committed to her. Thorne wants her to give herself a chance at true happiness.

Maya knows how competitive Ridge is with his brothers. Thorne even more than Rick. If they go head to head over Brooke… Nicole hates to think what it could do to the family.

Ridge likes Quinn’s confidence in the family. Ridge thought Brooke was close to coming back and Thorne came back. Thorne knows about what happened between him and Quinn. He wants to get past this. He thought this would help show her that he is the only man for her.

Thorne guesses she is going to pretend this never happened. She cannot go rushing into a bad marriage. That is what Ridge has in store for her. Thorne ended a call from Ridge on her phone. He thinks it is time she says no. She cannot stand for one more betrayal or affair. He wonders if that is really what she wants. Thorne doesn’t want her to go for a man who would treat her like that. Thorne has been thinking of all the people in his life. He was devastated when they broke up but he accepted it. Thorne doesn’t think she can marry his brother. He needs her to marry him.

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