B&B Wednesday Update 11/29/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 11/29/17


Written By Anthony

Brooke wants to know when Thorne became a tea drinker. Thorne claims it is something he picked up in Europe. Brooke wonders about his love life. Thorne is a Forrester. Nothing like his brother though. He knows she doesn’t want to talk about why she didn’t marry Ridge. He can only imagine it involved Ridge and another woman. It just upsets him that he cannot appreciate what an incredible woman Brooke is.

Ridge is inspired by the neckless Quinn has designed. Ivy walks in. She is sorry to interrupt. Ivy feels the pieces Quinn created yesterday were inspiring. Ridge meant what he said. These designs are great.

Charlie shows up to the design office where Pam is. He brought her lunch. Pam thinks that is exactly what he got her yesterday. Charlie says that it is the last of the thanksgiving left overs. Pam already had lunch before going to see Stephanie at the cemetery. Charlie hasn’t though. Pam wonders if Charlie believes in rehabilitation. Charlie doesn’t know. Pam ran into Sheila today.

Sheila is at work and spots Carter and Eric sitting down at a table. She smiles.

Charlie is shocked Sheila was there. Pam says she was her waitress. She admits they did have a chat. It was interesting.

Eric thanks Carter. Carter will have the contracts by the end of the day. Carter will see him at work. Eric says maybe not. He is married to his beautiful Quinn. Carter will see him later. Sheila walks up to him. Eric is shocked that Sheila is still in town.

Quinn thinks that Ivy does her piece justice. Ivy thanks her. Ivy wonders if it is true that Thorne is at home. Ridge admits that it is true. Ivy assumes that Eric is happy. Ridge claims he is.

Thorne thinks that Ridge is a talented designer. He will give him that much. Brooke points out he has the gene. Thorne points out that Ridge is not a Forrester by blood so he doesn’t know where he gets it. Brooke wonders who gets Eric’s talents then. She assumes Felicia. Thorne shows Brooke designs. Brooke wonders who did this. Thorne asks what she thinks. Brooke thinks they are beautiful.

Eric thought Sheila said that she was leaving. Sheila felt her life was always happiest here in LA. She continues to think about how miserable she made people though. Sheila thinks it is really sad that people cannot trust her. Eric reminds her the most recent business with Mateo. Sheila couldn’t help herself. She needed to test his wife. She knows it wasn’t her place. What Quinn did with his son was terribly wrong. She needed to make sure she was worthy of him and she will not say sorry for that.

Ridge tells Quinn to try another neckless on. He wants to know how this happened. Quinn guesses Sheila being out of the picture helped her. He hopes that this is more positive than it has been. Ridge thinks this is fantastic. It makes her eyes sparkle. It is stunning. Quinn thanks him. Ridge could design a dress around this piece for her. Quinn thinks he could do it for someone. Ridge feels it is her best collection ever.

Brooke wonders how long Thorne has been at this. Thorne started right after Aly died. Brooke tried calling him. Thorne wasn’t returning anyone’s calls. He was off the grid. He ran into a designer who had lost his son a few years back. Thorne decided to try the same thing. He thought it was better than doing nothing. Thorne admits he had help. He studied and took classes. It doesn’t help that Europe has some of the best designers. He will never forget what they all did for him. Brooke thinks it is quite the surprise. Thorne wonders if he has heard about Aly’s Fashion. Brooke wonders if that is the small label that gets all the buzz in Europe right now. Thorne confirms it is. It is his label. The Aly line is his. He doesn’t want anyone else to know. Brooke is speechless right now. Thorne thought it was always a dream of his to design. That is why he is back in LA. To share his dream with her and the rest of the family. Brooke is so proud of her. She hugs him.

Charlie doesn’t think that Sheila can change. Pam used to think that way as well. A lot of people thought she couldn’t change herself. Pam has spoken with Sheila. Charlie thinks that is the kind of talk that worries him. Pam is not going to get tricked by her. Pam asks what she could possibly do to them. Pam thinks her only hope is to mend her ways. Pam knows what Sheila is going through. They all deserve a second chance. Even Sheila.

Eric explains that Thorne wants to see him. Sheila wonders if Thorne knows he is remarried. Eric explains like everyone else in his family he wants him to be happy. Sheila wants that as well. That is all she has ever wanted. Sheila thinks it is hard to believe with her latest blunder… She is embarrassed to even ask. She knows she was getting a bit a head with her portrait. She wonders if she could get it back. Eric says it is in the closet. He didn’t get rid of it.

Quinn asks if it is her finest collection ever. Ridge thinks it is no question. Quinn thinks that she lives for words like that. Quinn would still love to hear that from him. She asks if Thorne is here to stay. Ridge thinks he might be. He doesn’t want him to know about them. Quinn understands.

Brooke thinks that Thorne is full of wonderful surprises. Thorne would love to work with Eric and Ridge. He would love to be on the team. Brooke assumes she is going to be the one to break the news to them. Thorne will. Thorne thinks there is something different about Brooke. Brooke assumes her new hair. Brooke has been through a lot. Thorne wants to know what happened in Australia. Brooke thinks it was a silly kiss. Thorne wonders how it ended her relationship and she ended up in Spencer over a silly kiss. Thorne knows she doesn’t want to talk about it but it was wrong. Brooke doesn’t want him to get on Ridge about this. It is in the past and they are moving forward. It is just one of those things. Brooke thinks he is starting a new career. Brooke knows Thorne. He needs to let it go. That is what she is going to be doing. Thorne guesses that kiss must have been with someone pretty upsetting for her to call off the wedding. Brooke is going to go. She wants him to make himself comfortable. She will see him later.

Pam believes in second chances. That is what life is all about. Charlie thinks the only second chance Sheila wants is with Eric.

Sheila hopes for a little forgiveness. Eric thinks what she did with Mateo was outrageous. Sheila didn’t mean to do it. Eric doesn’t think it excuses her behavior. Eric wonders if any woman other than her will be a good woman for him. Sheila guesses she passed the test. She must be good for him.

Quinn doesn’t think Ridge has to worry. Ridge wants it to be behind them. Quinn doesn’t think that anyone is even talking about it. Ridge wants a future with Brooke. Quinn wants one as well. Quinn hated Ridge originally but she is glad that they are friends now. Quinn doesn’t want to give up her friendship. Ridge doesn’t think they have to. Quinn has Eric and nothing will happen between them again. Brooke looks in through the door. Ridge tells Quinn the neckless is beautiful.

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