B&B Tuesday Update 11/28/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 11/28/17


Written by Anthony

In Brooke’s living room, Thorne tells her that he likes her haircut. Brooke thanks him. Her girl had an opening and she wanted to change things up a little bit. Brooke thinks that he is welcome to stay as long as he needs. Thorne thinks it is a crazy time. He misses this city. Brooke wonders if he misses his crazy family. Thorne asks how he couldn’t. Brooke heard him and Ridge talking earlier. Thorne explains that it is hard being called little brother when they are grown.

Ridge looks at a piece of jewelry that Quinn has made. He thinks it is beautiful. Quinn thinks it will look good with the earrings. Ridge feels the clients will like it. Quinn hopes it will. Ridge thanks Quinn for thanksgiving. Quinn thinks Pam and Charlie deserve the credit. The good thing is that Sheila Carter didn’t crash it.

Pam goes to lunch. She takes her menu and Sheila spots her. She asks if she needs bread. Pam says that she scared her. Pam thought she left LA. Sheila cannot afford to lose this job. Pam wonders if Eric knows she is still in town. Sheila has no clue. She isn’t going to be bothering Eric or anyone else.

Liam is excited to be back. He likes that he is working with him and Wyatt again. Bill thinks it is good to have him back. He really wants to help the Spectra’s in anyway he can. Wyatt wonders if they are one giant family now. Liam guesses it looks that way and he owes it all to Steffy.

Sheila promises to not to anything else to Eric. Pam heard about her latest stunt with Mateo the estate manager. Sheila knows that was very wrong of her. She shouldn’t have done that. Pam thinks she could have broken Eric’s heard. Sheila doesn’t think that Quinn can be the loyal wife that Eric deserves.

Quinn wants to know how things are with Brooke. Ridge guesses she is ending her marriage for good. Quinn knows that leaves them the chance to end up back together.

Thorne is kind of embarrassed to admit this. Ridge’s attitude is the reason he stayed away. Brooke assumes like when he calls him little brother. Brooke had no idea that bothered him so much. He guesses that he likes to be reminded that he is the leader of the family.

Bill knows he hurt Liam. Liam thinks they all made mistakes. Bill knows he went to far. He did things he never should have done to his son. Bill doesn’t think that it compares what he did. Bill promises that he will never be that man again.

Sheila asks if Pam would like more ice tea. Pam actually is going to the cemetery soon. She is visiting Stephanie’s grave. Sheila asks if Charlie is going. Pam usually goes alone. Sheila assumes that is hard. Pam thinks that other people get creeped out or get to sad. She just needs comfort. Pam knows that Ridge still visits, Eric no so much since he visited Quinn. It is ok though. She doesn’t mind going by herself. Sheila always had respect for Stephanie. Pam thinks that means a lot. Sheila would come along if she wants the company.

Ridge doesn’t want to screw this up. Quinn thinks that is the right attitude. Ridge agrees. He is going to put his family back together. He has learned his lesson. He will give her space. Bill doesn’t want it but Brooke is going through with it. Quinn asks if he has heard from International about the orders. Ridge hasn’t but the good news is Thorne has moved back to LA. She can ask him herself.

Thorne knows that Ridge is the oldest. He knows it is natural to want to miss with his younger siblings. Apparently it is something you never grow out of. Brooke knows Ridge can be rough around the edges but that is what makes him so loving. Thorne feels he got all the good looks. Brooke feels they both are very good looking. Brooke knows they are nothing a like but they are incredible men. Thorne will try to be patient with him. He thinks that Ridge has been given a lot though. He might deserve it but he just hopes he appreciates it.

Wyatt assumes that Bill is all happy now. Bill thinks he should be supportive. This is a positive step. Wyatt is just a little surprised. Liam guesses they decided to move on. Liam doesn’t think Steffy will let anything bad happen. Liam doesn’t think anyone would be here if it were not for her. Steffy wants them to all focus on tomorrow. Liam kisses her. Bill looks guilty.

Sheila really meant what she said. She really does think they have more in common then they realize. Sheila heard what happened with her and Donna Logan up in Big Bear. Pam thinks about tying Donna up and pouring honey all over her while a bear came in. Pam really doesn’t like to think about that. Sheila is not judging her. She has had plenty of moments of her own. Pam has heard. Sheila thinks that people have misunderstood Pam. She probably deserves a lot of what has been said but like Pam she wants to be a better person. Sheila asks if they could be friends.

Thorne is not here to complain about his brother. He doesn’t want anymore conflict between them. It be nice if they could see eye to eye. Brooke knows they have both grown and matured. Brooke asks why they cannot just be friends. Thorne asks why the wedding never happened in Australia.

Quinn knows Eric is so happy to have Thorne home. Ridge knows that Thorne pulled away after his daughter died. Quinn remembers Aly. She thought it was so sad. She asks if he is dating anyone. Ridge guesses not. Quinn thinks he seems annoyed he is back. Ridge knows they used to lock horns when they were kids. There is no reason for that now. Quinn asks if he is afraid he might take his job. Ridge is sure that he is good at what he does. He is not worried though.

Liam scheduled a meeting with the city planners next week. Wyatt doesn’t think that Bill will budge on the garage. Liam thinks he might have to. Liam is not giving up on the solar panels. Wyatt is not talking about the building right now. He wants him to forget about that for a moment. He is talking about him and Bill. He keeps waiting for the other shoe to drop. Wyatt knows he was blackmailing Bill and threatening to put him in jail. Liam knows Bill made a mistake and he almost died. He should be grateful that their family is not falling apart anymore. Wyatt is fine. He just doesn’t get it. Wyatt still thinks that something is going on here. Even more than he realizes.

Bill hates seeing Steffy feel this way. Steffy wants to know how they let this happen.

Pam cannot believe she is saying this but she really likes talking to her. Sheila is going to take that as a compliment. Sheila is here if she wants to get together sometime. She really doesn’t have anyone. She knows she has Charlie. Pam admits she doesn’t really have many girlfriends at. The moment. She had a falling out at the baking club. Sheila would really like to be her friend.

Quinn knows he agreed to give Brooke space. She imagines it is hard for him. Ridge has to be patient. He has to try. They have a chance. Nothing is going to get in his way.

Thorne wants to know what happened. Brooke remembers seeing Quinn and Ridge kissing. He asks if he cheated and then there was someone else. Thorne knows there is always another woman with his brother. Brooke really doesn’t want to talk about it. Thorne says if she ever wants to talk he is here. Brooke thanks him. It is good to have him home.

Liam wants to hear what he is getting at. Wyatt thinks it is to easy. Wyatt doesn’t think that Bill is that forgiving. He never lets anything go. He wants to know why now. Liam guesses he learned from the experience. He knows that he personally did. Wyatt just thinks something is up.

Steffy continues to cry. This is killing her. It never should have happened. Steffy doesn’t think they can do anything to erase that night. Bill knows they let him down. He wants to know how he could do that to his little boy. Bill wants to put what happened between them aside. It wasn’t awful. It was beautiful. Steffy doesn’t think it should ever have happened. Bill thinks that Wyatt senses something. Steffy suggests she tell Liam. Bill doesn’t think she can keep this from him. Bill doesn’t want Liam to know. He was ready to start a life with her. She wants to stay with her husband though. Liam could never know though. They have to stay quiet. It would devastate Liam. They have to keep the secret between them. No one will ever know.

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