B&B Friday Update 12/8/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 12/8/17


Written by Anthony

Brooke appreciates what Thorne is saying. Thorne just doesn’t think his brother is capable of change. He has been the same for years. This isn’t the first time Ridge has done something like this. She cannot give Ridge the chance to break her heart again.

Quinn wonders if Ridge ever thought they would get here. Ridge thinks that things get worse every day with the traffic. Quinn means with them and how things are going for everyone. Quinn was feeling awful thinking that Ridge lost Brooke. Ridge thinks that Brooke is finally putting things behind her

Bill wonders if Steffy is ok. Steffy is trying to be. She wonders what he is doing here. Bill is checking on her. He asks why. Steffy doesn’t think he can just show up like this. Bill says this is his house. He can show up when he wants. He needs Steffy to let this go. Bill wants them to pretend and let things go. Steffy thinks if Liam knew… Bill doesn’t think he will. Steffy states he almost did.

Eric walks into the CEO office and is shocked that Ridge is not here. Pam says he went to Brooke’s. Pam is shocked too. This is after having lunch with her and going to the steam room with her. She wonders if she is the only person who works around here. She goes to answer the phone. Ivy walks in and asks why Pam is in a bad mood. Eric isn’t sure. Eric says that Thorne found out about what happened in Australia. He is not going to let things go.

Brooke thinks that Thorne is asking a lot of her. Thorne needs her to look out for herself. Brooke thinks it has taken her a lot to get past things. Thorne sure as hell plans too.

Steffy thinks that Liam sees that she is not the same. He keeps asking all these questions. Bill wonders if she told him anything. Steffy lied. It is just more lies. This is not who she wants to be.

Quinn wonders if this is for Liam’s next issue. Liam guesses if it comes in time for the next show. Quinn thinks so. These designs are all modeled after Steffy. She designed this piece after the piece that Steffy wears all the time. Liam knows she wears it all the time. Liam wonders what she means about leaving it in the guest house. Quinn says that Eric and her found it at the guest house and gave it back on Thanksgiving. Quinn thought it was strange that Steffy would leave it there.

Bill thinks some things have to be lied about. Steffy claimed she took a drive and thought about how wonderful Liam is. Bill thinks that is all Liam needs to know. He wants her to close her eyes. Steffy does. He wants her to picture herself parked and recovering and processing. She is forgiving Liam for what he did. That is where she was. Far away from the guest house and him. He needs her to believe it. If she believes it then Liam will too.

Quinn asks if something is wrong. Liam just wants to know what night this was. Quinn assumes it was the night the two of them argued. She cannot imagine there are many. Liam says that Steffy didn’t go anywhere that night. She was just driving around. Quinn found the bracelet in the guest house. She wonders if there is a problem. He seems so concerned.

Ivy has heard about all the women that Ridge has taken the hearts of over the years. Eric thinks that it is the reason he was able to forgive Quinn. He wonders if Thorne has a point about all of this.

Thorne hopes he is not upsetting her. Brooke thinks he has every right to be concerned. Brooke knows he had a front row seat for most of what Ridge did. Brooke knows that Ridge wants to make a commitment to her. Thorne doesn’t think this is like when he commits to something. He came back to LA for her.

Steffy asks if they can really pretend like this really happened. Bill thinks if you say something enough it can be believed. Steffy thinks this is haunting her. Bill guesses they both thought her and Liam were done. Steffy points out they weren’t though. They probably never will be. Steffy knows how she has to do this.

Liam is just confused by this because Steffy wasn’t even in the guest house. Quinn says she was there. That is what she is trying to tell him. The guest house, the bed, and the shower were used. She suggests that Steffy had a good cry in bed. Quinn assumes that he is saying this didn’t happen. Liam thinks she is implying Steffy lied. Quinn is not implying anything. Liam thinks that Steffy didn’t say a word about the guest house. He wants to know why she would keep this from him.

Eric wonders if he should stand up to Ridge more. Ivy is shocked with this. He is usually a big supporter of Brooke and Ridge. Eric does wonder if she goes back to him out of habit. If she took a serious look at them, he asks if she would still want to be with him.

Brooke wonders what Thorne means he came back for her. Thorne came back because of her. He has been thinking about his life and all the people who are gone. The ones that are close to him. Brooke had friends but none of them really knew him the way she does. Brooke missed him too. They have had wonderful times together. Ridge shows up. Ridge wants to know why Thorne cannot afford a hotel. Thorne wants to know why he cannot treat women with respect. He knows what he did with Quinn. The day before he was supposed to marry Brooke. It doesn’t get much more disgusting than that. Thorne always knew he was selfish but this goes beyond. Ridge wonders what this has to do with him. Brooke has to answer the door. She leaves Ridge and Thorne alone. Ridge thinks the people involved with this have made peace. Thorne is not going to let him get away with this. Ridge is not going to deal with his tantrum just because he was Stephanie’s favorite. She chose that. He didn’t. He doesn’t know why he wants to rescue the entire world from mean old Ridge. He doesn’t want to fight him. He is not a leader or a designer. He will always be in his shadow. That is the eyes of the world and this family and the eyes of Brooke. Ridge thinks this is where he usually puts him in his place. Thorne thinks he is much more of a man than Ridge will ever be. He pushes Ridge down. Thorne thinks the world will see that he is no longer bullied by him and he will restore decency and morality to the Forrester name. He thinks Ridge will just be gone.

Bill goes into his office. He sits down and thinks about making love to Steffy again.

Steffy is glad to see Liam. She missed him. She hates when they are a part. Liam stopped by Forrester to get quotes from Quinn. She said Steffy is the inspiration for her new line. This bracelet in particular. She said it was one of her favorites. Steffy assumes she commented on it before. Liam assumes when she returned it to her. She says she found it and gave it back at thanksgiving. She says it was at the Forrester guest house. It was the evening that she says she took off in her car. Steffy drove around. Liam wonders if she wanted to take a shower and sleep. Liam wants to know what is going on. Liam asks why she would say she was just driving around when she wasn’t. He just wants to know what she did that night. Liam wonders what happened. He just wants the truth.

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