B&B Tuesday Update 11/21/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 11/21/17


Written by Anthony

Bill thinks about sleeping with Steffy and Steffy demanding that no one talk about this. Justin walks into Bill’s office. Justin thought he was supposed to be on his yacht. Bill canceled the trip. It is off. He is not going anywhere. He guesses what he thought was happening isn’t.

Liam wonders if Steffy canceled all her big plans for the day. Steffy wanted to be here today. Liam doesn’t know how he missed how amazing this all was. She is so wonderful. He is so glad she decided to forgive him. Steffy is not that wonderful.

Rick and Maya kiss one another. Eric says hello to them. Rick hopes they didn’t show up to early. Eric feels they right on time to help them get ready. Maya wanted to lend a hand. Rick knows that it is a big event around here. Quinn doesn’t want them to look at her because she has been told to stay out of her own kitchen. Pam and Charlie walk in through the front door. They argue over groceries. Maya says she has come to help. Pam claims that they have it totally under control. She does want them to come tomorrow though. She knows that it must be hard having Zende away but she must be excited to have her sister back from Paris. Eric knows Zende will be missed but they will have a full house for Thanksgiving. Quinn knows one person who will not be here. That is Sheila Carter. Eric doesn’t think she would dare try to crash their Thanksgiving.

Bill did something unforgivable. Justin thinks he does that everyday. Bill wants the trip to be canceled. Justin wonders if he feels guilty about Spectra. He knows that it is hard to be away from Liam with how he betrayed him. Bill wonders where he learned that from.

Liam only saw how selfish Bill was being but Steffy saw a whole other side to him. She was right. He should have listened to her. So from now on he is all ears. Steffy thought he wanted to put this behind them. Liam gets the importance of family loyalty. Liam doesn’t think that Bill would ever betray him the way he did to him.

Pam needs to get the turkey in the oven the first thing in the morning. Charlie wants to get the potatoes chopped up as well. Pam suggests they do that tonight. Quinn told her that she could have her kitchen tomorrow but not a moment before. Pam needs it at six. Quinn insists on nine. Maya wonders if there is nothing she can do. Pam promises that there will be plenty to do tomorrow. Rick has seen the guest list this will not be a stress free day. Eric thinks that Thanksgiving is always a magical time in this family. They always manage to come together. Pam thinks they might need a miracle worker to bring everyone together.

Bill condemned Liam for not putting the family first. They got past it though. Bill doesn’t think his instincts are wrong. People should be loyal to him and the family. He knows he hit Liam and almost killed him in the explosion. He knows he did some terrible things to his own son. Bill doesn’t deserve Liam’s respect or his love.

Liam knows that family should have been his priority. Steffy thinks anyone could lose themselves. Steffy knows these were powerful feelings. Liam almost lost her. Steffy thinks they renewed their vows and wanted a fresh start. Liam wants that with his father. Liam thinks that Bill is his dad and he has to trust that. Liam has to take responsibility for his part in all this. He blackmailed him. Steffy thought they were going to move forward. Liam is trying to do that. Liam needs to rebuild his faith with Bill. Liam needs Steffy to come with him to Spencer. Liam doesn’t think anyone was as invested in them getting back together as much as she was.

Justin knows what Bill needs. It is a night out. Bill doesn’t need that. Justin thinks that Bill needs to stop coming down on himself. Bill knows he sees what he wants and takes it. Justin wants him to look at Skye. When the beauty is built he will be able to see himself every way he turns. Bill doesn’t want to look at himself right now. Bill wants his trip canceled. He doesn’t want to hear another word about it.

Pam wonders where they are on the seating chart. Maya wonders if they really need a seating chart. Rick knows they are all family. Pam asks if they are kidding. The seating chart is the most important part of Thanksgiving. Eric knows that they will be busy tomorrow in the kitchen. Quinn is sure she will hear from Steffy today. It probably just slipped her mind.

Liam shows up at Bill’s office. Steffy is right behind him. Steffy told Liam to talk to him, himself but he wants her here. Liam knows he said he was done with Spencer. Bill believed in. Liam knows he did. They both did. He was wrong though. He has been wrong a lot lately. He would like to come back and work with Bill again if he will have him. Liam knows he blackmailed him. He spent all his time trying to right Bill’s wrongs. Steffy tried to broker peace and wouldn’t let anything come between them. Liam has a different vision for the company. He knows he is not always right. He has to be big enough to admit when he is wrong and he is wrong. Liam betrayed him and he is sorry. He asks if Bill will forgive him.

Quinn thought they agreed. Eric doesn’t think they will notice them. Quinn feels that they will come in and out asking them to taste something. Eric suggests they hide in the bedroom. Quinn can tell he is worried. Eric wonders if he should be. They found her bracelet in the guest house. Quinn knows he likes having a house full of family. Quinn feels the same way. Especially, after this year. She almost lost the love of his life. She is so proud to be a part of this family. She knows it is an honor to be Mrs. Eric Forrester. She is thankful to him and everything he has brought into her life.

Bill asks if Liam really wants him to forgive him. Liam understands if he needs time. Steffy thinks they have all made mistakes. Liam thinks that there are a lot of causes in this world to fight for. There is nothing more sacred in this world than the bond between father and son. He wants to make things right. Bill stands up. Bill asks why not. They both said this before. Liam knows he meant it before. He has been nothing but loyal and faithful to him. Liam knows he didn’t mean to demolish the Spectra building. He knows he saved his life though. He is sorry for the way he treated him afterwards. Liam guesses he wants to say he loves him. Bill loves Liam too. The two hug each other. Steffy is crying. Bill doesn’t seem to be that enthused with this.

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