B&B Thursday Update 12/7/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 12/7/17


Written by Anthony

Thorne doesn’t think that Sheila is serious. Sheila knows it is shocking. Thorne wonders when it happened. Sheila says it happened when Brooke was going to marry Ridge.

Ridge asks if Brooke is going to eat her food. Brooke was enjoying her lunch with Thorne until he brought her back here for this surprise lunch meeting. Ridge thinks it had to be done. Thorne is best in small doses. He wonders if she is done. Ridge has another surprise. Brooke cannot wait to see that one.

Quinn is shocked that Ridge and Thorne loved Brooke. It must have been hard on them. Eric thinks that Brooke and Ridge is unforgettable is basically the name of the song of their life. Quinn cannot wait to look back at their relationship over the years. She hopes it continues to be an on again relationship though. Eric is sure that it will be.

Thorne cannot believe that his brother betrayed his father like this again. Sheila explains that Eric knows. Thorne is shocked he forgave Ridge and kept him on as CEO. Sheila doesn’t think that Quinn is a good person. She stayed in LA to look into his best interests. Thorne needs answers. Sheila reminds him that this didn’t come from her. Thorne nods in agreement.

Brooke and Ridge are in the steam room. Brooke guesses this is her surprise. Ridge thinks that if someone were to walk in they would see him kissing his future wife. It wouldn’t be that scandalous.

Thorne walks into the design office. Quinn says hello. Thorne needs to speak with Eric alone. It cannot wait. Quinn will go get lunch and let them talk. She will surprise him. She says goodbye to him. Eric thought he was having lunch with Brooke. Thorne guesses Ridge had other ideas. Thorne knows how Ridge betrayed him again with Quinn.

Quinn is having a drink at the bar. Sheila tells her that her to-go order will be done shortly. Quinn has nothing to say to hr. Quinn doesn’t need to be nice to her because she is just a crazy trouble maker. Quinn is not going to engage with her. Quinn thinks the perk of her job is that she gets to go home to her husband who she loves so much. Ridge and Brooke should be enjoying a lovely future with one another shortly. She hopes Ridge and Brooke are as happy as she is.

Ridge thinks that was much more fun than having a lunch with his little brother. Brooke reminds him that Thorne hates that. Brooke needs him to try. Ridge hates that he moved in with her. It is going to take his sweet time. In the mean time he will keep asking her about what happened in Australia. Brooke didn’t tell him if that is what he is worried about. Brooke knows he is sorry and regrets what he did. Brooke thinks it has been good to spend time with him. Brooke thanks him for letting her go through what she needs to. Brooke thanks him for reminding her what they have together. Ridge promises they will get there.

Thorne knows he is right. Ridge went after his wife. Thorne knows he has a big forgiving heart but Ridge did this again. He wants to know what the hell is wrong with him. Ridge has done horrible things, but they have to stand up to him. Eric doesn’t think that anyone’s lives have been ruined. Eric didn’t forgive Ridge. He told him he was no longer his son or part of this company. Thorne wonders why he is still acting like top dog of the family and company. Eric claims he is top dog around here. Hanging on to bad feelings is not good. Thorne understands that. Ridge just takes and takes. Thorne is going to put a stop to it.

Sheila tells Quinn that she had them put in a piece of tiramisu because she knows it is Eric’s favorite. Quinn wonders if she handled any of this. The waiter says no. Quinn thanks him. Quinn thinks Sheila is a manipulative witch. Her days of going after them are over. Quinn leaves. Sheila thinks she still gets to Quinn.

Ridge wonders what Brooke is thinking. Brooke is calm. Ridge thinks that there are many things he could do to get them going. Ridge want her to listen. He will give her space. He is going to keep reminding her what they have. What it is only happens once in a lifetime. They are going to make it work. Nothing will get in their way.

Eric doesn’t want him to go after his brother. Eric thinks that it has all be resolved. Thorne understands that. She is one of many women to be a victim of Ridge. Yet, Eric has made him CEO. Eric points out it is only co-CEO. Thorne doesn’t think it matters. He has done this in the past. Thorne didn’t even think Ridge liked Quinn. He got summoned back here before to break them up. Eric feels things have changed. Thorne has spent his entire life thanks to Stephanie’s life in the shadow of a selfish and power hungry Marone. He carries his DNA and not Ridge. He wonders if that is the reason it is so easy for Ridge to do these things to Eric. Brooke deserves the best and Ridge of course thinks that is him. Thorne feels actions have consequences. His brother is going to learn that the hard way through him.

Ridge finds Quinn eating alone. Quinn says that Eric was supposed to find her, but he got called way. Quinn ran into Sheila. She is looking for dirt. He asks if Thorne is in the building. Quinn says he is with their father. Ridge is going to find out what he is up to.

Brooke tells Thorne he is sorry about what happened at the restaurant. Brooke thinks that is just who Ridge is. Thorne thinks he is arrogant and this is why he is so worried about him. Brooke promises he can take care of himself. Thorne is sure that is how Eric felt. Thorne discovered that the other woman was Quinn. Thorne doesn’t think this can go on. Ridge cannot continue to get away with this. It is horrible to do it with Eric’s wife. Brooke admits she was horrified and in some ways she still is. Thorne thinks this is all on Ridge. This is all on Ridge. He had to prove he could go after their father’s wife. Ridge has broken her hear countless times. She deserves so much better. A man who will be there completely. He thinks that Ridge is no capable of being with only one woman. Thorne tells Brooke she cannot marry his brother.

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