B&B Friday Update 11/17/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 11/17/17


Written by Anthony

Bill thinks about the lead up to his hook up with Steffy. He stands by his bar at work. He then thinks about making love to Steffy.

Liam doesn’t think that Steffy knows how happy he is that Steffy is home. Steffy didn’t mean to worry him. Liam doesn’t need her to worry. She has nothing to regret. He is the one who betrayed their marriage vows. They can move forward. Steffy just wishes they could go back to before this building came down. Liam wants to go back to their wedding day. He wants to renew their vows.

Katie gets a knock on her bedroom door. She thinks it is a delivery. She wonders how they got into her house. She didn’t order anything. Wyatt claims he has an extra large pizza. Katie wonders what she would do with an extra large pizza. Wyatt is wearing a fake mustache, an open shirt, a hat, and his underwear holding a pizza. Katie wonders how much show owes him. She realizes she doesn’t have any money on her. She asks if she can write a check. Wyatt informs her they don’t take checks. Katie wonders how she will pay. Wyatt thinks they could work something out. Wyatt thinks this feels weird. The mustache falls off. He worked hard on that. Katie could tell.

Justin walks back into Bill’s office. He got his text. Bill needs his jet ready to go tomorrow morning. He wants his yacht fully stocked as well. It will be a party of two. Justin wonders who the lucky lady is as if he doesn’t know already.

Liam wants to renew their vows. He wants to have a clean slate with her. He wants to do it. Carter knocks on the door. He is not sure why he is here. Liam wants to take action. Steffy and him want him to do their vow renewal and they want to do it tonight.

Wyatt thinks this was a great idea and it was fun. Wyatt wants to know where she came up with this idea. Katie suggests he come up with a pilots uniform. Wyatt cannot imagine how Bill is going to react.

Bill doesn’t think it matters who will be joining him. Justin cannot help but be curious. Bill will tell him eventually but not yet. Justin thinks that spending time together might be exactly what he and Brooke need.

Carter is not really prepared. Liam thought they could plan sometime in the distant future and then he ran into this beautiful creature. Carter is on board to do this if they are both inclined. Steffy guesses she is. She just needs to… Liam suggests Carter grab a drink in the kitchen. Steffy was not expecting this. Liam needs to say the words. Especially, after what happened with Sally. He needs to assure her that he would never betray her. Steffy has to tell him something about tonight. Liam knows he hurt her. She came home to him. He has to think that it means that she believes in him as much as he does. Steffy has always believed in them. Liam wants her to tell him in the vows. Steffy guesses they need a fresh start and a new marriage. Whatever happened before didn’t happen.

Wyatt is texting. Katie wonders if she has lost him to his phone already. Wyatt promises not. He is just waiting for a text from Liam. It sounds like he got into a big fight. Katie doesn’t know why he would do something to hurt his relationship with Steffy. Wyatt thinks that things are fine now.

Bill wants plenty of champagne and caviar. Justin will add sparkling water because Brooke doesn’t drink. Bill never said it was Brooke. Justin doesn’t think he denied it either. Justin needs a name. Bill doesn’t need a name. Bill wants to call her Mrs. Spencer. That should cover it.

Carter asks them to take off their rings. They will put them back on soon enough. Carter explains tonight they are recommitting each other standing side by side. He asks them to hold hands. He wonders if be plans to continue to be his husband. Liam does. Carter repeats it to Steffy. She does as well. Carter thinks their intentions were made clear. Liam cannot thank Steffy enough for doing this after he caused her so much pain. He broke his marriage vows. He realizes he trespassed and took her for granted. He put Sally’s feelings above hers and he will not do that again. She has been the one constant in his life. The one person he can trust more than anyone. He vows and pledges to be with her. Steffy knows he says that she is a constant in his life. That is what he is to her. She cannot imagine walking away from what they have. He is her forever. She said it in Australia but she means it today. Everyone makes mistakes. She made a terrible mistake tonight. She almost forgot what they are. They can overcome everything. She is so grateful for this ceremony. She needed this more than he knows. She will never leave him again. Carter thinks they can put these babies back on. Carter tells them to take this ring as a symbol of their love and devotion. Liam is to recommit himself to her. He has Steffy do the same thing. It is his absolute pleasure to pronounce them husband and wife again. Still. The two hug one another. Liam thanks her for coming home to him. They hug.

Wyatt suggests they call Bill over and tell him what has been going on. Katie thought that they were going to wait. Katie suggests they wait until Bill is with another woman. Then they can tell him. Katie thinks that will distract him.

Bill looks at his yacht on his phone. He remembers thanking Steffy for understanding. He thinks she understands him more than anyone else.

Liam thanks Carter again. He leaves. Liam thinks they did it. Steffy guesses they have a new marriage. Liam thinks starting tonight they are united stronger than ever. They just put this behind them. Steffy is so lucky. Liam is the lucky one. He will never betray her again. He will never disrespect their vows again. Steffy thinks of making love to Bill.

Bill looks out the window. He thinks about Steffy while she thinks about him.

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