B&B Wednesday Update 11/15/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 11/15/17


Written By Anthony

Steffy was just so scared something would happen to Liam. She fought so hard to end the anger between him and Bill. She isn’t so sure that they survived the explosion. She cannot think about Liam and Sally together. Bill fells that betrayal is something that Liam is getting very good at. Bill thinks that she deserves so much more from a man. Bill hugs her.

Liam thinks that he needs to get a hold of Steffy. Wyatt suggests she might need space. Liam doesn’t want to talk about Sally. He just wants to make things right. Wyatt thinks that he and Steffy have been solid. Liam really cannot lose her. Liam says that it went straight to voice mail. Wyatt wonders if he has any clue where she is. Liam doesn’t.

Bill feels that Liam is just going to keep calling. Steffy doesn’t want to hear his voice. She continues to cry. Steffy wants to know how he could do this to her. She just feels so alone right now. Bill promises she is not alone. Steffy couldn’t give him what he needed. Steffy thought she could trust him but now all she can think about is him falling for another woman. She doesn’t even know what to think. Bill knew he had a thing for her. He has an emotional connection to her. Steffy knows that he should have been thinking about her, his wife but instead he was kissing Sally. Bill thinks she should be appreciated the way she deserves. Liam has never fully realized how special she is. She is unlike any woman he has ever known.

Wyatt guesses these are lessons to be learned. Liam doesn’t think any of this would have happened had Bill not forced the issue. Wyatt wonders what issue. Liam thinks his obsession was building. Liam doesn’t think it was fair that Bill had to build the building there. Wyatt thinks any CEO would love that location. It is going to mean a lot to this city. People will be talking about it for years. It will create jobs and incomes. Liam thinks the jobs will be there no matter where they build it. Bill likes this because he likes being able to take down the little guy because he is a selfish bastard. Wyatt thinks that selfish bastard is still their father. Wyatt doesn’t agree with everything Bill does. It isn’t just his ego that drives him. He keeps forgetting the one other thing that drives him here. His family drives him more than anything. Wyatt thinks that Liam has it all because Bill gave it to him. He can give it all back but he hasn’t. Liam will if Steffy comes back. Wyatt knows Bill is not perfect but he has always been devoted to them. He has always been faithful and loyal to him.

Steffy wonders how he could let this happen. Steffy never thought he would cheat on her. Steffy told him he needed time. She needed him to think about what he thinks. Sally might be his reality now. Bill knows exactly how she feels. He has been there himself. Steffy wonders what is wrong with them. Bill knows there is a lot wrong with him. He is stubborn and impatient. He thinks Steffy is incredible. Steffy wonders what is wrong with her. Bill doesn’t think that there is anything wrong. He doesn’t throw the word perfect around but she is perfection. Steffy doesn’t think Liam would be making out with another woman if she was perfect. Bill has always tried to support their marriage but that might have been a mistake. Liam might not be the one for her.

Wyatt knows he has issues with Bill but who doesn’t. Liam knows Wyatt doesn’t. Wyatt has issues all the time but Bill draws a line with family. He always has their backs. Wyatt suggests they call Bill. Liam wants to be with Steffy not Bill. Liam doesn’t think that Bill should be involved with this.

Steffy wonders if he doesn’t think that Liam is the man for her. Bill doesn’t think that he shares her commitment. Steffy never thought that he was emotionally involved with her. Bill doesn’t think she is the first person to go through this. Steffy knows Brooke and Ridge did this. She didn’t want this to be her story. Steffy never expected this to happen. Liam obviously found something in Sally that she didn’t expect to find in her. Bill doesn’t think she has any short comings. Bill thinks she is amazing in so many ways. Bill felt lost. He wasn’t though. He had her. Bill couldn’t have gotten through it without her. He plans to get through things with her again. Steffy has invested so much in this relationship. Bill suggests she invest in something else. Steffy feels like a failure. Bill thinks she is the furthest thing from a failure. Liam failed her. She could never fail a man. Steffy will never the image of him kissing Sally out of her head. Bill doesn’t think he deserves him. Steffy thanks him for making her feel better. Bill meant every word. He cherishes every moment he is with her.

Liam thinks she was so hurt and betrayed. Liam knows she doesn’t want to be found. He even said that him and Steffy would never work out because he would find a way to screw up. Wyatt doesn’t like that he sounds like it is over. Wyatt hopes he learned a little something. Liam didn’t listen. He will never take her for granted again. He knew it would hurt. He thought he could make her understand. Liam has to fix this. There isn’ t a man on the planet who wouldn’t want Steffy and he hurt her. He has to make this right.

Bill thinks everything he said was true. They are a lot a like. This is why he understands her so well. Steffy cannot stop helping but think about Liam with another woman. She doesn’t deserve this. Bill thinks she deserves someone who gets her. Liam doesn’t and never will. Steffy thinks it is hard to argue that. Bill thinks she is a prize that any man should cherish. Bill loves Steffy. He is grateful she is in his life. Grateful beyond words. He will always be here for her to talk to her about anything. Bill will never ignore her feelings or discount them. He hopes she knows how much he admires her. She is sexy and sophisticated. If Liam doesn’t recognize her then he does. He always has and always will.

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