B&B Tuesday Update 12/5/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 12/5/17


Written by Anthony

Ridge informs Brooke that this doesn’t add up. Brooke is letting Thorne stay here until he finds a place of his own. Ridge asks why he is here. Brooke points out that family is here. Rick is here. Ridge is not upset he is just curious. Thorne has to be up to something.

Thorne doesn’t think that Brooke came out and say it but Ridge clearly cheated on her. Thorne wonders who it was. Eric doesn’t see the issue in bringing it back up. Thorne does want to know who it was still. Brooke is one of the most accomplished women in the world. He asks who Ridge would cheat with.

Quinn tells Ivy that Steffy wants to show off a few more pieces. She thought they could use the one that Ivy did with the curls. Ivy thinks this one has unusual textures. Quinn points out that Ridge really liked that one. He said it was beautiful.

Thorne thinks if he didn’t know who it was then he would say something. Eric feels that Ridge has worked hard to over come this. Thorne asks if the woman is no longer in the picture then. Eric claims it is not an issue anymore. It has been dealt with. Thorne guesses Ridge has told everyone to forget it so it is. Eric knows that has never seemed fair to Thorne. He has had a lot of unfairness in his life. Losing Macy, Darla, and Aly. It has changed him a lot. Thorne has changed more than he knows. Thorne is ready to be an equal to Ridge. Thorne wants to show Eric something. Eric looks at them. He wonders whose these are. Thorne says they are his. Ridge is not the only one who can design.

Ridge believes that Thorne was happy in Paris and now he is here. He wants to know why. Brooke points out LA is his home. Thorne thinks his life is in Paris. Ridge asks if he screwed up. Brooke feels it be nice if he showed a little bit of interest. Ridge asks what Thorne is expecting out of all this. He clearly talks with Brooke. He wants to know what is not being told to him. Brooke thinks that Thorne seems a bit different to him. Ridge thinks that of course he is different. They are all different. They went through a lot. He knows when he has an agenda. He didn’t show up for Thanksgiving and didn’t wait for Christmas. Brooke doesn’t think he and Thorne are children anymore. They are both Forrester’s and Thorne is a Forrester. Ridge guesses that they can dust off Thorne’s desk in shipping and receiving. Brooke thinks he might have a different idea for himself. Ridge asks if she knows. He wants to go over to the office and ask what he is up to.

The models flirt about seeing Thorne. Ivy guesses he has caused quite a stir in the office and not just with the models.

Eric didn’t know he was designing. Thorne had to lose himself in something. He picked up a sketchpad. He had so many incredible women in his life. He wanted to make something as beautiful as they were. He was reluctant at first to show them off. He was getting encouragement from the best designers in Paris and Milan. Eric wonders why he didn’t want his father’s advice. Thorne did that is why he is here now. He wanted to surprise him and make him proud. Eric guesses this is why he came back. Thorne looks at a picture of Brooke. Thorne has been thinking about the whole family. He hasn’t been here. So much has happened. He is with Quinn and he seems happy. Thorne wishes everyone else was doing as well. Eric thinks that Ridge and Brooke are taking it slow. Thorne had to come back when Brooke got divorced. Ridge and Brooke walk in. Ridge asks what he has. He wonders who did these. Thorne asks if they are good. Eric says they are Thorne’s. Ridge calls him little brother again.

Ivy suggests having Thorne looking at the pieces. Quinn feels that Ridge and Steffy have already seen them. Ivy points out he might know what the European buyers would like. Quinn can check it out later. One of the models offers to give him his number. Quinn doesn’t need that but if she does need a showing then she will call them in. She thanks Quinn. The two models leave. Quinn guesses Thorne could shake thinks up around here. Ivy thought it was a huge power struggle a few years ago with Ridge’s return. Thorne is different. Quinn wonders if Thorne ever wanted to run the company. Ivy doesn’t think there is anyone who doesn’t want to run the company. Thorne is just not as ego driven.

Ridge remembers when Thorne would draw as a kid. Thorne has been drawing with designers for over a year. Ridge guesses it is good he has been taking lessons. Thorne has been refining his abilities. Eric thinks they are great. Ridge guesses everyone should have a hobby. Thorne doesn’t think this is a hobby. Ridge knew Thorne wanted this. Brooke thinks this is amazing for a designer without as much experience. Ridge guesses he went to everyone else before coming to him. Thorne is proud of his designs. He is not scared to ask for his opinion. Thorne wants to know what Ridge thinks. Ridge thinks they are interesting. He has a great feel for fabric but there is no collection here. Thorne guesses he doesn’t see them as a group. Ridge thinks he put a lot of work in this. Ridge is not going to give him a job on the design team. Thorne points out it is still Eric’s company. He still has final say. Ridge guesses he has natural ability. He knows what it takes to succeed in this business. He hasn’t designed very long. Eric wants to discuss this as a family. Thorne thinks he and Ridge need to have a chat. Ridge wants to recap. He is back here and a designer now. He moves into Brooke’s house. He said he should ask more questions so he will. He wants to know what Thorne is up to.

Quinn is shocked that Thorne came home with designs. Eric guesses they are discussing them right now. Brooke feels they are discussing more than that. Eric thinks that Thorne is open to an honest critique. Brooke doesn’t think that Ridge hesitated to give him on. Eric thinks that Thorne has been working hard on this. Brooke hopes that Ridge treats this as a good thing. Thorne always feels like the runner up though. Eric knows they are very different. He admires the traits they both have individually. Brooke feels that Thorne has become a lot stronger. Eric guesses Thorne is ready to challenge his brother.

Ridge doesn’t want to argue with Thorne. He knows his time in Paris was good for him. Thorne thinks it has been. Ridge wants him to be happy. Ridge doesn’t think that time stood still. Everyone has a role to play. Everyone is focused on one thing. Ridge points out he went to Europe. Thorne realizes he doesn’t have the experience that Ridge does. He has been learning. Ridge thinks that Zende is a different situation to him. Thorne points out that their sisters are designers and their father. It is not crazy for him to want to design. Ridge asks if these names happen to be their friends. Thorne says they are. Ridge suggests they didn’t want to hurt their relationships they already had. Thorne told him once to call him by his name. He cannot undermine him. He has had enough. He says enough.

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