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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 12/11/17


Written by Anthony

Liam hopes that Steffy knows he is not accusing her of anything. Steffy thinks that it sounds that way. She doesn’t think that it matters because she came home. Liam wants to know what changed her mind that he didn’t want her to know what happened.

Ridge mockingly says “dear diary” I have become a man today and pushed down my big brother. He asks Thorne if it feels good. Thorne thinks his head is to big for his body so it makes sense he would fall over. Thorne tells him to get up. Ridge assumes he doesn’t want Brooke to know how bad a boy he has been. Thorne thinks that Ridge is a sick man. The games he has played has made this family sick and weak just like him. Ridge cannot wait to see how he fixes things around here. Brooke walks in and asks if Ridge is ok. Brooke asks Thorne what he did.

Quinn tells Maya that something is not right with the jewelry. She wonders if the beads are to big. Maya likes the bracelet. Quinn says it comes straight from Steffy. Maya wonders if Steffy is designing. Quinn says no. She just left it behind. Sort of how Hansel and Gretel left behind bread crumbs.

Thorne tells Brooke he fell. Ridge had help. Thorne admits he pushed him. Brooke says not in her house. She will not let her house be the battlefield for their never ending fight. They need to have some respect for one another. Thorne asks if he even knows the meaning of the word. He asks how much respect he gave Brooke and Eric when he was cheating with Quinn.

Quinn explains that this is more elaborate than the original. She never gave it a look until she saw it in the guest house. Maya didn’t know Steffy stayed in the guesthouse. Quinn guesses that Liam didn’t either.

Liam thinks that Steffy is shaking. Steffy thinks he is scaring her. Liam wants to know if Steffy is trying to keep the option of moving back to Eric’s open. Steffy says no. Liam wants to know what happened when she left. He wants to know what the truth is.

Ridge thinks that this is typical of his little brother. He always has to stick his nose where it doesn’t belong. Brooke wonders why Ridge has to call him that when he hates it. Thorne points out the answer is in the question. Ridge thinks it is easy to make fun of him. Thorne feels that Ridge talks for attention. He talks to seduce as well. Ridge wonders if he said something new. This guy has built his whole life on resentment. Brooke wants them to see what she sees in them. Thorne thinks it is because for years he has refused. Ridge agrees.

Quinn doesn’t understand why Steffy didn’t tell Liam where she was at. Maya suggests that she wanted the story to match her state of mind. Quinn guesses even married people even want to have their own secrets.

Liam guesses he is going about this all wrong. Steffy knows it is her fault. Steffy is angry sometimes still. She is angry at herself and not at him. Liam asks if she is sure. Steffy is. Liam wonders why she lied. Steffy made a mistake. She did something wrong. Liam knows she was emotional just like she said. Liam assumes she went somewhere alone. Liam asks if Steffy was meeting someone at the guest house. Steffy says no. Liam assumes she did think about leaving him. Steffy says not for long. Liam guesses she knew if she told her that then he would freak out. Steffy is sorry. She hugs him.

Quinn thanks Maya for her help. Maya asks if she knows what she will name the line yet. Quinn thought of CEO. So many of their clients are young women going up the corporate latter. She could also name it Steffy. Maya doesn’t think she should do that. She will not want to tip toe through a painful memory. Maya also doesn’t want her to discuss this painful memory. She assumes she remembers when the entire office was discussing her marital problems.

Liam should be the one saying sorry. Liam asks why he even needs to revisit this again. Liam asks if it even makes a difference. Liam knows that truth is not something you just take home. Steffy promises to try harder. He has a lot more to make up for than she does. Steffy wants him to stop thinking that way. Steffy doesn’t want Liam to bring this into every new day. Steffy wants to fall in love with him over and over again.

Brooke thinks that Ridge should just leave. Thorne wonders why he is even here. He asks if Ridge just comes and goes. Ridge points out that their son lives here. Thorne doesn’t see him. Ridge says this is also the home of his once and future wife. Thorne loves that he thinks that while she is still married. Brooke would like Ridge to leave. Ridge will leave. He guesses this is Thorne’s one win. Ridge has a trump card himself. He doesn’t have an ounce of talent. He can keep calling him a bully. He earned his position though. Ridge thinks Thorne’s lack of talent was why he was in the basement. Ridge pushes Thorne on the couch and kisses Brooke goodbye. He leaves. Brooke wonders if he is ok. Thorne is fine. He grew up with Ridge. Brooke is disappointed in both of them. Thorne knows he called her his once and future wife. He asks if he is right. Thorne knows Ridge needs to win. Once she says yes, he will be interested in Quinn again. Brooke believes he has regrets. Thorne doesn’t think he believes in those regrets. It is the reason she has had to forgive him every six months since meeting him. He knows she loves him. Brooke suspects he does too. Thorne thinks people who work with wild animals love them but keep their distance. Brooke admits she likes being in a relationship. She likes having a best friend and equal. She wants to feel she belongs to someone. Thorne thinks there are other ways to not be alone. Thorne kisses Brooke. Brooke smiles.

Liam wonders if Steffy is crying. Steffy doesn’t even know. Liam is sorry. Steffy doesn’t think it was him. Liam guesses when you are a kid you think about everything you want your life to be. He thinks that it is important as a grownup, if you ask yourself if it is everything you want it to be. Liam thinks it is. She has done everything to help him. She kept his father in his life. Liam asks why she is so sad. Steffy just gets scared of losing him. Liam asks if she is scared he will not be able to forgive him. Steffy says no. Liam wants to know where his wife is. Steffy is still here. Liam wants her to remember none of it ever happened. Not that night or the night before that. Steffy says it never happened. Liam needs Steffy to show that she is herself again. Steffy says cha-cha-cha. Liam needs her to say it again. Steffy shouts it. Liam thinks she is back to him. Steffy guesses it never happened. She kisses Liam. Steffy smiles.

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