B&B Wednesday Update 12/6/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 12/6/17


Written By Anthony

Thorne is done with being patronized by Ridge. Ridge tells him to take it easy. They are in his office. Thorne guesses he will bow down on the all mighty Ridge. He is trying to get under his skin. He is not going to put up with this right now. Ridge wonders if he is going to cry right now. Ridge wants him to stop overreacting. He calls him once again little brother. Thorne told him before to not call him that again.

Brooke thinks it is wonderful that Thorne wants to try his hand in design. Quinn thinks that if he has half Eric’s talent then he should be pretty good. Brooke feels he already has a lot of talent. Eric likes the designs he has seen so far. He is curious where he goes with it. Quinn knows Ridge doesn’t seem so thrilled. Eric knows his boys have been very competitive with each other all their lives. Ridge usually gets the upper hand. Eric guesses he could stand up to his brother this time.

Steffy sit on her couch and thinks about sleeping with Bill. Liam wonders what Steffy wants on her salad. Liam asks if she is ok. Liam wants to know what is wrong.

Thorne is not going to take his crap anymore. Ridge suggests he go back to Paris then. Thorne is not going anywhere. Ridge asks what he wants. Thorne thins this is their family company. Ridge is the one who runs the company. Brooke, Eric, and Quinn walk in. they want to know what is going on. Eric doesn’t want them fighting in here. Brooke suggests she and Thorne go outside for a bit. Eric tells her to take him to lunch. Brooke thinks it is a good idea. Thorne feels Ridge is a bully and it is going to stop for everyone’s sake. He is done mistreating people, especially Brooke.

Steffy is fine. She was just thinking about something that doesn’t matter now. Steffy is just happy to be home having a homemade meal with her husband. Liam says she is having tomato’s in her salad. Liam think this is nice to have lunch at home. Steffy guesses she has good ideas sometimes. Liam accidentally brings up Sally and is sorry about that. He will never forgive himself for breaking their vows.

Eric wants Ridge to stop giving Thorne a hard time. Ridge feels he is so much fun to mess with. Eric thinks he is to old to be at each other’s throats. He wants him to be civil of his brother. He wants him to be good to him. Ridge thinks something strange is going on. All of a sudden Thorne is a designer. He is up to something. Quinn wonders if he is upset that he is staying at Brooke’s. Ridge finds it odd that a grown man cannot get a hotel room for himself. He is going to find Brooke take her off babysitting duty. He leaves.

At lunch Sheila watches as Brooke and Thorne have lunch. Brooke doesn’t want Ridge to get to Thorne. Thorne tries hard but he has had to put up with it his entire life. Thorne knows that Brooke was right to break things off with Ridge and then Bill. She should try to be alone for a while. He doesn’t think she needs a man to define her. Brooke thinks it is nice to be reminded once in a while. Thorne has known this since the day he met her. Any man who doesn’t agree is a fool.

Liam wants Steffy to know how sorry he is. Steffy does more than he realizes. Liam knows that he has no right to expect this to be put behind them. Liam thinks she has every right to be angry at him. He couldn’t believe how lucky he was. It was like he was a different person. Liam does wonder where Steffy went that night. He asks what she did. Steffy thinks about making love to Bill again. Steffy just wanted to come home and be with him. She shouldn’t have left him. She shouldn’t have stayed here. Liam is sure that if he were in her shoes he would have done the same thing. Steffy doesn’t think he would have. Liam wonders if she spoke to someone. He thinks he might not be giving her enough credit. Liam is sorry if he is being annoying. He just wants to know where she went that night.

Eric hates in fighting. Especially, when it is his children. Quinn guesses that is why they call it sibling rivalry. Eric wonders how far it would have gone had they not walked in. Quinn doesn’t think that they would have taken it that far. Eric doesn’t think it be the first time. Quinn assumes that most of this has to do with Brooke. Eric points out that Thorne and Brooke were married at one point and here they are with Brooke in the middle of it again.

Thorne thinks that Brooke has been there for him every step of the way. Thorne can count on her. Brooke thinks he has always been a dear friend to her as well. Brooke thinks that Thorne is really humble. She thinks he is amazing. He is the sweetest and kindest person she has ever met. Thorne is single and lost his daughter. He needed time away to think about his life. His time with Macy and Darla. He also thought about their time together. It will always be a huge time of his life. He remembers their wedding in Venice. Brooke hasn’t forgotten it either. Ridge tells Brooke they have a meeting. Brooke says they are having lunch here. Ridge says it is a lunch meeting. Brooke tells Thorne she is sorry. Thorne guesses it is fine. Sheila walks over and says hello. Sheila says she has been living in LA for a while now. She couldn’t help notice him and Brooke. It is a shame that Ridge came and took her away. Ridge does that to men though. He takes women away from everyone from his friends, brothers, and even his dad.

Brooke wants to know where everyone else is for the lunch meeting. Ridge says it is just them. It is better than having to eat with others. Brooke thinks he was really rude to Thorne. Ridge thinks he can get over it. They need to stay away from that place because Sheila works there and it never ends well.

Thorne asks what Sheila meant about his brother. Sheila guesses she might as well tell him because he will hear about it eventually. She hired his dad’s estate manager to try and seduce Quinn. It blew up in her face. Quinn didn’t cheat on Eric. Thorne wonders why she would do that. Sheila has her reasons. Sheila thinks it is like he is new to LA again. There is a lot he doesn’t know about. Sheila asks if he wonders why Brooke and Ridge didn’t get married. Thorne asks if she knows. Sheila does but he cannot tell anyone she heard from him. Sheila says that the reason she hired Mateo to go after Quinn… Thorne doesn’t think this is about Quinn. Sheila explains it is. She had an affair with Ridge.

Steffy asks why Liam wants to know where she went that night. Liam just figures it help them put the pieces together. Steffy just wants to forget. Liam takes it she was alone. Steffy went for a drive. She parked her car and she just thought about how wonderful she is. How lucky she is to have him as her husband. Liam just betrayed her. Her, his wife who is nothing but loyal. Steffy begs him to stop. Steffy starts crying again. Liam knows he hurt her but if he had to do it again… Steffy wants to erase that night. Liam thinks it will never happen again. He promises her. He will never let her down again. The two kiss each other. Steffy looks in the mirror and thinks she is a liar and cheater. She wonders how she could do this. She thinks she is guilty.

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