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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 12/1/17


Written by Anthony

Steffy doesn’t think that her and Bill are meant to be. Bill is telling her how he feels. He will do the right thing though. His relationship with his son is older than time. Bill will be a good and loyal father. Bill doesn’t think anything good will come of Steffy telling Liam about the night. Steffy wonders what the difference is now. Bill remembers the first time they were rapped up into each other. They made love. Steffy begs him to stop calling it that. Bill cannot do that. Bill will keep the lie going but he cannot lie to himself or to her about what it meant to finally be with her.

Liam offers Sally food and drink. Sally thinks she should get going. Sally wonders if he is trying to be a good host. Liam is trying to get a clue as to why she is here. If she is having doubts about Spectra getting help. Sally doesn’t have an issue. She is about to embarrass herself again.

Darlita and Coco play cards. Coco thinks she has to many cards. Darlita wonders how many cards Shirley normally deals out. Darlita doesn’t want to learn cards from Shirley. She cheats. She just wants to be able to play when RJ wants to. Darlita coughs. Coco wonders if she is sick. Darlita wonders if she remembers when Sally and Liam went to the hospital for swallowing all the demo dust. Coco wonders how she could forget. Darlita thinks that it is kind of like a love story that Liam and Sally have Spectra stuck in them forever. It is a love story all on its own. Darlita feels it be terrible if Steffy was lost at sea in a boating incident. Coco reminds her that Steffy is her boss. They don’t wish that on her. Darlita saw a show last night where a woman was washed out to sea and rescued by a beautiful island boy. Coco doesn’t really see Steffy with an island boy. Darlita thinks if Steffy was gone, the Liam would be magnetically attracted to Sally.

Sally thought that Liam seemed really happy on thanksgiving. She wanted to make sure that things really are ok. She knows they said they renewed their vows but she doesn’t know what that means. Sally really doesn’t like when people break things and walk away.

Steffy shouldn’t have come here. Bill is not asking for anything. Bill thinks she will feel what she feels. That is her business even if she doesn’t know what that is. Bill wants her to think carefully before she does what she wants to, too his son. Steffy cannot run to Bill. Bill thinks that Liam will leave Steffy if she is to honest. Bill thinks they all pay the price for happiness. Bill thinks there was nothing indecent about what happened between them. There was a time for them when he wasn’t her father-in-law. Bill is not going to let her paint what happened between them as something that wasn’t caring or loving. Bill has a stake in this too. He could lose his son. Steffy thinks he deserves to. Liam deserves to know. She needs him to prepare for anything.

Liam thanks Sally for stopping by. Sally thanks him for not slamming the door in her face. Sally thinks it is a shame they cannot be friends. Liam wonders what they are. Sally thinks they will be aware of what has happened. Sally thinks that in time the things that happened will no longer be there. Sally promises if he needs him then she will not give a damn who knows it. Sally leaves.

Coco cannot really concentrate on cards. Darlita is worried that Sally will come home broken hearted. Coco thinks that what Liam wants is not Sally.

Steffy shows up at her house. She thinks about telling Bill she cannot keep the secret any longer. She opens the door. Liam hangs up from a call. She asks if he is working. Steffy tells him she is not ok. Liam wonders if something happened at work. Steffy didn’t make it to work. Liam doesn’t think she looks like herself.

Sally walks into her apartment. She really hopes Coco didn’t come over and trick her into playing blackjack. Coco promises it was Darlita who came over. She might have told her some things about Liam. Sally thought that was just for her to know. Coco knows she will not say anything. Coco wonders if Liam was happy to see him. Sally guesses he didn’t slam his door in her face. She thinks she should see his house. It is on a cliff in Malibu. Sally wanted to make sure Liam and Steffy were ok. He seems happier than before. She is a new and improved Steffy if they can imagine that.

Bill puts his phone down. He thinks about Steffy thinking this is going to haunt her.

Liam admits that he had no idea Sally was going to come over. Steffy is not worried about that. Liam asks what is wrong then. Steffy wonders what Sally wanted. Liam guesses that Sally wanted to make sure things were ok. Steffy says her brass knuckles are at the cleaners. She is sick of people looking at her a certain way. Liam thinks she is really unhappy about something. Steffy thinks it is crazy how everything can change. She guesses everything can be gone. Liam promises he is not gone. Whatever it is cannot be that bad.

Sally wonders if Coco has ever felt like life is trying to give you a clue about what to do. Such as she has always known she didn’t need a man to make her happy. She has been torn up over two in the last few months. The next time she lets a man in she will know exactly what she has to do. Coco thinks she has it bad. Sally doesn’t think that she will ever make that mistake again. Sally thinks that Liam has brought nothing but good into her life. She wants a man who doesn’t give up. Coco wants to be stronger. She wants someone who doesn’t give up. Steffy is not someone who gives up.

Bill looks at paperwork. He looks nervous. He remembers telling Steffy they have always belonged together. Bill gets a text. Wyatt wants to know why Bill and Liam are not at the office.

Steffy cannot waist anymore time. Steffy doesn’t want Liam to not love him. She cannot help this. Liam wonders if she is sick. He knows she is crying and shaking. Steffy cannot pretend anymore. Liam gets this is about her leaving. Steffy doesn’t think this is about them. Steffy doesn’t care about Sally. Liam knows she had no choice with the marriage renewal. Steffy cannot pretend anymore. She needs Liam to love her. Liam thinks she will always have his love. Steffy doesn’t think it is about him. Liam is not going to sit her and watch her like this. Steffy says this is about Bill.

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