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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 11/22/17


Written By Anthony

Brooke wishes Eric and Quinn a happy thanksgiving. RJ and Ridge are right behind her. Eric thinks that Brooke brought the turkey with them. Ridge rolls his eyes. He thinks the place looks great. Wyatt and Liam walk in arguing over what makes people tired on Thanksgiving. Steffy tells them that this is what they are like the entire time they are alone. Eric thinks Steffy looks beautiful as always. Wyatt wishes Quinn a happy thanksgiving. Quinn tells Katie she is glad she is here. Katie is glad to be here as always. Quinn thinks if it means she gets to have her son with her then she is glad she is here. Not every day is Thanksgiving though.

Ridge looks forward to this day every year because everyone puts their differences aside for the day.

Steffy thanks Quinn for planning this dinner. The day crept up on her. Quinn knows that she had a lot going on. They know about her little secret. Eric states her and the guest house. Quinn assumes the bracelet is hers. Steffy explains she had a little argument with Liam. They are ok now.

Bill guesses that Will cannot get enough to the parade. He asks how Liam and Wyatt are doing. Liam wishes him a happy thanksgiving. Bill thinks about all they have been through and how they have come together. Liam toasts to the future and whatever it has to offer. Wyatt agrees.

Quinn asks Nicole how Paris is. Nicole thinks it is great. Zende sends his love but he couldn’t stop designing. Maya and Rick walk over. They are so glad to see Nicole. Vivienne and Julius show up. Pam tells them all the turkey is almost done. Charlie goes into the closet and finds the Sheila portrait. Quinn tells him they don’t want to make a big deal about that. Quinn thinks Sheila is crazy. Charlie thinks she has no idea.

Shirley walks in with Sally, Coco, and Darlita. Eric is glad that they could all be here. Darlita wonders where else they could go. Eric doesn’t think anyone should have to go through what they went through this year. He is glad they were able to come. Shirley brought pigs in a blanket. Bill walks over. He wanted to tell them again how sorry he is. He wants to remind them how he wants to find them a great new location and get Spectra on their feet. He wants to be a better person.

Liam walks into the dining room. He is thankful for her. He thinks he found peace with Bill because of her. Bill will be sitting next to Steffy and will be just as thankful for her as he is.

Eric wants to know what is going on here. Vivienne tells Julius to turn the game off. Nicole says they don’t get to watch the game as much in Paris. Vivienne is so sorry. Eric doesn’t think that anything could be better than being at an event with their children.

Liam tells Brooke that he thinks they are getting through this with Bill. Brooke is glad to hear that.

Ridge takes a photo and wants to send it to Thomas.

Liam thinks it is fancy seeing Sally here. Sally agrees fancy indeed. Sally hopes things are food with him and Steffy. Liam guesses they decided to move forward. They renewed their marriage vows. Sally thinks that Liam deserves the best. Liam thinks her too.

Steffy did the same thing earlier. Bill can leave if this will be awkward for her. Steffy doesn’t think he can. She just is not sure how she will get through this. Bill wants to focus on the fact they have a lot to be thankful for. Liam will never know what they did that night. Liam walks in. Quinn says it is time they take their seats. Everyone walks in. Steffy looks at Bill.

Steffy explains that for those who have not done this, it is a family tradition that they turn to the person next to them and say something nice. Steffy asks Liam to do the honors. Liam turns to Sally. He knows they have been through a lot. She is creative and a fighter. He had admires her dedication. He will cherish their friendship forever. Sally thanks him. She really values their friendship too. Sally turns to Shirley. She really admires her strength in raising her and Coco. Spectra’s might not be proper but that is what give them luster. Shirley turns to Darlita. More often than not she drives her bonkers. Darlita thanks her. She wouldn’t have it any other way. He optimism keeps the Spectra dream alive. Darlita thinks that means a lot and calls her grams. Darlita turns to RJ. She thinks he is pretty cool. She can tell he cares about Coco. She is thankful that he is one of the good ones and all the free jewelry he gave them from last years collection. RJ points out they were samples. They were sitting in the storage room downstairs. He realizes they are having a talk later… RJ doesn’t think he has ever laughed as much as with Coco. She taught him to live in the moment. He gets her. Coco loves working with Katie. She is impressed by her drive. Coco thinks between her and her sister. She is surrounded by fierce and strong role models. Katie has a lot to be thankful for. She is working at Forrester. It gave her the opportunity to collaborate with Wyatt. He allowed her to step into her own. That taking risks is a good thing. Wyatt is glad she feels that way. Wyatt is proud of Quinn for what she found with Eric. They are protective of what they have. She has been protective of him his whole life. He loves her for that. He knows she means well and he loves her. Quinn thanks him. Quinn guesses that now the truth comes out for why she took on the seating arrangements. She thinks her and Eric have been through a lot. They get stronger and go through a lot. They wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for his understanding and ability to see the best in people. Eric kisses her hand. Eric wishes a happy thanksgiving to Stephanie. Eric thinks the Douglas woman are devoted. He thanks Pam for keeping her alive through her memory. Eric thinks Pam is a Forrester. Pam tells Charlie that for so much of her life she was alone. The time she has had with Charlie has made up for so much. She knows he is always here protecting her heart. Charlie has had the pleasure of getting to know Maya and Nicole. That comes from Vivienne. Vivienne thanks him. She thinks that their children come from a strong father too. Just ask him. Vivienne respects that Julian is not afraid to speak his mind. She knows that everything he does comes from the protection of their family. She is great full for that. Julius thinks that hard work pays off with Nicole. He is proud of the woman she has become. Nicole is so grateful for Maya for being a good mother to Lizzie. She thanks her for suggesting she move to France. Maya thinks it has been a journey since Rick came into her life. He is her true partner and she loves him. Rick tells Ridge that he knows they have had differences. He loves and respects that he loves his mother. Rick is glad he is part of this family. He is glad they have had wonderful years together. He is amazing. Whatever happens happens. He doesn’t know what to call this. The entire room says destiny. Ridge will always be here for her. Always. Brooke turns to Bill. Brooke wants him to know she has fond memories of the time they spent together. They will focus on today. She is glad he is focusing on his children. He will always be dear to her in her heart. Bill looks at Steffy. He used to think he was the one who held their family together. He thinks that Steffy is exceptional on every level. He knows her and Liam will have a long and happy marriage together. Steffy has to disagree. Liam is everything good in their lives. She thanks Liam for loving her through her faults. She means. It. She cannot imagine their life without her. She guesses they did it. She wishes them a happy thanksgiving. They all start to eat and the turkey comes out. They all wish each other a happy thanksgiving. Liam tells Steffy he loves everything about this. Especially her. Steffy loves him too. He wishes them a happy .thanksgiving. Steffy smiles.

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