B&B Thursday Update 11/16/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 11/16/17


Written by Anthony

Steffy wakes up in bed and finds Bill naked next to her. She freaks out.

Liam holds his phone and looks at his first wedding photo with Steffy. He thinks about telling Steffy about his kiss with Sally. Steffy couldn’t deal with it and was disgusted by him. Liam sits down on the couch and continues to look at his phone. He wants to know where Steffy is.

Quinn informs Eric that dinner is almost ready. She has prepared one of his favorites. Eric assumes she means the chef has because she doesn’t cook. Quinn promises that will be remedied in the near future. Eric wonders how. Quinn signed up for cooking classes with one of LA’s top chefs. It is two nights a week. It will be worth it. Eric thinks she already wow’s him. She got rid of Sheila. Quinn was not going to let her get back the life she had once had. Eric knows she couldn’t get rid of her. Eric guesses his mistake was letting her near his family again. Quinn loves Eric so much for this. Quinn just hopes she is as far away from here as possible. Eric doesn’t think that anyone will ever break them up. Quinn and Eric toast to that. Quinn was shocked that Sheila wasn’t a more worthy foe. She was supposed to be a master plotter. It was all just lame though. She must have been off her game. Eric knows she wanted to get back in the worst way possible. Going head to head with a woman like him. Quinn knows she managed to cause some damage. She is glad that Mateo came clean. He is basically a good guy. Eric thinks she just wants his hands back on her body. Quinn only wants Eric’s hands on her body.

Carter looks at his laptop in the design office. Liam calls. He wonders if Steffy is around. He is trying to reach her. Liam needs to speak to his wife. Carter could check her office or the parking lot. Carter asks if he wants him to do that. Liam needs Carter to stop by his place. He would like to see him. It is important.

Steffy cannot believe this. Bill thinks she needs to calm down. Steffy runs. Steffy has to leave right now. She needs to get out. Steffy should never have let this happen. What they did was wrong. Bill wants Steffy to stay. Steffy walks out.

Quinn puts out some food for them to snack on. She wonders where Eric went. Eric walks back in with Sheila’s portrait. He is wondering what to do with this. Quinn suggests they burn it. They can invite all the people Sheila has hurt over the years. Eric doesn’t think there is enough room. They would have to rent out a stadium. Quinn wants to know where Sheila even came up with the money for the painting or the money to pay Mateo off. Eric heard she had a property in Genoa City. That is probably where she got it. It could also be the big tips she got as well. Quinn thinks she had to have been delusional with that. Eric guesses that going back to him was the only thing keeping her going in prison. Quinn doesn’t think she should ever have gotten released from prison. Quinn gets an alert and she has a package. She is not telling him what it is. Quinn walks outside to get it and she says she thought she saw someone leaving the guest house right now. Eric will check this out. Quinn will go with him. Quinn looks inside the window of the guest house. She heard the door close. Eric thinks someone was definitely here. Quinn thinks she knew who it was.

Bill walks into his office. He looks at Skye and takes a drink. Justin wonders what he is doing back at the office. Bill needed a drink. Justin asks if he didn’t have enough at home. Bill didn’t come from home. Justin would like to know where he was. Bill doesn’t think he would believe him if he told him.

Steffy walks back into her house and hugs Liam. She is so sorry. She never should have walked out on him.

Quinn thinks it was Sheila. It has to be. She is not done with them, Eric doesn’t want to get ahead of themselves. They didn’t see who it was. Quinn cannot have her undermining them again. Eric doesn’t think they have reason to think it was Sheila. Quinn thinks it is obvious someone was here.

Justin informs someone on the phone that Bill is not giving interviews about what happened. It was an accident. No one was harmed. Including his son. They are still moving forward with Spencer Tower. Justin asks if he is ok. Bill starts to think about Steffy and them making love.

Liam is the one who is sorry. Steffy made a huge mistake. She is sorry. Liam doesn’t want her to blame herself. He is the one who went to far. He doesn’t care what he did. He knows they said they would never be unfaithful no matter what. Liam thinks she is the most important thing and he knows he hurt her. He lost perspective. Everyone tried to warn him and he ended up crossing a line. He will never give her a reason to leave again. Steffy just wants to be with him. Steffy loves Liam so much.

Eric doesn’t think it was another family member. They would have let them know. Quinn still thinks it could be Sheila. She is crazy. He doesn’t know the lengths she would go to. Eric can see someone took a shower when they were here. He found a bracelet. Quinn thinks it was Steffy. Eric wonders what is going on with Steffy. He hopes everything is going ok with her and Liam.

Bill sits down at his desk. He thinks about making love to Steffy. He smiles.

Steffy is so sorry. Liam doesn’t think she did anything wrong. He is the one who let her down. Liam thinks that all that matters is she is home now. Liam thinks they can put everything behind them. Steffy is not sure that is possible. Liam wants to. He loves her so much and he will never stop loving her. He is so sorry. Liam doesn’t think she did anything wrong. She is forgiven for walking out. He hugs her.

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