B&B Thursday Update 11/30/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 11/30/17


Written by Anthony

Steffy is scooping fruit into a bowl. Liam wonders if she knows how amazing it is to start each day with his amazing wife in his arms. Steffy asks him to not put her on a pedestal. Liam thinks she is disgusting. He realizes that it is him. Steffy doesn’t think that couples should create big mistakes. She never should have walked out on him. Steffy really regrets it but they are starting over. She is so happy she is Misses Liam Spencer. She hugs him but looks worried. She thinks of sleeping with Bill.

Bill sits in his living room. He is working and looks at a file. He slams it down on the table. She thinks about Steffy telling him that they never should have let that night happen. Bill thinks that he is trying to make things right. Steffy cannot keep this from Bill. Bill doesn’t want Liam to know. They had to keep this from everyone. Bill looks regretful at present. He takes a sip of his coffee.

Sally puts her makeup on at home. Sally wonders if this is to much. Coco wonders if they are going back to the carnival. Coco wonders where she is headed. Sally is going to drop in on Liam to see how she is doing. Sally looks at other earrings. She thinks about admitting she loves Liam with all her heart for all he has done. She will never meet anyone like him ever again. Coco wonders if Liam knows she is coming. Sally will make sure she doesn’t run into Steffy. She doesn’t want to upset them. She knows they are trying to move on from what happened. Coco wonders if she has. Coco doesn’t want to create more problems for Liam. She just wants to speak with him. Coco guesses she fell really hard for the guy.

Steffy wants Liam to imagine a private island cut off from the rest of the world. Liam is on board. He thinks with Christmas around the corner, he knows she wants to be with his family. Liam knows it is something she wants. Steffy guesses they can talk about it later. Liam would love if they could work from home together. Steffy actually has a meeting. Liam asks if Steffy is ok. Steffy is fine. Liam thinks her hands are shaking. Steffy just has a chill. Liam hugs Steffy.

Darlita asks Coco where Sally went. Darlita says she went Liam’s because they are friends. Darlita knows that Sally likes Liam. She knows she pretends she doesn’t because of what could happen. Then they got trapped in the explosion. Something that Sally never thought she could predict. Darlita reads a lot of romance novels. She is guessing this came to head in the explosion. Darlita assumed she bared her soul assuming she had nothing to lose. She cannot imagine Liam crossing the line with her though. Darlita wonders if they did. Coco admits they shared a few kisses. She needs her to not tell anyone. Darlita thinks this is romantic and scary at the same time. Coco thinks the explosion is behind her but the feelings for Liam… Sally has a lot to work through.

Liam wonders why Sally is here. Sally hopes he didn’t mind she came by. She thinks his house is incredible. She loves the view. Sally knows that him and Steffy looked really happy on Thanksgiving. Liam thinks it was surreal how understanding she was. He betrayed her love but she forgave him. Thankfully.

Steffy cannot keep the secret anymore. Bill wants her to keep it. Steffy overreacted that night. Liam was honest with her. Bill thinks their situation was completely different. Steffy has to keep lying to herself over and over. This will haunt her the rest of her life. Bill knows she wants to spend the rest of her life with him. Steffy asks what she is supposed to do. Steffy wants to pretend this never happened. Bill needs them to try harder for everyone’s sake. Bill doesn’t want to lose Liam either. Steffy asks why they didn’t stop themselves when they did what they did.

Darlita knew she was right. Sally had the hots for Liam all a long. Coco says she is trying to get answers with Liam right now.

Sally expected a completely different reaction from Steffy at thanksgiving. She clearly didn’t know she was coming. She rose above though. It was classy considering everything. Sally expected her to shove her face in sweet potato. She expects something bad to happen after what she did. Sally knows why Steffy hates her. Liam admits that she was obviously mad at first but over night she found peace and acceptance. It allowed her to renew their marriage vows. They are off on an incredible journey. Steffy left one woman and came home with another.

Bill knows they didn’t set out to betray Liam. She was leaving him. The man she trusted admitted to sharing kisses with a woman she hates. It revealed a connection to Liam and Sally that he was not ready to commit to until that moment. Steffy thinks it was a terrible lapse in judgement. Steffy needs to give Liam the same kind of integrity. Bill thinks she will lose Liam forever if she tells the truth. He asks if that is what she wants.

Darlita thinks if Steffy ever found out… Coco says that Steffy knows and renewed their wedding vows. Darlita wonders where this leaves Sally then.

Sally guesses she is glad that this didn’t cause any permanent damage. Liam was scared Steffy leaving was for good. Sally doesn’t think any woman would ever do that. She doesn’t want to make him feel uncomfortable. She cannot stop thinking about what happened between them. She has Spectra to focus on with Bill’s help. She guesses that makes her lucky. Not as lucky as Steffy. Sally is happy that he is happy and that he has a loving relationship with the princess.

Bill thinks if she tells Liam it will do serious damage to her marriage. They are finally starting to heal. If she opens this up… It is not going to matter. Steffy thinks he was betrayed. Bill doesn’t think it was intentional from either of them. Bill doesn’t think what happened was dirty or an accident. They made love and they felt that together. Bill cannot stops this. He wishes he could but he cannot he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. He said it years ago and again when they made love. They understand each other. They are connected and always will be. He cannot deny what they know. They were meant to be. Bill thinks that they are meant to be.

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