B&B Monday Update 11/27/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 11/27/17


Written by Anthony

Eric tells Brooke and Ridge that this was a good thanksgiving. Brooke feels that they always are. Eric thinks that it warms his heart how they all welcomed Quinn into the family. Ridge admits they tried it the other way and it just didn’t work. Brooke thinks they all know how much Eric loves her. Eric does wonder… He doesn’t want to put either one of them on the spot but he would love for them to be together. Eric would welcome Brooke into the family very easily. Ridge could easily spend the rest of his days with her. Thorne walks in through the front door. Thorne says surprise. Brooke wonders if that is really him. Eric says hello to him. Brooke cannot believe he is here. Ridge cannot either. Ridge welcomes his little brother home.

Bill looks at a photo of him and Liam. He then starts to think about making love to Steffy. He will always love Steffy. Steffy claimed she was more in love with Liam than yesterday. She renewed her vows with him. Bill shakes his head. Wyatt walks in. He wants to know what the hell is going on around here. He wonders if they are one big happy family now.

Steffy thinks about Liam saying he never wanted to hurt her. Liam wants to know what is on her mind.

Eric thinks it is so good to see Thorne. Thorne thinks it is good to see him too. Brooke has missed him so much. Thorne missed her too. He thinks she looks as beautiful as always. Brooke says back at him. Eric thinks he is a welcome sight. Ridge wonders how Paris has been treating him. Thorne thought it was a welcome change. Brooke thinks they are glad to have him back home. Brooke hugs him. Ridge looks annoyed.

Bill wants to know if Wyatt is rejecting something. He hates that him and Liam are always keeping him out of the loop. Bill thinks he keeps him involved in all kinds of things. Wyatt reminds him about Thanksgiving. They were all friendly again. Bill thinks they are making a fresh start. That is exactly what he wants.

Liam asks if Steffy is ok. Steffy is. She is just thinking about everything that has happened lately. So much has happened. Liam almost lost his father. He really couldn’t see a way back from all of that. Liam thought he was never going to see Bill ever again. Steffy is just happy that him and Bill made up. She knows how hard it has been for them both. Liam wouldn’t have forgiven him if it weren’t for her. Steffy guesses some people call that stubborn. Liam calls it working a miracle. Liam feels they are both so grateful for Steffy. Liam could have saved them all a lot of time and greed had he listened to her in the first place. He almost lost it all. He is so sorry for what happened to Sally. He is grateful that Steffy forgave him. He will never betray her again. Liam kisses her. Liam suggests they should go. Liam wants her to come with him to Spencer. Liam has a few things to say to the family. Steffy thinks it be good for the three Spencer men to bond. Liam thinks it is a new beginning for the family and that includes Steffy. Liam needs her there. He needs her to say she will come.

Bill asks if Wyatt is happy that he and Liam are finally getting along. Wyatt never said he wasn’t. He just doesn’t understand how it happens. Wyatt wants to know why he cannot get a straight answer out of him. Bill admits that Liam finally came to terms with this obsession with Sally. Wyatt knows that Steffy found a way to forgive Liam. She found a way to take him back. They renewed their vows. It shows what kind of woman Steffy is. Bill thinks she is in a class by herself.

Eric assumes Thorne is admiring his beautiful wife. He does the same thing sometimes. Thorne wonders if Quinn is around. Eric says no. Eric thinks that she will be just as happy to see him as he is. Eric thinks she is a real gift for him. Brooke wonders how things are with Thorne. Thorne thinks Paris cannot be so bad. Thorne admits after Aly died he needed time to mourn so he threw himself into his work. Brooke knows he misses her. She does. Ridge feels they all do. Thorne admits that there is an emptiness inside that will always be there. He realized it was time though. He is moving back to LA. Eric couldn’t be happier. Thorne misses his family. This is home. Eric is glad to welcome his son back. Eric asks if he wants to move in here. Thorne isn’t sure where he will stay. Brooke thinks the important thing is he is home. Thorne wonders if they were in the middle of something. Ridge claims that Brooke wants to spend the rest of his life with him. Thorne heard she was divorcing Bill. Brooke says sadly yes. Brooke didn’t want to rush anything with Ridge. Thorne asks what happened. Brooke claims that unlike Eric and Quinn, she wasn’t a perfect match for Bill. Bill told her that from the beginning. Eric thinks the divorce will allow Brooke to remember where her home is. He thinks that they should make things right.

Wyatt knows that Liam spent what he thought were the last minutes of his life making out with Sally. Bill knows it wasn’t Liam’s finest hour. It hit Steffy hard. Wyatt guesses walking out on him helped things out. He asks if he knows where Steffy even went. He guesses it doesn’t matter. Wyatt doubts anyone will ever come between them again. Liam and Steffy walk in. Wyatt didn’t think he would see her here. Liam kind of wanted to bring his wife since she is the reason he is here. Wyatt doesn’t mind having Steffy around. Steffy explains that Liam insisted that she come. Liam really does think that family comes first. He thanks them for not letting him throw it away. Wyatt does think there is still an issue on the table. He knows the plans to build are still on the table. Bill wants Skye built but he will also spare no expense getting Spectra up and running. It is the right thing to do. Liam really appreciates him extending a hand. Bill will get Spectra up at a good location. He wants to see them made fully whole. Wyatt asks if Steffy is alright. Steffy guesses whatever makes the peace. Bill wants to sit down with Sally to ask what she wants. Liam thinks that is an excellent idea. Bill doesn’t even need Liam involved. He will have Allison set it up. Liam thinks that is great. Wyatt thinks he is in a parallel universe right now. Liam thinks that Steffy made him realize things. Liam thinks that there had to be a solution that didn’t make him destroy his relationship. Liam promises things will not happen like this again. He will give them their loyalty. Like they have given him theirs. Steffy looks guilty.

Ridge pours himself something to drink. Thorne couldn’t help but notice he didn’t look so happy about his homecoming. If he has a problem, now is a good time to say something. Ridge asks if he would just get on a plane and leave. Thorne wouldn’t but would like to know where they stand. Brooke listens from around the corner. Ridge thinks if he wants to come home then he is always welcome here. Thorne wants him to drop the little brother thing. He is not kidding him. Ridge asks when he became sensitive. Thorne doesn’t need to be called little anymore. If he has to call him anything then call him half-brother. That more accurately describes what he is to him. He is not the one walking around with Marone DNA. Ridge asks if he is going to say that to him in the house they were raised. Thorne doesn’t want them to forget where they have come from. Ridge thinks if he is going to antagonize him this is a bad idea. He calls him little brother again.

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