B&B Monday Update 12/4/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 12/4/17


Written by Anthony

Steffy is crying hysterically. Liam asks her to sit down and wants to know why she is crying and what it has to do with Bill. Liam wants to know why she is upset. He wants to know what happened.

Bill is in his office. He looks at a picture of Liam and Steffy. Wyatt walks in. He thinks Bill is deep in thought. Bill admits it does happen on occasion. Wyatt would have to guess that it has to do with a love he lost. Wyatt wonders if he even talks to Brooke anymore.

Ridge tells Brooke that they should go to the beach and then have lunch at the loft. Brooke cannot do that. Ridge asks if she is upset with him. Brooke is concerned. She thought he and Quinn had a hands off policy. Ridge asks what she means. Brooke saw Ridge in the office and he said she was beautiful. Ridge wants to know why she didn’t come in. Brooke didn’t want to bother him. It looked like he was having a moment.

Thorne walks down the hall at Forrester and Quinn spots him. She heard he was home. She offers him a corner piece of her lemon bar. Thorne thinks it is delicious. Pam welcomes him back again. Thorne walks in and Eric is with two models. He asks what he thinks. Thorne thinks they are beautiful and the designs are not to bad either. The models missed Thorne. Eric really loves the dress. There is just something that he cannot put his finger on. Thorne thinks it is the drape. He fixes it for him. Eric asks the models to make sure sewing knows about this when they get back down. The models leave. Eric wants Thorne to behave. Thorne is not Ridge. He wonders where he is. Eric says he is at Brooke’s. He has been spending every moment with her that she will allow. Thorne wonders if Brooke gets to have space when she wants it.

Ridge was not having a moment with Quinn. She brought her jewelry and he told her it was beautiful. Ivy was there for most of it. Ridge thinks it is cool she is jealous. Brooke is just concerned. Ridge thinks Brooke is the sexiest thing he has ever seen. Brooke doesn’t like to see him with Quinn like that. It brings up bad memories. Ridge thinks that is what pushed her back to Bill.

Bill is tired of being judged and Brooke doesn’t want to be with him anymore. Wyatt imagines he misses her like crazy. Bill does miss her. Wyatt asks if they can put the divorce on hold. Wyatt thinks the ship has sailed.

Liam wants to know why she is so upset. Steffy loves her so much. Liam loves her too. Steffy never wants him to question her love for him. Liam wants Steffy to calm down. He needs to know why she is so upset and what it has to do with Bill.

Eric doesn’t think it is a secret that he wants Brooke and Bill back together. He will stop if he needs to. Thorne can see what Ridge wants. Eric thanks him for the observation. Eric will sort of halt on the reunion until Brooke comes around. Thorne didn’t mean to step on the plane with Brooke. Thorne imagines Ridge would tell him to mind his own business. Eric knows she is going through a difficult time. Thorne will be there for Brooke if he needs her to be.

Ridge wants to focus on their future. He wants to put their family back together. Ridge is never going to give up. Ridge thinks they will be renewing their vows sooner than they think. Brooke has not even heard anything from Bill. Ridge knows he will be back. He just has his hands filled right now.

Wyatt asks Bill if they are going to finish this before his meeting. He thinks that Bill really does miss Brooke.

Liam wonders if Bill said something to hurt Steffy. Steffy claims it is nothing like that. Liam would like it explained to him. Steffy doesn’t think that there is anything to tell. Steffy thinks she is just grateful. She was just scared he was going to lose his father. She doesn’t want anything to hurt his family ever again.

Wyatt asks if Bill thought there was any chance that Steffy was going to forgive Liam. Bill admits he didn’t. Wyatt has to go. He has a meeting. He assumes that Liam is not going to be there. Bill thinks he is a good brother. Wyatt says TTYL. Bill hates being spoken to in letters. Wyatt just wanted to make sure he was paying attention.

Steffy thinks it has been a very scary time. Their family has been pulled out all at once. She was worried. Steffy knows they got out of this. It makes her think they can get through anything. Liam promises that they are not going anywhere. Steffy thinks she is blessed to have him as her husband.

Eric feels that Thorne did a great job at international but they need him here. He missed him. Thorne says that when Aly was gone suddenly he felt so much guilt. He just couldn’t be around the family. He needed time to heal. He has as much as he could. It was time for him to come back. Eric wonders where he stayed last night. Thorne stayed with Brooke in her guest room. Thorne is comfortable at Brooke’s. He offered to make her dinner tonight.

Brooke wonders why Ridge dropped by. Ridge asks why he needed a reason. Brooke thinks usually there is a reason. Ridge wants to take her to dinner. Brooke already committed to dinner with Thorne. Ridge asks how she would have dinner here. She doesn’t cook. Brooke does cook. Thorne is going to cook though. It is him paying for room and board. Ridge wants to know why his brother is living with her. Ridge guesses Thorne is staying here with her. Ridge wants to know why he is here instead of Eric’s or a hotel. Brooke suggests with him as well. Ridge doesn’t want Thorne staying with him. Ridge wants to know why he is talking about him. Brooke claims they discuss things since they are living together. Ridge thinks Thorne is up to something.

Thorne heard about Sheila. Eric doesn’t want to spend any time with that. He thinks that him and Quinn are closer than ever. Thorne hopes that Ridge learned his lesson. Thorne knows about what happened in Australia. He knows Ridge betrayed Brooke before the wedding.

Liam knows they renewed their vows and are happier than ever. Steffy is just happy the drama is over. That is why she is such a mess. Steffy loves him so much. Liam loves her too. He doesn’t want her to forget that for a second. Liam asked Wyatt to cover. The two kiss and Liam goes to work. Steffy sighs. She gets a call from Bill. Bill wonders if she told him. Steffy couldn’t bring herself to do it. The stress if making her sick. Things like this make he sick. If Liam finds out what they did then it is all over. Bill is not going to tell him or anyone else. Steffy needs him to promise her. Bill promises. Steffy guesses it is their secret then. Steffy looks at her wedding ring.

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