B&B Monday Update 11/20/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 11/20/17


Written by Anthony

Bill is making plans with Justin over the phone for his secret trip with Steffy. He needs it to be only Justin who actually knows where he is. He starts to think about sleeping with Steffy.

Someone knocks on Liam’s door and he runs to get it. It is Wyatt. He sees that he is alive. He doesn’t think this would have to happen if he just answered his phone. Liam put it on silent last night. Wyatt was worried about him. Wyatt asks if Steffy came home last night.

Bill sees that Steffy is here. Steffy couldn’t go into the office and she was worried about Bill calling the house. Bill knew he was going to hear from her. Steffy needed time. Bill says that they need time to talk and think. Steffy is not flying anywhere with him today. Bill knows they like to take things head on but they cannot stay on the fire today. Liam is not that gentleman like. He wonders how Liam took it. Steffy didn’t tell him.

Wyatt hates to rub it in but turning to Sally is really screwing up. Liam knows that it was a huge mistake and he doesn’t want to talk about it. Wyatt thinks he should be freaking out about losing Steffy. Liam didn’t lose her. She came back last night. Wyatt assumes she forgave him. Wyatt explains she did. Wyatt assumes the groveling was pathetic. Liam did more than just that.

Steffy wasn’t going to run home and rub it in Liam’s face. Bill points out that Liam did betray her. Steffy doesn’t think it is anything compared to what they did. Steffy cannot go running off on a yacht with him. Bill thinks that finally being with her last night changed everything. He cannot go back. He is very serious. They are leaving here today together. Steffy cannot do that. She is more married now than yesterday. Bill asks what that means. Steffy renewed her wedding vows with Liam last night.

Wyatt is in disbelief about vow renewal. Liam thinks that it is all legit too because Carter did it. Wyatt doesn’t think that the state of California even cares about that. Vows are for life. Liam thinks he is such a romantic. Wyatt guesses he had no idea Steffy was going to show up. Wyatt gets it. Liam was grasping at symbolism. Liam doesn’t think anything can hurt them again.

Bill wants to know how she renewed her vows. Steffy thought it all happened so fast. She was freaking out. Bill thinks that this is just a bunch of hocus pocus. He doesn’t think marriage is just words. When they first met it was electric. When they first met they were real. They loved each other but circumstances stopped them. He locked away his feelings. He wanted or needed really for her to be with Liam. That was a way to keep him away from her. He thought he would be a good loyal husband, but he has proven to not be a good son or husband. Bill asks if a little vow renewal honestly makes her change everything. Steffy wonders how good of a wife she could have been. Bill thinks that Liam broke the marriage contract. He can sell her on the circumstances but the kissing should never have happened. Bill is an expert on these things. He knows because of Katie and Brooke. No woman has ever understood him other than Steffy. Steffy was just trying to keep the family together. Bill thinks Liam was out of control and he was drawn to him. Bill thinks her renewed marriage was a lie. She is being unfaithful to herself. Steffy was going to tell him. Bill is sure she would have. Steffy knows he wants a fresh start. Steffy thinks he wants to put this behind them. Bill assumes she wants a life with him. He never made love to a woman like he did with her last night. He thought it was a mutual feeling He knows she wants this. Steffy wants to be married to Liam. That has never changed.

Liam cannot believe how close he came to losing Steffy. He knows what Bill did was wrong but he came to close to losing Steffy. Wyatt knows he is the one who is always ranting and raging about Bill. Liam knows he broke a loyalty with Bill. He knows that Bill would never do that to him though.

Steffy needs Bill to admit that they made a huge mistake. Bill thinks it was when she let shame drive herself back to her fractured marriage. Steffy hates herself right now. Bill thinks that they are more alike than she and Liam will ever be. Steffy wants to know what he wants from her. Bill wants all of her. Steffy thinks that being with him means giving up everything. Bill thinks being with him would gain everything. Bill thinks that Liam is a boy. Steffy is not deserving of Liam. Bill knows that she has to do things to appease Liam. She would order a steak at lunch for work because if she wanted one at home he would give her dirty looks. She would keep quiet about all the different things that Liam wanted. She would keep quiet about Sally. Now there is something else she has to hide. Them. Year after year she would have to bury her life in what could have been with him.

Wyatt thinks that Liam is a lot more normal when he listens to him. Wyatt asks what he will do with Bill. Liam doesn’t know how to say sorry for what he thinks is right. Wyatt thinks that he stabbed Bill in the back. Liam asks what it is about with Bill. Wyatt thinks it is about the relationship with Bill. His favorite battle cry is family first. He hated his father though and his sister won’t even take his phone calls. He doesn’t open her Christmas cards. Wyatt doesn’t think he should disrespect his relationship with Bill. Liam actually would accuse her of taking Bill’s side. She was just trying to fix their relationship though.

Steffy thinks she can fix this. Steffy wanted to be alone. She went to Eric’s to be alone. Bill thinks she needs to remember the person she used to be. Bill thinks she needs to thank him. Steffy is as guilty as he is. He wonders why a life with him is terrifying. Steffy asks who even loves him in his world. Justin and Wyatt? Bill thinks it is her. Steffy only wants one thing from him. Bill assumes her silence. Steffy has no choice. There are only two people who know about last night. They need to keep it that way. She needs him to promise he will not say anything. Steffy will be a loyal wife to his son. Neither of them will tell anyone about this. Bill asks what happens if she complicates this more. Steffy needs her husband. She doesn’t need him to complicate things more. Bill agrees.

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